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Saved By Faith

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Summary: Midyear Ficathon fic for Wendy: Faith chases a demon into the Anita-verse. Faith/Sylvie

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: OtherEmmyFR1512,731072,72125 Jun 0425 Jun 04Yes
Title: Saved by Faith

Author: Emmy (

Fandom: Anita Blake

Pairing: Faith/Sylvie

Rating: PG-13 for mild violence, just in case.

Summary: Faith chases a demon into the Anita Blake-verse.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and seek no profit from this story.

Distribution: TtH, TtH LJ, my group, Beyond Canon. Anyone else, please ask me first ... I like to know where my fics live.

Warnings: Femslash; Character Death, (minor), for AB; mentions Character Death, (minor), for Buffy, Assume that this is set after Chosen and CS. No spoilers for either BtVS or AB, though. Mild violence during the one fight scene.

Feedback: Yes, please. It makes me all happy-like. :)

Thanks so much to my betas Tico, Stargoddessvicky, and Ashley. You all went above and beyond. Seriously. Thank you.

And special thanks to Sophia for the hand holding. As always, your encouragement means the world to me. {hugs}

A/N: This fic was written for Wendy and the Midyear Ficathon.

I hope you like it, Wendy! I'm not used to writing femslash. Challenge/requirements below.

Genre: Anita Blake

Max Rating: NC-17

Characters: Buffy, Faith, Anya or Dawn

Type: Action/Horror/Supernatural

Want To See: Slash, of the girl variety

Not Want To See: Willow/Richard, or generally Willow



It had been two years to the day since her Gwen had been killed. Sylvie gazed out of the window thinking over how much life had changed since then. None of them had ever thought it would be anything outside of a silver bullet aimed just right that would take them out . . . not really at any rate. They'd all been so sure of themselves, of their strength and ability to heal from nearly any wound.

They had been wrong.

The demon had come from another dimension, that much they knew for sure. Even now, after so much time had passed and so much research had been done, it was still a mystery why the demon had developed a taste for Shapeshifter blood so great that it left it's own dimension to gain access to more. They didn't even know what its name had been, its species. It was simply a memory filled with unanswered questions and pain. So many of them had been killed so quickly. No Shifter clan had been safe; at least one in every group had been killed.

Faith had come to them to kill the demon.

She'd shown up shortly after the demon, incidentally on the day Gwen had been killed, seeking out the local Shapeshifters in hopes of finding the creature she had followed from her world. They found out later that Faith had willingly jumped into their world to track down the demon and kill it before it killed any more shifters. She had volunteered.

She told them how, in her own world, this creature had killed every shifter it had come across, including a family friend -- a werewolf -- as well. She didn't know how the demon had found its way into their world, only that it had. It seems a witch, a friend of hers, had not only helped her travel through the dimensions to arrive in theirs, but had given her the knowledge and the means to kill the demon. Faith arrived armed and ready to hunt.

Faith had found them all easily enough. Or rather, she found the demon easily enough. All she had to do was follow the screams. She had arrived at night, close to the Lunapar, and it had been just in the nick of time.

All the local Shifters had, after several deaths among their own, gathered at the Lunapar to discuss what was happening. None of them had banked on the demon following them there, though. It struck with no warning, killing a Swanmane quickly and fiercely before anyone could react; using a claw to rip open a vein before draining it's blood much like a vampire would. The demon had looked up from it's kill, blood stained teeth bared for all to see, and spoke in a raspy voice, saying, "You'll all die at my hands. Every last one of you."

Anita had taken great offense to that, of course, and had attacked the creature no holds barred. Every Shifter packing a gun had followed suit, firing round after round into the it's flesh. Nothing seemed to hurt it. The resilient demon didn't even flinch as the bullets made contact, and simply continued killing every Shifter it could get it's claws into.

Bullet after bullet hit the creature until it had roared back with something akin to laughter and said, "None of your weapons will stop me, so accept your fate! You will all die at my hands!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," someone said, their voice carrying above the sound of the demon's laughter.

The voice had come from the side of the Lunapar, away from the guns, from the other Shifters. The speaker was calm, and you could hear the cold determination laced through her tone. All eyes shifted towards the newcomer and found a woman dressed in tight leather pants and a t-shirt. She held no weapon that anyone could see, though her hands were behind her back.

The demon dropped the man he'd been about to kill and moved closer to the leather wearing woman. "Slayer," it said. "You couldn't stop me in your world, what makes you think you can in theirs?"

