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Summary: Xander has a secret; Giles is back to stay; Anya's got a new guy. (After Potential S7) Buffy/Forever Knight Crossover - Featuring Cole Turner from Charmed WIP

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A Vampire's Child

Forever Knight/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover
Guest Staring Cole Turner (Charmed)

By Teri

Summary: Xander has a secret; Giles is back to stay; Anya's got a new guy. (After Potential S7)

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the owners or creators of Buffy, Forever Knight, or Charmed. This story was written for my own amusement and hopefully the amusement of others.

Background: (AU after season 7's "Potential")
After the 'Potential' (season 7) the gang went ahead and killed the First. Giles realized that he was needed in Sunnydale and decided to move back permanently. The council is gone, so he is trying to rebuild a research base having lost the councils resources. In the meantime, the surviving potentials either went home or have been enrolled as Sunnydale High . Anything else, I'll try to make clear in the story.

Chapter 1: A Vampire's Child

"So Dawnie, how do you like the new school librarian?" Willow asked with a smile.

"I met him," Buffy interjected. "He's kind of old and stuffy. I heard he only wears tweed!"

Xander grinned, "I don't know Buffy, I saw him too. He looks like he could be a real terror, a regular Ripper when he wants to be."

"Aww, Xanman is scared of a Librarian?" Buffy laughed. "Scared of death by paper cuts!"

"Funny guys!" Dawn sigh, "it's like having another parent at school. I swear Giles is worse than Buffy!"

"Hey!" Buffy said with mock indignation.

"Dawn, we had him too you know. It really isn't that bad," Willow tried to explain. "Besides, you know he wanted to be near the potentials since they have been enrolled there. So it was back to school for Giles."

The phone began to ring.

"I'll grab it in the kitchen," Buffy said as she went to go answer the phone.

"But, you guys never had him as a teacher," Dawn continued. "Mr. Wood had him filling in for Miss Michaels right now."

Willow gasped. "Miss Michaels? Giles is teaching computer science?"

Dawn broke-out laughing at the look of horror on Willow's face.

"Calm down Wills," Xander said trying to retain his own laughter. "Miss Michaels was teaching History. Mr. Michaelson teaches computers."

"Oh! That makes more sense." Willow said more to herself.

Buffy walked out of her kitchen into her living room and threw herself down on the couch. "You'll never guess what I just found out!" She sounded rather upset.

"That the world is round?" Xander suggested.

"Oh I know," Dawn interjected, "you heard that they were rebuilding the Double Meat Palace after it was mysteriously destroyed after you quit."

Dawn glanced at Xander who smiled. Both had maintained that the destruction of the fast-food place so closes to Buffy quitting had to be more than a coincidence. Buffy usually only smiled at them when it was suggested.

However this time, neither suggestion got a comment or acknowledgement from Buffy.

Willow looked at her friend, noticing how upset she seemed. "Buffy, what did you find out?"

"A Child, Willow! He has a child!" She sulked.

Willow exchanged glances with Dawn and Xander, who both looked as confused as she was.

"Buffy? He who?" Willow waited a second and added, "Giles?"

Buffy laughed, "No, Not Giles. Angel." Her voice started to screech, "Angel has a son! Can you believe that! He told me vampires can't have children!"

"Vampires can't have children. It is unprecedented," Willow declared.

Dawn added, "I thought everyone knew that." Her words lacked a note of conviction as she was more focused on Xander, who had flinched at Willow's statement.

"Well it's true Angel has a son Conner. He told me so himself. He's 16 years old and he was born several months ago - long story. He's Darla's son too. Two vampires can't have a child!" Buffy was very upset.

Dawn watched Xander as Buffy ranted about vampires having children. It seemed as if he was getting paler by the second. He was worried, she was sure of it.

"Oh, and get this," Buffy snorted diversely, "the kid is completely human."

Dawn watched the emotions flicker across Xander's face. She wasn't sure yet what it meant, but she would find out. She also noticed that either Willow or Buffy seemed to notice how upset Xander was.

"Buffy, why don't you talk to Giles. See if he knows something," Willow suggested. "and I'll start researching. I have an on-line friend who will be able to help."

Buffy nodded and moved towards the phone as Willow pulled out her laptop.

"Well girls, why don't you give me a call if there is anything I can do to help. I have some errands I need to take care of and I prefer to do it while it is still light out." Xander said. Neither girl paid him much attention.

"Xander, take care," Dawn said softly. He turned and gave her a small smile and left.

Dawn went up to her room allowing Buffy and Willow to do their research. She had some thinking to do.

The others failed to notice that Xander flinched at the statement that 'vampires having children was unprecedented'. Dawn noticed though. She had been watching him. When she had been disappointed that she was not a potential slayer, she and Xander had a long talk. He was right about a lot of things, but one thing he said had stuck out in her mind. 'I see more than anybody realizes because nobody's watching me.' She had made up her mind then and there that from then on someone would be watching him. She had come to understand that he was much more than he let on. For one thing, he was smarter and more perceptive. So when he flinched, she noticed.

She'd been watching him well enough to know he only does that when he is hiding something. Course the next question was what? What was he hiding?

She knew that he had been upset lately. Anya had started dating someone new, a nice-enough guy for a lawyer. Xander was a little jealous, but mostly he was worried for Anya. They had become friends. Despite the fact that they still loved each other, they had decided that was where their relationship should stay. Still, Xander was worried that Anya would get hurt, because it seemed the new guy was still trying to get over his ex-wife. Dawn thought Anya and Cole made a cute couple. Course, Buffy didn't like him because her not-so-secret-identity slipped again and Cole found out about her being the slayer.

She didn't think that was the problem here, because unless he was reacting to two demons having children not specifically vampires. Could Anya and Cole be expecting? She hoped not. She was working part-time for Anya at the Magic Box and she is not an easy boss, but if she was hormonal from pregnancy . . . oh boy. Dawn decided she would rather have thrown herself off the tower than face that horror. However, she really didn't think Anya was pregnant much to her own relief.

So what's the problem? He doesn't like Angel although they have formed a grudging respect for each other. Probably because Cordy has come to see Xander like a brother and she was in love with Angel. The two of themhad worked things out for her. Maybe that was it. Xander had to have known about the child since he and Cordy had renewed their friendship. That had to be it! The madder Buffy got, the more scared he was that she would find out he already knew and didn't tell her. That had to be it. If so, he was scared with good reason.

First posted: April 8, 2003
Edited: Dec. 31, 2005; Aug. 8, 2006
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