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Summary: Set after the Season one buffy episode 'Prophecy Girl', Hermione has a change of destiny. B/H friendship pairing. Now Complete

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Hermione Granger(Past Donor)hellmouthprincessFR15911,61903014,01427 Jun 044 Jun 08Yes


Ladies and Gentlemen, Destiny is now complete!

This may seem short, but you have all seen Becoming. Just fill in the gaps in your head (remember to leave out Kendra though). Couple of little changes to accommodate for the fact that Kendra doesn’t exist in my world.


I woke up confused as hell. I had been there; Hermione had seen me, taken my advice and killed the bad guy. But as soon as she had turned away from me I wasn’t really there, I was just a spectator seeing everything but not being able to interfere, as I usually was. The other strange thing is that she knew me. If Hermione is my predecessor, how did she know who I was? It makes no sense, did I time travel, that’s just freaky, if I time travelled shouldn’t I have I dunno, been aware of it?

The whole Hermione thing was quickly forgotten today though as my world fell apart. I was stupid, I let Angel trick me, I went to fight him when all he wanted was Giles. I should have killed him then. Instead I ran to see my mistakes. When I got to the library I found the council guy lying on the floor. He was a young English guy, early twenties, not bad looking for a watcher actually. He came to deliver the sword from the Watchers Council in England, the sword that whistler told me I would have to use to kill my lover.

It was when I knelt over checking for a pulse that the police arrived with Principal Snyder in tow. I had to fight them off, I had no choice. Obeying the law would be pointless if I let the world get sucked into hell. So I ran from the law on murder charges.

I found out that Giles had been kidnapped and Willow almost killed. So I set out to do the only thing I could. Kill Angelus. Seeing Willow so badly hurt and knowing Giles could soon me dead made me understand beyond belief that my Angel was dead, and Angelus needed to follow. So I took the sword and head for the mansion. The run up is all a blur. The only thing I really remembering is fighting Angelus and Angelus winning.

I sat on the floor unarmed as he taunted me. “No weapons, no friends, no hope” he said.

Behind him there was a shimmer in the air. Then a girl my own age was standing there. She looked a little disorientated but she gave me a smile. “Don’t die” she mouthed.

“Take all that away and what’s left?” he asked.

Hermione just gave me a knowing smile. I shut my eyes and caught the blade between my hands as he thrust it down in a killing blow. I pushed it back into his head and the fight continued.

Just when I had the advantage and I knew I could win he fell to his knees without warning. There was a glow and then Angelus was gone. My Angel was back, but it was too late. Hell was opening behind him, and I knew what I had to do. Knowing didn’t help. I froze until I felt a hand on my shoulder. She was there again, Hermione. She gave me a sad smile. “You have to” she said softly.

I nodded uncertainly. I kissed my lover goodbye, then I damned him to hell. I turned and fell into Hermione’s arms. Hermione who shouldn’t rightly be there, who technically wasn’t, and in less than a minute who really wasn’t there. She disappeared as quickly as she came.

A few hours later as I sat on the first bus leaving Sunnydale I fell into an uneasy sleep as a result of the exhaustion of the last couple of days. I saw Hermione wake up, she was lying on her bed in a jeans and t-shirt, looking exhausted, she must have come in late and fallen asleep in her clothes, something I could relate to. The strange thing was it was the same jeans and t-shirt she’d been wearing when she came to me. She looked at the shoulder of the white top and saw that there was a damp patch, like somebody had been crying on it.

She gave it a puzzled look then decided she was going crazy and changed her clothes before going down to breakfast. As she sat down she picked up the Daily Prophet, what I figured to be the wizarding world’s daily paper. What I saw there shocked me so badly that I woke up with a start.

I must have sat up sharply because the woman in the seat behind me gave me a concerned look. I couldn’t believe it though, it was impossible, that paper must have been wrong, because what I’d seen was today’s date.

That could mean only one thing. Hermione wasn’t a past slayer. She was alive and slaying right now, and she was out there somewhere. I needed to find her.

My spell check no longer likes this story so I’m really sorry about any mistakes. For some reason it won’t accept certain words at all, (short, common words, I swear I’m not just being stupid).

As I said. This story is now finished. For the record, this is in no way a cop out. I always planned to finish it this way. A sequel was (and still is) planned for when Buffy and Hermione meet, but it will be in a different style, rather than first person, and dreaming each others lives. It may not be out anytime soon. So don’t hold your breath, but it will be written. Some day, some how. For now:


The End

You have reached the end of "Destiny". This story is complete.

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