Faith, though they didn't know who she was at the time, walked up to the demon, stopping a mere two feet away. "Didn't have this back then," she said flatly as she pulled a bottle from behind her back, quickly throwing a thick liquid onto the demon.

Smoke immediately began to billow around the creature, and soon -- just as the witch had in The Wizard of Oz -- it melted into a puddle of goo on the ground. No one among the Shifters could decide between staring at the demon's remains or gaping at the woman who had killed it so easily. It wasn't until she had checked the last victim over and told them that he needed a doctor that they realized the full impact of what had occurred.

And from there, the excitement of the situation took hold, causing many of the Shifters to rush around trying to find friends and loved ones, seeking medical attention for those who needed it. Others were torn between thanking Faith and interrogating her, and everyone wanted to know where she had come from and how she had known how to kill the demon. Still others cried mournfully over the dead, Sylvie included.

In time though everything became clear, and everyone knew who Faith was. To most, Faith was their savior, their heroine. She had left her world, her friends and family to come into a place she knew nothing about, where she knew no one in order to save their lives by risking hers. It all seemed, on the surface, very selfless. A few, though, knew the truth behind her motivation.

Sylvie was one of those people. The fact that Richard, Jean Claude, and Anita knew why Faith had been the one to come help them did not bother her. In fact, it didn't even bother her that nearly every leader in the local Shifter world knew the truth. What mattered to Sylvie was that she had been among the chosen few who Faith told personally, instead of letting word of mouth do its job.

When Gwen died, Sylvie had been a wreck. She hadn't understood how it could have happened; how suddenly there were demons walking the earth freely and people popping up in her world, coming from other dimensions to hunt. It simply did not make sense to her, none of it. She was angry, confused and hurt; she let her emotions rule everything she did. Combined with the weight of her grief . . . it was a frightening time for anyone who knew her.

She became a madwoman, challenging and killing three wolves before Richard put a stop to it by doing something completely unheard of in most Packs. The Ulfric had told her in no uncertain terms that, until she got control of herself, she was not allowed to challenge anyone. Accept challenges, yes. Administer them, no. He told her she was simply too violent, that she reminded him of Raina.

But even that comparison did not deter her behavior. She saw Gwen everywhere she looked, memories of the life they had shared flooding her mind at every turn. It wasn't until the day she almost attacked a human couple who had dared to sit upon the same park bench she and Gwen always chose, that Sylvie realized how badly she needed help.

Jamil had been with her that day, the two of them running an errand for Richard. He'd watched as she rushed the couple who were sitting peacefully on the bench, and if he'd not intervened, Sylvie knew she'd have killed them both. As it was, the police had been called and she was issued a warning from the so-called "Spook-Squad," thus publicly outing her once and for all as a shifter. Anita made no qualms about telling Sylvie that, had it not been for her, Dolph would have arrested her.

Sylvie had expected the Bolverk to show up at her house that night, had expected to die at Anita's hands. She had not expected, however, to see the face of the demon hunter from the other dimension grace her doorway. The werewolf would admit now that she had almost forgotten about the woman who'd given up her own world, her own life, to save them from the demon. Only the occasional mention of Faith's exploits with Anita reminded Sylvie of her presence. She had become so caught up in her grief that she remembered next to nothing except that Gwen had been killed. Nothing else mattered.

But when Faith showed up at her house, bits and pieces of conversations floated into Sylvie's mind. She had been told on many occasions about the fights Faith had helped win at Anita's side since her arrival in their world. Members of the Pack had even spoken of the Slayer turned Executioner Trainee as if she was a warrior. Looking in her eyes that night, Sylvie had realized that the rumors were not far off. Faith was tough.

Sylvie's jaw had tightened when she took in the other woman's calm demeanor, warning bells ringing loudly in her head. "You come here to kill me?" she'd asked.

Faith had laughed at that, a fact that Sylvie found both insulting and amusing at the same time. Then she just shook her head and asked if she could come in. Easing off her guard slightly, Sylvie had said yes.

What followed proved to be one of the most surreal experiences of her life. Sylvie had sat beside Faith on the living room sofa and listened to the woman tell her the real reason she had come into their world.

"I mean," she had said. "I came to kill the demon. Don't doubt that. But, you gotta understand, I was a wanted felon; I've killed people, run from the law more than once, I've even broken out of prison. And the police wanted me back. No amount of personal redemption, no number of good deeds . . . nothing could change that. And I didn't want to go back to jail. So, when Red tracked that demon down, I volunteered to go get it."

