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A love to last Forever

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Summary: Xander finally finds a love to last forever. BelleDraco's midyear fic-a-thon request

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudeArticulatedreamFR1311,482246,13028 Jun 0428 Jun 04Yes
Author: Cat

Title: A Love that Lasts Forever

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Slash. Death. Violence. Spoilers for season 7 Buffy, spoilers from Anita Blake books up through Narcissus in Chains.

Pairings: Xander /Jean-Claude mentions of Jean-Claude/Asher

A.N.:I hope you all like it. Please don't flame me if you don't. For the midyear fic-a-thon, hope you like it BelleDraco.

Author's Request

Genre: Anita Blake, Harry Potter, X-men

Max Rating: NC-17

Characters: Xander, Spike, Jean-Claude, Harry, Draco, Gambit, Nightcrawler

Type: Romance, Action

Want To See: Human Vamp pairing

Not Want To See: Humans over 40 involved in intercourse, Rape

Alexander Lavelle Harris

born 1981 Died 2058

he let us laugh when that was the only cure

Jean-Claude looked at the onyx marker of his lover. He had first seen the boy-no man, he corrected himself internally whilst he wandered after the destruction of the California hellmouth. He had come to St. Louis looking for something he couldn't name. What he found was a deadly fight between vampires, the local werewolf pack and a rival pack looking for new territory. He had nearly been killed trying to help non-supernatural forces leave the area of fighting. A werecat had sliced him up badly. He had scars for the rest of his life on nearly every major expanse of skin. The werecat-Elizabeth one of the leopards Anita commanded-died during the fighting.

Xander had not been so lucky. He had not contracted lycanthropy and due to that his healing was tortuously slow. Jean Claude had watched as he healed. Had given him a place to stay and a face that he could relate to. He didn't tell Xander he was a vampire until the young man was able enough to live relatively by himself, until he could count on other friends to take care of him. Xander had just gone quiet. He'd walked-with the aid of the cane he had still needed at that time-to his room and shut the door quietly. He didn't come out for two and a half days unless it was for food. When he did, Jean Claude was the first person he spoke to.

He explained about his conceptions of vampires. Of those he had come into contact to while living on the hellmouth. He told Jean-Claude about Buffy, and Angel. And Spike. He told him about Jesse. And the vampire could understand the silence. Xander had tried to cope. Had tried to fit Jean Claude into the archetypes that he had known as vampires. And he had spent 60 hours realizing that not all vampires were evil. That perhaps this person who had given him a place to stay and a way to make money to pay for monumental medical and insurance bills was first a friend and second a vampire. He had told Jean Claude that he wanted to stay at the circus if possible. And that he considered Jean-Claude a friend.

That was 2005. The times Xander and Jean-Claude spent together fir into a rhythm. During the day Xander helped to watch the circus and protect it. As the days went by he healed more and more. He found attachments in the people at the carnival. He became friends with Jason who lived there, and came to know Nathaniel and Anita well. He and Nathaniel became good friends. On the days he had therapy he knew people who could drive him there because he was always to weak to drive afterwards. Slowly the therapy slowed, and then stopped. And xander saw himself as he always would. Scarred, marred and broken. Where Sunnydale had taken a single irreparable eye, St. Louis had scarred him from face to toes. The scars were pale off white, and shiny pink. And in time they became less noticeable. But they were always there. And Xander whom had never considered himself the best of the bunch now saw himself as the bottom. This was in 2009.

In 2013 Anita died. She had finally picked a fight she couldn't win and went down shooting. Xander, Jean-Claude, Nathaniel. Asher, Micah, the pard, the were rats, Richard, and a good deal of the other lycanthropes of the city led a manhunt founded by Edward. In the end there were dozens of bodies. But that didn't change a thing for the men left behind. Jean-Claude never quite recovered. She had been the one woman who could deny him, his petit. And then she was gone. He drew back into himself. And the man Anita had made him was locked away inside. That was the same year that Willow and Buffy died. The two men having no one else to cling to, clung to one another.

2015 Xander kissed Jean-Claude for the first time. Shocked Jean-Claude had done nothing. Xander had fled the place he had called home for the last eight years. He wasn't found for three more. And then, it was in Arizona. By Sylvie on a vacation. When Jean-Claude caught him. He kissed Xander. Many would call that the end of the dream. And they lived happily ever after. Except that they didn't.

They fought, and yelled and loved, and hated. They fought the big bads when they came, and called in for backup when the big bads were too bad even for them. They loved, and lost, and healed and moved on. Until the year Xander was diagnosed was cancer. 2030. He was 49 years old. And his hair was still as dark as chocolate. Though it fell out from the chemo. And it was like the beginning because he became weak. So weak he couldn't get out of bed. And he slept all day and half the night. And he smiled as he faded away. And then one morning...he was simply gone.

Not dead. But not alive either. He was just gone. There were man hunts for him across the state that slowly spread outward. And there were glimpses at times that led to frantic searches. And rumors. And slowly, year by year, month by month, day by day. Hope faded. Until the day it finally guttered and died. 2058. 25 years of hoping for life when there was no proof. 28 years of growing older than he had in a hundred years. 28 years. 336 months. 241920 hours and 14515200 minutes. And then, and only then did Jean-Claude let go. He made Xander a headstone of Black onyx with white lettering.

He visited it at least once a month and spoke to his lover about how he missed him. The picture of Juliana now had a twin in a private room of Xander. Xander standing behind an empty chair, an eyepatch and crisscrossed scars bisecting a sculpted body. And that room was filled with pictures. Some painted and some photographs. Of Asher whom he now held in his arms, and whom he had since the month after he and Xander had become lovers. And Jean-Claude wondered out loud at times. Where Xander was now. And why he had kept without a word, or a note or a final I love you. And in his most bitter of bitter moments he wondered why he had never asked Xander if he would join him. Although he knew the answer to that last question, he had never asked because he remembered how Xander had felt about Vampires.

It would be 2130 before Jean-Claude saw Xander again. Jean-Claude was at the graveyard, a light crunchy snow dusting the earth and making it seem like a wonderland. He knelt there, just speaking as he often did when there was a telltale footfall and Jean-Claude had turned. And there stood Xander. Dark chocolate eye, thick wavy brown hair that fell down to his shoulders.

Jean-Claude had not said a word. Not until Xander moved, it had seemed too much like a mirage, a dream. And when Xander moved, he kissed Jean-Claude.

"How..are you here mon amour. You were...'poof' gone." Xander scratched the back of his head bashfully.

"I am sorry about that. But I had to leave, I couldn't stand the pity. So I left...and I healed. And...I was turned." the last comment was quiet and solemn.

"Ah. I am sorry mon amour. I know you wished never to be as I am. But I am not sorry you are here. I have missed you."

"You know the funniest thing Jc? All I thought when I woke up that first night was ‘Now I can spend forever with Jean-Claude.' but then I thought ‘he doesn't know I'm alive. And maybe it's better this way. And I know it's been a long hard time. But....I've found you. Just the way that you found me. In Arizona. And I think maybe this is the only place I ever need to be."

And they kissed amidst the snow. And this time, they did live happily ever after. Until forever.


*any and all feedback is appreciated. if you don't tell me how to improve then it's likely I never will*

The End

You have reached the end of "A love to last Forever". This story is complete.

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