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Strange Creatures

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Summary: Dawn falls through a portal and lands in Middle Earth. (Mid-Year Fic-A-Thon entry)

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Title: Strange Creatures
Author: Gina
Rating: 15
Disclaimers: I do not own and claim no rights to the characters and worlds in this story. They were created by Joss Whedon and J.R.R. Tolkein. I am only borrowing them.
Spoilers: Season 7 Buffy, set pre-Fellowship for LOTR, but Dawn has read the books and seen the movies so anything is fair game.
Summary: Fic-a-thon fic for Alyssa. Dawn falls through a portal and ends up in Middle Earth.
Notes: This is my first attempt at a Lord of the Rings fic. Sadly, I am more familiar with the films than the books. I also am not sure I have a good grasp on Dawn (which is why she tends to be a supporting character in my other fics) so I really hope this meets your approval.

Assignment Specifics:
Name: Alyssa

Author's Request
Genre: Lord of the Rings
Max Rating: R
Characters: Dawn, Legolas
Type: Action, Romance
Want To See: Dawn as a capable person, in a fight or otherwise
Not Want To See: Cliches, especially love at first sight

Saturdays were good. Dawn Summers was rather fond of Saturdays. She didn't have to get up for school. If she chose, she didn't have to get up at all, especially now that she didn't have to patrol anymore (not that she'd ever skipped a chance). With a sigh, she sat up and brushed a few wayward strands of light brown hair out of her eyes. Bare feet tipped with pink polished toes hit the floor with a thud as she wiped the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes. She had only taken two steps away from the bed when she felt the floor give way beneath her. One yelp of surprise and she was gone, the swirling green portal closing over her head.

After forcing down the momentary panic, Dawn assumed a crouching defensive stance and studied her surroundings. "Just had to be the woods, didn't it?" she muttered. "Couldn't have been a nice alternate dimension with indoor plumbing . . . ouch!" She leaned against a nearby tree trunk and studied the bottom of her right foot. The skin wasn't broken, so that was a plus. No telling what sort of creepy little germs were out here . . . yep, shoes would have been a nice bonus. Still, at least she'd chosen red plaid pajama pants and a black tank top to sleep in. That was far better than a frilly little nightgown or short shorts.

Having decided that the only immediate threats to her were sticks and roots and rocks the perfect height for toe-stubbing covered in the decaying leaves, her attention turned to other pressing matters. Dawn glared at the clearing and ventured into the trees and thick underbrush, wishing once again for indoor plumbing. She was just standing up when she heard voices . . . sort of. Low, guttural growls accompanied by the swishing, cracking, breaking sounds of something large crashing through the underbrush. Something making that much noise in the woods was either stupid, mean enough that it didn't matter, or both. Dawn crouched down in the bushes hoping for just stupid. The wind shifted and she wrinkled her nose. It was smelly too. Great, just great, probably some big, smelly, slimy demon and she was here with no weapon. As the things (three of them, from what she could see between the leaves) stepped into the clearing, Dawn realized she could make out words in between the growling sounds.

"Over 'ere. In the clearing."

"Do you know what it is yet?"

"Sweet man-flesh."

"Sweet, eh? A woman then?"


Dawn involuntarily shuddered. She knew that if the things found her (and she was sure they were looking for her) they would probably do much more than kill her. Her fingers clutched at a fallen branch as she hoped it hadn't rotted yet. Dragging the makeshift club with her, she began to crawl back through the bushes, hoping to get far enough into the forest that the demons wouldn't find her.

Her hope dimmed when they split up, one of them headed directly for her. She glanced around for an escape route or at least a better hiding place. Seeing nothing, she sighed. Plan B then. When the bushes directly in front of her began to rustle, Dawn clutched the branch tightly in two hands and sprang up, surprising the thing as she yelled and swung with all her might. The demon went down and she hit it again-just in case. Ugly thing, with greenish skin, and lord but it stunk. Her eyes watered and she really didn't want to get any closer but there were two more of them out there somewhere and she really needed a much better weapon. She grimaced and, after bashing the demon's skull one more time, she rolled it over and grabbed the sword it had been carrying. It was a bit heavier than she was used to, and the balance was slightly off but it would do. Leaving the body in the bushes she backed away quickly, careful of where she stepped lest she break a stick and announce her position to the other demons.

When she was far enough around that the demon wouldn't be able to jump up and grab her if it wasn't really dead, she turned and walked more quickly, fighting the impulse to run and give up what advantage she might have. She screamed when another demon stepped around a tree and lunged at her. The sword came down, taking off the closest arm and the thing howled. She realized that, if possible, this demon actually smelled worse than the other one. Her eyes watered in spite of her but she didn't gag . . . much.

