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A Little Talk

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This story is No. 19 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 minutes w/Anne Anne has a little chat with one of the Shelter's new residents...

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Television > Forever KnightLucindaFR151687011,61926 Jun 0426 Jun 04Yes
author: Lucinda
rating: no worse than either show - mentions of homelessness, suspicions of improper behavior, and illness.
main character: Anne, Urs
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Anne, the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire SLayer'. I hold no legal rights to Urs, the creation of whoever holds the rights to the series 'Forever Knight'.
distribution: Jinni, Paula - anyone else just ask.
notes: this takes place after Divia killed Vachon, and after Anne has her house for runaways.


"I don't think that she's eating. At all." The whisper was accompanied by Kelly's fingers twitching against the wall in an uneven tapping, and her eyes glancing everywhere, refusing to settle on anything.

Glancing at the list of other things that people had brought to her attention about the quiet blond, Anne sighed. "I'll look into it."

The page had a few notes. Tommy said that she spent the day shut into that tiny room, with the light out. This was more alarming because the room had probably been intended as a closet, considering that it was a tiny space tucked under a staircase and entirely windowless. Barbie thought that Urs was sneaking out at night to turn tricks. Pete and Maria had seen her drinking from a bottle.


Anne tore the page from the notebook and started towards the closet-room. She would just have to have a little talk with Urs... This wasn't a place for prostitutes or drug addicts, even if the drug of choice was alcohol. And if Urs was involved with something, then somebody would have to deal with the woman. Once upon a time, she'd thought it would be great to be somebody.

It felt like no time at all before she was standing in front of the door. Her hand was shaking as she reached out to tap on it. "Urs? I think we need to have a talk."

There was a pause, and then the click of the light chain being pulled. The door opened, revealing the curvaceous blonde woman. "Right... What's up, Anne?"

Anne stepped inside, leaning against the wall of the highest side. Considering Urs, she had to admit that the woman didn't look as if she was starving, not with those curves. "Some of the others have mentioned a few things... I'm worried."

"What things?" Urs asked, leaning at a slightly greater angle.

"You aren't coming to meals with everyone else. And someone thinks she saw you sneaking out at night," Anne hoped that things wouldn't get ugly.

"It's complicated," Urs sighed, and almost seemed to sag a little. "I came here to get away from the memories of... there."

"Are you... are you using drugs? Or having sex for money?" Anne asked, deciding to just get to the point.

"No. Not for a very long time." Urs sighed. "I... Well, I shouldn't tell you any of it, but you already know enough that this won't change too much."

"What do I know?" Anne almost didn't want to hear the answer.

"About demons and vampires being real." Urs sighed again. "It's complicated, and you might want to sit down."

"I know that part." Anne replied, sliding down the wall. This wasn't how she'd figured the talk would go.

"Not all vampires are the same. Most places, they aren't like the ones I've seen here. We're smarter, more controlled." Urs sighed, her fingers worrying at a thin spot on her jeans.

"We?" Anne knew that she'd regret asking.

"I'm a vampire. I have been for over a century. My maker... Vachon. He was killed recently, and I couldn't stay there any longer. So, I came here, hoping to... well, to not really think too much for a while. A little time to heal." She was looking at the thin spot, not at Anne.

"Have you been killing people?" The question slipped out. She'd never seen a vampire that seemed so... human.

"No. I've been... With control, you don't have to kill, and a little more and they don't remember anything. They probably think they picked up a cheap thrill." Urs sighed, shaking her head. "Not the best way to go, but... I've been trying to learn what sort of set up LA has, if there's a community. So far, I haven't seen one."

"There isn't. Just... Just Angel, but he's... It's complicated." Anne shook her head. More entanglements with the vampire detective... Joy.

end A Little Talk.

sorry - my 20 minutes got interrupted.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Little Talk". This story is complete.

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