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Wizards, Witches, and Xander

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Summary: A look at the family history of Albus Dumbledore and an explanation as to how Xander has survived Sunnydale. (Buffy post-S6) WIP

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Let the Thing Be Destroyed

Wizards, Witches and Xander - Summary: Buffy/Harry Potter Crossover. A look at the family history of Albus Dumbledore and an explanation as to how Xander has survived there in Sunnydale. (Buffy post-S6) - Disclaimer: Not mine, oh how I wish, but nope. No copyright infringement is intended. I own none of these. Actually, I guess I own Rose and Godric. Wow, I own something.

Wizards, Witches, and Xander. . . Oh My!
By Teri

Dawn and Xander were sitting on the couch in the Summers house, watching Saturday morning cartoons. Buffy was at work.

"Xander, can I ask you a question?" Dawn asked almost timidly.

"Sure Dawnie, you can ask me anything you know that." He replied.

"How did you survive when Willow attacked you?"

"I don't know, I just don't know, " he began as the scene raced through his mind as he remembered.

Green magic continued flowing from Willow toward the statue. Suddenly, the magic was interrupted as Xander appeared in front of it. Willow was surprised.

"Hey, black-eyed girl. Whatcha doin'?" Xander said trying to sounding casual.

"Get out of here!" Willow called.

Xander never one to take no for an answer continued, "Ah, no. You're not the only one with powers, you know. You may be a hopped-up uber-witch, but . . . this carpenter can dry-wall you into the next century."

Getting up-set Willow shouted, "I'm not joking, Xander. Get out of my way. Now."

Xander didn't leave causing Willow to send a bolt of magic at Xander, lifting him and throwing him to the ground at the base of the statue. He managed to sit up holding his ribs. He staggered to his feet and stood blocking the flow of magic again.

Willow glared at him. "You can't stop this."

Xander's memory flashed ahead

"It doesn't matter. I'll still love you." Xander told her.

"Shut up."

Willow gestured with her hand. No magic bolts of lights appeared, but Xander's head jerked to the side and three cuts appear on his cheek, bloody as if scratched.

"I love you."

Willow made another gesture. Xander doubled over and fell to his knees. Panting, he got up again, his shirt ripped open, over the heart more scratches were visible.

"I ... love y. . ." "Shut up!!"

She threw another blast of magic at him, he staggered backward but didn't fall.

Dawn spoke again pulling him out of his memories. "The magic she was using was meant to kill. How could you have survived?"

"Don't know Dawnie, guess Wills didn't really want to kill me." He said giving her a smile.

Dawn seemed satisfied and went into the kitchen to get some more cereal.

Xander continued on his train of thought. He had told everyone that Willow didn't speak when she attacked him, but that wasn't true. One of the times she had said "Crucio," another time she had said, "Avada Kedavara." He was never sure why he didn't tell Giles. Somehow, he felt Willow's use of the phrases was unforgivable and would get her in more trouble. Why he didn't know.

He had known enough Latin to know the first phrase meant torment, but the other phrase was unfamiliar. So, research boy rode again and what he found out made him sick. The phrase was from the Aramaic, originally written as 'adhadda kedhabhra' which meant let the thing be destroyed or in Xander-speak it meant to kill him. In truth, he had no idea how he lived through it. He didn't find any references of anyone ever living through it. Sometimes, he thought he made it up in his mind, but whenever he took a shower or simply changed his clothes, he was reminded by the lightening bolt shaped scar over his heart.

* * * * *

Okay, please tell me what you think.
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