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Your Sweet Love

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Summary: What if instead of sending the key to Buffy in the form of her sister, they sent it in the form of Spike's daughter? Spuffy.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Buffy/SpikeKarmaFR1578,947166,79324 Jun 0420 Jul 04No


Silently, Angel watched as Spike chose his weapons. Angel liked to think that he knew Spike better than almost any one, living or not. And most of the time, Angel did know Spike better than any one. As much as he hated to say it, Dawn was good for Spike. But as he watched Spike suit up, he realized that Spike wasn't telling him something. He didn't know whom this quiet, stoic, troubled person was, but he knew it wasn't the Spike he loathed and loved at the same time.

Spike sighed and turned to face Angel. "You sure you don't wanna come, Peaches?"

Angel shook his head. "No, this is between you and Drusilla." Spike nodded and began to walk to the sewer entrance. "Spike!" Angel called after him.


"Why are you going after Drusilla? You never told me." Angel asked hoping Spike would tell him.

Spike sighed. "I'm going for revenge." With that, Spike left.

Brazil 1999

Drusilla sat in the dark of the hotel room, listening to the stars. Suddenly, she leapt up and began to waltz around the room. "He's coming back to me. My Spikey is coming back to me." She smiled in happiness, and spun about the room. She stopped dancing as a door slammed shut. "My Sweet Sunlight?" She asked dreamily.

"I'm here, Mum." Dawn replied as she entered the room.

Drusilla smiled and floated up to Dawn. She pulled her daughter into a dreamy waltz. "Did they tell you? They screamed it to me. Did they tell you?" She asked excitedly.

Dawn looked at her mother confused for a moment. "The stars told you something?"

Drusilla nodded excitedly. "He's coming home, my Sweet Sunlight. Spikey is returning." She dropped her daughter's hands and began to spin around on her own.

"Daddy's coming home?" Dawn asked breathlessly. He had left over a month ago, and Dawn wasn't sure why. She had a feeling it had something to do with the slayer, but she didn't know what it had to do with the slayer.

Drusilla smiled. "Yes, and we shall have a party with streamers." She stopped dancing and looked at her daughter. Drusilla's eyes slitted dangerously and she looked at Dawn carefully. Her eyes filled with contempt and she stalked towards her daughter.

"Mum? Are you okay?" Dawn asked nervously as she slowly backed up to the closed door. She knew something was very wrong. It may have been the fact that her mother's eyes flashed yellow when she looked at her.

"You're air. The stars scream it to me. Nothing. Nothing." Her voice took on a dreamy quality, and she looked at her daughter in a new light. She smiled manically at Dawn. "But the stars say how I can fix it." Drusilla floated to a drawer and pulled out a small sword. "It shall end like a fairytale." She took the sheaf off and swung the sword around wildly. "They sing of the bright colors of your blood."

"Mummy?" Dawn whimpered as she groped at the locked door.

Drusilla stopped moving. To Dawn, it was as if her mother was talking to someone only she could see. Suddenly, Drusilla looked at her daughter again. "It is not yet the time for the colors to come out and play."

"Mummy? What's going on?" Dawn asked as she noticed that her mother wasn't putting the sword away.

Drusilla smiled wickedly as she swung the sword again. "I am going to teach you a lesson."

-End Flashback-

-LA Now-

Spike crashed through the glass window and into the large warehouse Drusilla had been spotted near. He was greeted by a large group of minions who simply dropped to their knees and bowed when they saw Spike. He rolled his eyes and waited for the head minion to come forward.

Finally, a dark haired minion who could only be described as a mini-version of Wesley stepped forward. "Ah, Master Spike, I am Robert. Madame Drusilla has been expecting you and Miss Dawn for the past week."

Spike simply growled and spat out, "Where is she?"

Robert, fearing his unlife, pointed to a hallway. Spike growled again and stalked towards the given direction.

Dawn sighed as Buffy stormed into the guestroom. To Dawn, this room felt more like home than some of the past places she had lived in. It was as though she had always belonged in the Summers' household. Though Dawn and Buffy argued constantly, their bickering had become almost mother/daughterly. Almost being the key word.

"God, knock much?" Dawn asked annoyed.

"Who were you on the phone with?" Buffy asked accusingly. "Was it Tommy?"

Dawn rolled her eyes. "No, I was talking to Da'."

Suddenly, Buffy's entire demeanor changed. "Oh, what did he say?" She asked trying to sound nonchalant.

Dawn laughed at Buffy's change in attitude. "No, he didn't say anything about you."

"Dawn, I didn't ask-"

The teen held up a hand to quiet Buffy. "I know, but you didn't have to. Eyes can tell a lot about a person." The paused for a moment as she tried to remember what she and Buffy had been talking about before. " Da' didn't say much. I think I woke him up."

Buffy's eyes widened. "He hasn't been having any weird dreams lately, has he?"

"No, he seemed anxious about something, but he didn't say anything about any weird dreams. Why?"

"No reason." The slayer answered quickly.

Too quickly in Dawn's opinion, but she didn't say anything about it. "So, what kind of dreams have you been having about me Da'?"

Buffy immediately blushed. "I'm gonna go see how my mom is feeling." She said as she quickly left the room.

