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Summary: Xander has a secret; Giles is back to stay; Anya's got a new guy. (After Potential S7) Buffy/Forever Knight Crossover - Featuring Cole Turner from Charmed WIP

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Television > Forever Knight(Moderator)TeriFR744,28568318,4395 Feb 038 Aug 06No

Pieces on a ChessBoard

Forever Knight/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover
by Teri

Note: This story would probably never see the light of day without all of you who have requested updates. Surprisingly, even after all this time I still tend to get at least one note a week asking about updates for this story. The continued interest in this story stuns me and I can only attribute it to the Addams Family "Tish, you spoke French" Effect. I am flattered by the attention this story has received even after so long without updates. Thank you all!

If you also read at this will not be new to you, I only just realized that chapter 4 wasn't posted here. I am sorry for my oversight.

Chapter 4: Pieces of a ChessBoard

Giles could only stare after him. He was only interrupted from his internal musings when his cell phone, an unfortunate necessity, rang. “Rupert Giles,” he answered.

“Mr. Giles? This is Nicholas Knight,” the voice replied.

“Ah, Detective Knight,” Giles acknowledged.

“I am calling to let you know I will be able to send the information you requested after all.”

“Really?” I was under the impression you did not have the information,” Giles asked aloud, but his brain latching on to an unwanted thought, ‘Xander.’

“Be that as it may . . . the material is quite old and I feel uncomfortable shipping it,” Detective Knight explained.

This surprised Giles; a good shipper was the best way to handle old manuscripts. “Detective, while at the British Museum we dealt with man shippers with excellent reputations, I am sure I can provide some names that would be suitable.”

“No, thank you, Mr. Giles.”

“Sir, I cannot come pick-up the material right now.”

“No, of course not. I thought I would bring it myself,” Nick paused. Deciding to press his luck a little bit he continued, “besides, I wish to continue our conversation on the myths of Dhampirs.”

Giles perked-up a bit, “well, I too would be pleased to continue our conversation.”

“Excellent, I have your address. I’ll be there within a few days.”

“I look forward to it.”

Both men made with the polite closing remarks and hung-up.

“Very good Nicolas, you get to go check on Alexandre without him feeling like you have come to spy on him. You are learning, my son,” Lucien smiled proudly as he stood behind his son.

“It is not like that, LaCroix,” Nick denied.

“Tell yourself that if you need, Nicolas.” Lucien turned and started to leave, but hesitated for a moment before he turned again to his son, “tell my grandson that I still intend to fly down for our monthly match.”

“What?” Nick looked-up in surprise, “what are you talking about?”

“The boy and I meet at least monthly for a game of strategy.”

“You play Chess? With Aleck?”

LaCroix merely grinned slightly, always enjoying keeping his errant son on his toes, and flew through the skylight window in the ceiling of the loft.

Back in Sunnydale, Giles looked into the main part of the shop where the children had apparently stopped researching and were now engaged in some odd form of tag. Although it seemed most of them were simply in a pile on the floor laughing. He was pleased to see them once again behaving as a family, but he could not focus on the moment because he kept hearing Xander’s voice in his mind, “send G-man the 411.” Xander-speak for send the information.

Now Detective Knight was not only willing to share the information with him, but deliver it personally. The two events seem to be connected, but how could they be? How could Xander possibly know Detective Knight? Who was on the phone that he called Mother?

Giles was pulled out of his thoughts as he watched Xander grab Willow and tickle her as he held her to the floor.

He grinned for a moment before he cleared his throat alerting them to his presence in the room. He hated to do it, but this was a place of business . . . some of the time.

This is just a little part to let you know that I still intend to finish this story.

Thanks again,

The End?

You have reached the end of "Knighted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Aug 06.

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