Sylvie hadn't known what to do with the admission. She had stared at Faith for close to ten minutes before the Slayer rolled her eyes and said, "Look, Sylvie, here's the deal: I may not have ever been where you're at. I've never lost a lover. Hell, I've never really had a lover I cared enough about to kill over. But, I have been in a place so dark, so deep, that there doesn't seem to be a way out. I've been down that road. Truth be told, I'm still on it. So, here's the thing ... you help me, I help you. What'dya say?"

What did she say? She said the only thing she could. She grabbed onto the first real ray of light, of understanding she'd seen in months and said yes.

They'd bonded that night, she and Faith. And over the course of several months, they'd helped each other. Faith helping Sylvie regain the ground she'd lost to grief; Sylvie helping Faith adjust to her new world. It happened slowly, she and Faith falling in love, Sylvie realized. She didn't just wake up one day and decide she was over Gwen's death. In fact, a part of her knew that she'd never fully be over it, no matter how much time passed, or how much she loved another. The wound was simply too deep.

But she had healed, and she had dealt with her anger. And she was a functioning member of the Pack again. Richard had told her once, not too long after she'd apologized to the entire Pack for, in her words, freaking out, that he had at one point seen himself in her actions. That it was through watching her that he realized how destructive he had become, that she had helped him start to heal himself. Sylvie felt proud that, even in madness, she was able to help her Ulfric.

And now, she had a new house filled with new memories. Maybe they hadn't lived there very long, but the memories they'd made together, they would last a lifetime. Sylvie smiled at the sound of a key in the door. Turning to face the doorway, her smile widened into a grin when the face of her lover came into view. "Hey," she said.

"Hey yourself. You're home early."

She nodded. "Today was ... it's just that ..."

"Syl, I know," the other woman said, breaking in. "I understand anniversaries. You okay?"

"Yeah, Faith, I'm okay."

Smiling, the Slayer walked over to the sofa and sat down. "Good," she said, sitting down and wrapping an arm around Sylvie.

They sat in comfortable silence for a while, content to simply 'be' with each other. It wasn't until the doorbell rang that they realized they had done next to nothing to prepare for the party they'd somehow been roped into having to celebrate Faith's two year anniversary in their world. Jumping up, Sylvie sent Faith to answer the door while she rushed to the kitchen to make sure they had enough beer. Faith smiled as she walked over to the door, shaking her head at her lover's insistence on everything being perfect. She swung open the door and grinned at the men on the other side. "What's up? You guys couldn't get dates or something?" she teased.

Richard playfully swatted her on the arm as he moved past her. "Who says we aren't each other's dates?"

Faith rolled her eyes and allowed Jamil and Shang-Da into the house. Jason and Stephen followed closely, making a show of holding hands. "Everyone else running late?" she asked.

"Yeah," Jason said as he past her. "They'll be here soon."

Soon, it turned out, was within a few minutes. Sylvie and Faith quickly found themselves hosting at least four representatives of each main Shifter clan in St. Louis, as well as a few Vampires. Relaxing and deciding to simply enjoy the party, neither one of them minded in the slightest when Anita took control of running things. And it was the Necromancer who, an hour after everyone arrived, stood in the middle of the room with her glass of orange juice raised, offered a toast to the party's honoree.

Smiling a rare, bright smile, Anita said, "Faith, if you had not left your world, it is likely that many of the people I love would be dead now. We were all ill-equipped to fight that demon, and you knew just what to do. For that we are forever thankful."

She finished the toast with a salute to the brunette Slayer, and the room drank in her honor. When everyone went back to talking amongst themselves, Sylvie calmly pulled her lover and into the hallway. They were eye to eye, standing at the exact same height. Sylvie smiled, her eyes soft. "Thank you, baby."

"For what?" Faith asked, brushing a strand of hair out of Sylvie's eyes.

"Loving me."

"Oh," Faith said, kissing the other woman quickly. "That's the easiest thing I've done since I got here."

Smiling at each other for a moment longer, the two women soon found themselves locked in a tight embrace, lost to the other's kiss, blissfully unaware of the party going on in the next room.

All that mattered to the lovers when they were together remained the same as always. They had each other; everything else simply faded away.

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Saved By Faith". This story is complete.

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