The demon's howl of pain had alerted his buddy and Dawn found herself trapped between the two of them. They both had swords and they knew how to use them, and this time she didn't have the element of surprise. She put up a good fight, but eventually the one with two arms grabbed her from behind. The one she had injured advanced. "We will feast on her flesh," it hissed, dark spittle running down it's chin. "Hold her." The stench was overpowering and the things were strong, maybe even stronger than Buffy and Dawn didn't even have slayer strength to help her.

Pushing down the rising panic, Dawn allowed years of training from Buffy to take over. She went limp, slumping in the demon's arms. The demon was taken by surprise and knocked off balance for a moment. A moment was all she needed. With a yell, she slammed her heel back against his shin, using the loosening of his arms to get a firm grasp on the thing's arm. Dawn used the demon's momentum to aid in a hip throw and sent him flying onto the one-armed one. She scrambled back quickly, eyes darting around for the sword they had taken from her and thrown down. A patch of sunlight hit the blade and she realized it was too far away. Right then, time to run. She turned and darted between trees, ducking low branches and gasping for air. The demons caught up quickly, and she knew this time they would be on their guard. As one tackled her from behind, jerking her to the ground, she felt the sorrow well up. "I'm sorry, Buffy," she whispered, knowing first hand how it felt to lose a sister.

Something whistled over her head. Then another, and another. The demon pinning her collapsed on top of her and she felt something she hoped was only blood seeping into her clothes. The other demon squealed and fell with a thump. The one on top of her was heavy; it was getting hard to breathe. Dawn's vision went fuzzy and she realized she was about to pass out when something grabbed the demon, rolling it off of her. She sucked in lungfuls of air and rolled onto her back and squinting up at her savior.

Sunlight glinted off blond hair and fair skin. He was tall, broad-shouldered and trim-waisted. Gorgeous was putting it mildly, which put Dawn instantly on her guard. She sat up and pressed her back against a tree, eyeing the stranger warily as her hands searched the leaf litter for a weapon.

"Are you harmed, lady?"

His voice was musical, soothing. Her body relaxed a bit, even though her mind was screaming about magic and trickery. "Don't think so. Nothing permanent, anyway," she muttered, ignoring the hand he offered for assistance. She stood and leaned back against the tree, arms crossed in front of her. "Who are you?" Before he could answer, her eyes widened. His ears were pointed. Where had she seen that before? Gorgeous blond guy with pointed ears and mad archery skills who hunted demony-looking orcs. Dawn glanced down at the demons. Yep, they could definitely be orcs. "Holy crap! You're Legolas!"

The elf seemed wary at her outburst. Dawn ignored him, relieved to be with one of the definite good guys. "You're Legolas, the elf prince, those things are orcs, and I'm in Middle Earth." Dawn started laughing.

"Lady, what amusement does this bring you?"

"Not amusement. Just relief. You're one of the good guys."

"I do not understand."

Dawn stepped forward and clapped him on the shoulder. "No worries. Just remember we're on the same side. Now, do you know anyone who can help me open a portal home?" The elf had no chance to answer as a pulsing green light formed behind her and two people stepped out.

"Dawn! Oh, thank God you're OK!" Legolas watched in silence as a tiny blonde woman grabbed Dawn tightly and lifted her off the ground.

"Buffy! How did you find me?"

"Andrew opened the portal because he wanted to see Middle Earth but, being Andrew, he opened it in your bedroom instead of his." Both women turned to glare at the young man still standing in front of the swirling green vortex. "Anyway," Buffy continued, as soon as you disappeared we got the truth out of him and Willow and Giles started working on opening another one. Buffy turned and grinned at the elf. "And you must be Legolas, right?"

Legolas bowed, not allowing his confusion to be seen.

"He saved me from the orcs," Dawn said.

"Thanks, Leggy!" Buffy said. "Sorry we can't stay longer, but Dawn here needs a shower."

"Buffy!" Dawn squealed, smacking her sister on the arm.

"What? It's true. You stink."

"You try fighting three slimy, smelly orcs."

Legolas started slightly at that. Three? This brown haired creature had killed the orc he'd found in the bushes? He watched the portal close around the three strangers, both women berating the young man for his carelessness.

Three orcs, and she had known how to handle her weapons, apparently. And the smaller one, her sister he supposed . . . she'd been carrying a sword, at least three knives, and something that looked like a tiny bow mounted on a stick. Returning to his forest, the elf prince thought that women, be they elf or hobbit or anything else, were strange creatures.

The End

You have reached the end of "Strange Creatures". This story is complete.

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