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Just a Courtesy

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This story is No. 23 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min w/ Anya - an old colleague drops by to say hello...

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Television > Muppets, TheLucindaFR151782011,63224 Jun 0424 Jun 04Yes
author: Lucinda

nothing worse than the shows.

main character: Anya, Sam

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Anya, the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. I hold no legal rights to Sam, the creation of Henson Puppetry.

distribution: Jinni, Paula - anyone else just ask.

notes: this takes place


"Ugghhh... Anyanka, I don't understand how you can stand this place." The voice was deepish and filled with disapproval.

"Lots of people willing to spend money, and a wonderful orgasm-friend." She smiled as she looked over at her colleague.

"There is more to life than money and sex." He was frowning, or maybe it was just that he always looked and sounded disapproving.

"Not anything fun." Anya shrugged. "You do realize that D'Hoffryn fired me, right? I can't do the vengeance wishes anymore."

"I'm not here on business. It was simply a gesture of courtesy, since I happened to be in the area anyhow." Samhatten shrugged, his beak tightened with annoyance.

"What brings you out there then?" Anya asked, curious. Sam normally spent his time in New York, Philadelphia... all the old centers of patriotism.

"Kermit and his associates are making a movie." His voice was filled with dismay. "A musical movie."

"A musical?" Anya winced, thinking of all the bad musicals made in the history of Broadway. "Is it any good?"

"Well... the whole lot of them are rather good at music, dance and a rather low and crude sort of physical humor." He sighed, and glanced at the selection of New Age books on the shelves. "Past lives? Crystal Power? Ugghhh."

"It covers the rent." Anya shrugged, sharing his idea of the ridiculousness of the whole concept.

"So, you're adjusting fairly well to your change in situation?" He sounded almost concerned. Actually, he probably was concerned, being one of the few Vengeance demons who looked at a broader, less personal picture.

"There are definite down sides, but it's... I'm coping. I don't like it, but I'm coping." She sighed, looking at her hands. "I have paper cuts."

"I'd bring you back if I could, you know. But that is well beyond my ability, and the chances of a large enough coincidental overlap..." He shook his head.

"Do you even get much work lately? I mean, being the Patron Saint of..." Anya started to ask.

Jingling bells at the door signaled the arrival of a flock of college students. Hopefully they would spend a lot of money on some of those ridiculous books, but they did end the shoptalk.

Anya reminded herself to smile as the girls fluttered over the books, the candles, and the incense... She smiled a bit more easily as she rang up the first one's purchases, but then they lingered, the rest apparently unable to make up their minds to spend their money here as they fingered the wares.

"err, Anya? You are aware that there's a rather unhappy looking gray figure?" Giles murmured, tilting his head towards Sam.

"Yes, I know. He's... I guess a former co-worker, from my last job. Purely here by coincidence, and it's not job-related." She smiled, still glad that he was willing to give her this job. And not just because of the money aspect, though that was helpful.

"From... But that would make him..." Giles trailed off, not saying any incrimination and alarming words out loud. Instead, he made this sort of humming sound, and began to polish his glasses. "Fascinating, quite fascinating."

"Yeah, I suppose. To me, he's just Sam." Anya shrugged, still not quite into the human mindset where meeting another vengeance demon was unusual. Except that she wasn't a vengeance demon anymore, but just a human woman again. Damn.

"Somehow, I doubt that everyone considers him to be 'just Sam'. Considering your former line of work..." Giles sighed, and put the glasses back on.

"Well, no. But he keeps a more normal profile than I did. I lurked away... well, I was so busy going from wish to wish that I didn't have time for another life. He's got more time between calls." Anya sighed, still uncertain if she envied his time between jobs or not. Did he get bored?

"What should I call him?" Giles asked, his face having that look that said he was mentally reviewing his books.

As the last of the college girls left - without making any more purchases, Anya sighed. "He's Samhatten, the Patron Saint of Patriots. Any time someone is betrayed by their leaders, or acts against their homeland's well-being, it's his job."

"The Patron Saint of...?" Giles blinked, looking at her as if he wondered if she was serious. "I didn't even know that there was someone for that."

"It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it." He sounded almost smug. "It's been good to see you Anya, but I have a pig and a frog to keep out of trouble."


end Just a Courtesy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just a Courtesy". This story is complete.

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