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Eternal Sunshine of the Slytherin Mind

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Summary: Though Voldemort has fallen, someone is after Katie Bell for being on the Potter side of the war. She gets one of the most interesting and unlikely protective custody details ever issued.

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disclaimer: Much as I'd like to lay proper claim on Blaise, these characters aren't mine. They belong to JK Rowling.
summary: Though Voldemort has fallen, someone is after Katie Bell for being on the Potter side of the war. She gets one of the most interesting and unlikely protective custody details ever issued.
note: I couldn't help but use Blaise again. Also, I owed Marcus for misplacing him. Now that "I Have Never..." is wrapping up, this is my new Slyther-centric project.




Katie fell onto her bed in exhaustion. She had no idea waitressing was so... tiring. Not that Madam Rosmerta was a slave driver or anything. Katie just got tired a little easier these days. She wasn't strong like she had been at Hogwarts. That was mainly due to the insomnia. She hated going to sleep. The nightmares drove her to the brink of insanity. She knew, knew deep in her heart, that there was nothing to fear any longer. Harry had seen to that, but not before Katie had seen other things.

She remembered it like it was yesterday... even though it had been over two years ago.

Her last year at Hogwarts she had gotten quite close to Harry. They'd been on the Gryffindor quidditch team the longest. She'd even kissed him upon her graduation. That was when they figured out that there was nothing but friendship between them. No sparks at all, but they were still great friends. It had only been natural that she'd gone to Hogwarts and watched his Leaving Ceremony the next year. It was coming from Hogsmeade to King's Cross on the express that the attack came. Harry was more that equal to it.... but people had still died before the Aurors had gotten there to help.

And others had been taken.

Katie had been one of those others. They'd locked her in a cell in what she later learned was in the dungeons under Malfoy Manor. Katie had been able to hear them talking about how she was a virgin. How the dark lord needed virgin's blood for a ritual. How she would be raped and the blood spilled from the act blood taken for this ritual. She'd gone a bit mad in her fear. She'd cursed herself a thousand times over for not being able to find SOME bloke she had wanted to shag. It was just all of the decent ones didn't light that fire for her. They were all decent enough... Oliver, George, Harry... but she wanted someone who made her skin hum. She had waited. And now it would be taken from her. Viciously, she had no doubt.

She jumped when the door was jerked open. Someone in a black cloak and a white Death Eater mask entered. Katie knew this was it. Well, she wasn't going down without a fight. He, because there's no way a woman was this big and bulky, slammed the door behind him.

Katie held up her fists the way she'd seen muggle boxers do. "You keep away from me."

The head cocked to the side in confusion. Then she heard an 'oh' from behind the mask. The mask was removed and Katie caught the briefest glimpse of someone she never thought she'd see again before he turned and started looking out the little barred window in the heavy cell door.

"Flint?" She hissed.

Her stomach plunged to her ankles. Marcus Flint had always unnerved her in school. He was big, brute, and scary. He'd also bruised her during quidditch more times than she could recall for being the larger, the more ambitious, and the dirtier player.

Katie started screaming.

Flint turned to her with an odd look. "What are you doing? Stop that."

She did not.

Marcus rushed at her. Katie fought him... or she tried to. In very short order he had her pinned to one of the walls with a hand clamped over her mouth.

"Just try not to lose your head, so I can figure out how to get you out of this, ay?"

He moved his hand from her mouth slowly and began letting his eyes study the room.

"Stop touching me." Katie hissed. "If you think I'm just going to let you... let you..."

He ignored that. "Where in the bloody hell are those Aurors? They know you're here. Dammit all, I can only stall for so long...."

"She giving you trouble, Flint?"

Marcus tensed a bit then looked over his shoulder at Terrence Higgs. He'd stuck his face up to the bars on the little window of the door.


Katie yelped in pain when Flint grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it quite hard.

"I'm just playing, Higgs. You know how I like to play."

"Well, you best quit playing and get on with it. Lucius Malfoy is on his way down here, and he wants the blood. He said he wants her completely violated, and to make sure the little bitch screams because that mudblood Granger is in the next cell. Malfoy wants her to know what's in store for her."

"Who's doing the honors there?"

He was trembling. Katie was confused.

"Malfoy Senior himself. Though Draco has been arguing he ought to be the one."

"But she's a mudblood."

"Lucius Malfoy said he was making an exception here... because she's close to Potter and Weasley."

Marcus snorted. "It's more like he's itching to get his hands on that nice rack of hers."

"Well, just you hurry up. Geez, Flint, her clothes are still on."

"Well, shove off so I can get to it then. I don't fancy having you stand there and watch."

"Didn't used to bother you."

"Well, it fucking bothers me now, Higgs! Piss off!"

"I'm going. Bloody hell, Marcus, I'm glad they chose you for this. I do believe you need the sex."

Flint waited until Higgs was gone then he swore a blue streak. Katie couldn't keep track. It seemed like he spewed out every curse she'd ever heard and a few she hadn't in mere seconds. Then footsteps could be heard. It seemed Higgs was coming back to have a peek, despite Marcus's wishes for him to piss off.

"You'll never know how sorry I am, but there's nothing for it."


