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Uncle Winston

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This story is No. 22 in the series "20 Minutes with". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 20 min fic. Forrest calls his favorite uncle before his new posting. Just before S4 BtVS

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Movies > GhostbustersLucindaFR151897031,87426 Jun 0426 Jun 04Yes
author: Lucinda
similar to the series and movie for content.
main character: Forrest Gates
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Forrest, the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. I hold no legal rights to Winston Zeddmore and the movie Ghostbusters, written by Dan Akroyd & Harold Ramis.
distribution: Jinni, Paula - anyone else just ask.
notes: this takes place before season 4 BtVS, after the movie Ghostbusters.


Forrest grinned, leaning back in the chair as he contemplated his new assignment. He'd just finished his training, and would finally be sent to a posting, finally be doing real work for the military. And his first assignment was the Initiative project. The government's crack team of demon and monster hunters. It was going to be...

Well, dangerous, and probably frightening. He'd be risking his life to face the supernatural, and getting a little paycheck and medical coverage. At least he had job security, and wouldn't have to cover building repairs. And the insurance rates had to be better than...

Oh, he'd have to tell Uncle Winston all about this. His mother's brother was his favorite uncle, after all. He'd be out hunting demons, there was no way that he couldn't share this. Except... He wasn't supposed to write the actual words and send it, because the whole thing was classified. People would probably panic if the word got out that demons and vampires were real.

Just like the people of New York had freaked out about ghosts. But that had led to his uncle getting his job, so that wasn't too bad. He'd be hunting demons instead of ghosts, and using rifles and tazers instead of a proton accelerator, but...

Assigned a similar line of work to that of you and your colleagues, but with more tangible foes. Yes, that would be the way to describe it. More tangible, but every bit as weird. He remembered some of the files that his uncle had shown him. He had very vivid memories of the old firehouse that had been the original Ghostbusters office before they'd had to move. He could remember watching his uncle talk about their jobs, cleaning the ghost traps, charging the proton accelerators that worked by some weird process that Egon had developed... It had been great.

Probably fairly dangerous for a kid to be hanging around, actually, but fun. And now, he'd be taking up hunting and busting the more physical side of things. Demons instead of ghosts, vampires instead of poltergeists. Charging towards danger to save the public from the weird shit that they didn't want to think about.

Yeah, he was definitely a Zeddmore, even if only on his mom's side.

Slowly, he started to write out the letter, figuring out ways to pass the information through despite the certain words that he wasn't supposed to use. His uncle would understand, and know that he shouldn't talk about the details. Maybe Egon would even be able to develop something useful...

Forrest wondered what a Proton Accelerator would do to a vampire anyhow. Would it stun them like a tazer, or cause them to burst into flames? Would it hold them like a ghost? Could they be trapped like a spirit? Unlikely that he'd ever find out, actually. And he was being sent all the way to California...

Smiling, he picked up the phone and dialed the number.

:You've reached the Ghostbusters, how may I help you?: Janine's voice sounded a bit tired, and bored.

"Hey, beautiful. Can I talk to Uncle Winston?" He could feel himself smiling as he talked to her, part of him feeling fourteen years old again.

:Forrest, hey. Hang on a moment, he's just got back.: There was a pause, and he could hear her call out 'Winston! Call on line two, it's Forrest.' :He'll be right on.:

"Thanks." He could tell that he was grinning like a loon.

:Forrest, how're you doing?" His uncle's voice was cheerful, though a bit tired.

"Good. I just found out my assignment. I'm going to California. Sun, surf, and California girls."

:Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And be careful about some of those girls... Sometimes the hot ones are bad for you.: His uncle teased.

"Yeah, nothing you wouldn't. I'm good with that. They should be keeping me busy, and maybe when I get leave, we can compare notes about hardware."

:Really? Sounds like you got something more interesting than accounting then.: Uncle Winston teased.

"Oh yeah. I'll send you a postcard when I get there." He wondered if he'd be able to smuggle a Proton pack back with him next time he visited, and dismissed the idea. Those were jealously guarded.

:I'll look forward to it then. Do you know what town?:

"Some little place called Sunnydale. I checked the map, it's got a beach." Forrest frowned, thinking that there was something just a little too perfect sounding about the place. "It sounds... nice."

:Be damn sure that you're careful then. If it's as nice as it sounds, why do they need a military presence?: His uncle's question was filled with suspicion.

"I really don't know. Maybe I should try to figure that one out." Forrest frowned, thinking that might actually explain some of his nervousness. Why did a 'sleepy little town' need a top secret team of demon hunters?

His uncle chuckled, and added. :Make sure you don't just watch from the beach. There's a lot more to life than sand, surf and sun.:

"Sure. Wish me luck?" He nodded, knowing that his uncle couldn't see him.

:Of course I wish you luck. You're my favorite nephew.:

"Thanks". Forrest smiled as he hung up the phone.


end Uncle Winston.

The End

You have reached the end of "Uncle Winston". This story is complete.

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