Dawn smiled to herself. "Works every time." She was so caught up in her victory that she jumped when the phone rang. "Hello?" She asked.

'Hello, little one.'

"Grandpa, hi." Dawn responded. "And do you have to call me that." She added as an after thought.

Angel laughed. 'Dawnie, I'm over two hundred years old. To me, you will always be my little one.'

Dawn sighed dramatically. "Fine. Why are you calling?" 'He only calls when something is wrong.'

Again, Angel laughed. 'You are your father's daughter. Can't I just call to see how my grand daughter is doing?'

Dawn's eyes widened as she thought of the only possible event that would cause Angel to call. "Da' found Mum, didn't he?"

Angel sighed. 'Let me talk to your mom.' He paused. 'I mean, Buffy.' He paused again. 'Okay, that was weird.'

"Ya." Dawn agreed, immediately dismissing the slip-up. "I'll go get 'er."

'Good idea.' As Angel waited for Buffy to pick up the other line, he had only one truly coherent thought. 'Why did it sound so right to call Buffy Dawn's mother? I was there when Dawn was born. But why did it sound more convincing to call Buffy Dawn's mom than it was to call Drusilla Dawn's mom. It's not like Buffy and Spike had a secret affair and Dawn's their daughter or anything.' Before Angel could muse this idea any further, Buffy's voice came onto the phone.

"Angel?" She asked confused.

'He found her.'

"He found her." Buffy repeated as she tried to hide the fear that washed over her as she heard those three words. "Well, what happened?"

Angel sighed. 'That's just it. I don't know.'

Drusilla whimpered as Spike threw her to the ground. "My dear Spikey has returned to me, but he's all different now. The stars scream it. He's not my Spike or my William. He's all different." She paused and looked up at Spike who was hovering over her in full game face. "Who are you?" She asked him, very much confused at what Miss Edith was screaming to her.

Spike growled. "A pissed off father, Dru, that's what I am."

Even though Drusilla was insane, she wasn't stupid. She knew exactly why Spike was angry. She also knew the look in Spike's eyes. It was the same look he had when he drove railroad spikes through the heads of the idiots who tormented him when he was human.

"Spikey." Drusilla began as she stood up. "The stars say you're upset, but- "

"Upset isn't the right word, Dru! I've been looking for you for over two years now! You left the day I found out what you had done." Spike's eyes flashed dangerously.

Drusilla decided to use a form of distraction she had found to be successful in the past, seduction. "Spikey." She began as she floated towards him. "We could be a family again, you, me and Dawnie. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

Suddenly Spike had a flashback of something he didn't even remember happening. A very different woman telling him the same thing.

"Spike." Buffy pleaded as she took the sleeping six-year old Dawn out of Spike's arms and into her own. "Stay. They won't care if we tell them the truth. They're bound to figure it out sooner or later. Please, stay." Tears streamed down her face as she lay Dawn down on a nearby couch. As soon as she was sure Dawn was comfortable, she turned around to face Spike again.

"Love, don't cry." Spike pleaded as he wiped a tear off of Buffy's cheek.

"How can I not cry, Spike. You're the love of my life! I can't live without you and neither can Dawn." She looked at him and began to plead desperately. "Stay, Spike. We could be a family again, you, me and Dawnie."

Spike shook his head, and pulled Buffy into a passionate, needing kiss. When he pulled away, Buffy's eyes were still closed in ecstasy. Spike sighed, took one last look at the loves of his unlife, and silently disappeared.

Drusilla stared at Spike, whose eyes were closed in a vain attempt to make the vision real. On a sudden impulse, she decided to make a run for it. As soon as she took a step, Spike's hand shot out and grabbed her by the neck.

"Spikey." She whimpered as she decided to try to play dumb again. "I don't know why you want to hurt your princess."

Spike growled again. "Dru, do not stand there and try to tell me that you do not remember torturing our daughter for days and then chaining her to the wall. She still has the scars, Dru. And if you really thought that I wouldn't come back for you, you're crazier than I thought you were."

Drusilla whimpered again. "Miss Edith says you're going to hurt me, and not in the good way."

Spike smiled crazily as his eyes flashed black for the tiniest of milliseconds. "Drusilla, not even Miss Edith knows what I plan to do with you."

Three hours later, Angel sat impatiently in the lobby of the Hyperian. "Four hours ago. He left four hours ago. What in the hell is going on?" That's when Angel felt it. The small prick that signaled a severed connection with a childe. A bond which can only be broken through death. Only this time, Angel wasn't sure which bond had been broken. He hadn't been able to tell his connections with Spike and Drusilla apart since Drusilla had Dawn.

'Dawn'. Now that was a different thought all together. Dawn's heart would be broken no matter who died. It was then that Spike entered the hotel, looking depressed and pensive.

"Spike, what happened? What did you do?" Angel asked worriedly, as he jumped up from his seat and took a bloody sword out of Spike's hands.

"What I had to do." Spike said grimly as he walked to the staircase.

"Is she-" Angel stopped, and rephrased what he was going to say. "Did you stake her?"

"Let's just say Dru won't be a problem any more." Spike deadpanned as he walked up the stairs.

Angel stared after Spike, once again not recognizing his childe at all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Your Sweet Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jul 04.

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