She started screaming when he started tearing at her clothes. Katie tried to fight him. She really did, but it was of little use. He was just bigger and stronger. At her screaming, Higgs actually HAD come back to watch for a bit. His laughter rang through the cell. Then someone shouted his name, and he was gone again.

When she was down to just her knickers, she somehow managed to break away and back herself into the opposite corner. Her arms were up over her chest. She was shaking a crying a little. He was just staring at her like he'd never seen her before. She swore she heard him mutter 'Merlin' under his breath. He slid out of the billowing Death Eater cloak and laid it on the filthy mattress in the corner of the cell. He stripped himself down to his slacks, then he advanced on her.

Katie let out a shuddering little sob. Her brain was repeating a litany of 'not like this'. His calloused hand on her shoulder was a touch lighter than air. No rough grabbing. Katie was confused by it.

"Shhh. I won't hurt you. But they have to think..."

Her confusion lasted while he lifted her in his arms and carried her to the mattress. Flint laid her out on the cloak. He was treating her like glass. There were soft touches and comforting caresses. Katie found herself drawn into a languid kiss. She might as well have been hit with a stunner. One of his thumbs began gently wiping away the tears form her eyes. She was so confused.

The there was this loud boom from above them. The stone walls shook, and a bit of dust or dirt loosened itself from the ceiling.

"It's about bloody time. I thought I was going to have to..." He looked down at her thin body slightly under his and sighed.

Then Flint was up and grabbing clothing. He tossed his jumper at her.

"Here. Put that on. We're getting out of here since the Ministry finally decided to show up. Late as usual though. Bloody pricks."

Katie just sat on the mattress holding the jumper and blinking. She didn't understand.

"Bell, I can carry you out of here naked, but I'd prefer not to. The jumper... please put it on. Now."

He had put his t shirt back on and had just latched his black over-robe. Katie yanked the jumper over her head. It smelled like him. Marcus then pulled her to her feet. He grabbed the large cloak from the mattress and shook it out. Then he wrapped it about her.

"Another time, perhaps?"


The next thing she knew, she had been swung up into his arms. Katie's arms went around his neck involuntarily to give herself a sense of balance. Marcus's wand was out. He twitched it at the door from under her bent knees. Katie heard a crack. He then strode forward and kicked the door off its hinges. As Marcus stalked out of the cell with Katie in his arms, Draco Malfoy, of all people, had one of Hermione's arms hooked around his shoulders and was helping her out of the cell next door. She was limping very harshly.


Draco looked at Marcus. "He didn't touch her. Well, not in THAT way. I got to him before he did too much damage. You should have seen the look on that stupid wanker's face when his prodigal son punched him. If I had known how satisfying muggle punching could be, I'd have been hitting people for YEARS."

"DRACO! MARCUS!" Yelled a female voice from somewhere above.

"We're here! Down here, Pans!" Draco yelled.

Not seconds later, Pansy Parkinson was rushing up to them in Death Eater robes and a mask in her hand. She went immediately to Draco and hugged him, despite Hermione.

"I was worried about you, Drake."

"Yes." Said Blaise Zabini, former Head Boy, as he strolled up like he was taking a walk in a park. "She's been quite driving me crazy for worrying about you two. Bloody Ministry. I'm so glad they can be on time when we're stalling to keep young women from being sexually violated."

He was also draped in black and carrying a mask.

"Apparently, we could have ended this old war eons ago. All we needed to do was get Voldemort to kidnap Potter's girlfriends. Geez, the only way he would have been more of a maniac was if they'd managed to nip the girl Weasley too. You should have seen it. I didn't know Potter's face could contort with that much rage."

"Is Harry all right?" Hermione asked.

"He's peachy fucking keen, Granger. He was so on up there, I don't think anyone landed a hex on him. It was a little wild. He actually broke a chair over Bellatrix Lestrange's head. Your mother got made about that, Malfoy. She actually stood up and started yelling at Potter for it until he hexed her."

"I'll admit that part was pretty entertaining." Pansy said.

"What happened?" Marcus asked.

"Potter liquefied the dark lord. Malfoy, since it's likely your father and mother will be carted off to Azkaban and this will be your manor, I hate you tell you that I don't think you'll ever be able to get the Voldemort out of your rug completely."

"Bloody hell." Draco whispered. "Just like that?"

"Well, Potter was a bit put out about the taking of Granger and Bell. He's a wild man. And when he's beyond angry, Potter has all the balls in the world. If I didn't detest him for being a Gryffindork, I'd take him out and get him drunk... just to see what he'd do."

They had made their way up after that. There were Aurors everywhere. Katie still didn't understand all of what had just happened. Marcus carried her all the way to the mediwitches. Ron had intercepted Hermione halfway there. There had been kissing, and that moment pretty much ended any dancing around the two of them had done in the past. They were a couple after that.

Marcus had set Katie very gently on a stretcher so she could be checked out by the mediwitches. Her placed a soft kiss on her cheek and tucked some hair behind her ear. Harry was at her side instantly. Katie hugged him tightly. Very soon Fred and George Weasley were hugging her and telling her not to scare them like that ever again before handing her back to Harry. Over Harry's shoulder, she watched Marcus Flint disappear into the crowd. She was no more clear about things now that Harry was telling her it was over than she had been the second Marcus Flint had stepped into that cell with her.

And it would be two years before she saw him again.


end prologue
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