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Summary: Dawn's patrolling, but not with the usual gang. HP/BtVS/SG-1

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy
Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Other
(Moderator)MalanaFR1311,249022,7509 Jul 049 Jul 04Yes
Title: Patrol
Author: Malana
Genre: Stargate/HP/BtVS
Summary: Fighting, snarking and a kissing. All in a days work on the Hellmouth.
Spoilers: After the kids leave Hogwarts for HP, through end of the series
for Buffy (ignoring information from Angel S5), nothing specific for Stargate
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners, which certainly does not include me.

Note: Wow, this has been a hard fic to write. I always worry about the fics I write for other people. I hope you like it. Also, most of my SG-1 knowledge comes from fanfic. I apologize for any mistakes.

> Author's Request

> > Genre: A multi-crossover with Stargate/Harry Potter/BTvS (I know, tall order, but if it can be done, you guys can do it!)

> Max Rating: NC/17

> Characters: Any of these people would be great: Buffy, Dawn, Faith,Teal'c, Daniel, Xander, Jack, Snape, Lucius, Draco, Harry

> Type: Action, wiith a touch of romance.

> Want To See: Any of these pairings: Buffy/Snape, Xander/Tonks, Xander/Carter, Faith/Teal'c, Draco/Dawn, Draco/Harry

> Not Want To See: Willow in any straight pairing, or Willow more powerful than dumbledore, or a gould. No Willow-Sues :)

"Draco, look out!" Dawn Summers shouted a warning to her boyfriend as she raised an arm to defend herself from attack. Distracted from watching Draco she fumbled for a moment and almost lost her grip on the stake in her hand.

She let out a yelp as the vampire she was fighting grabbed her wrist and twisted it painfully. Suddenly, the vamp stiffened, and turned to dust. Dawn smiled at the tall, dark-skinned man who stood in front of her.

"Thanks Teal'c."

Teal'c didn't speak, just offered Dawn a nod, and returned to the battle.

Dawn spared another glance at Draco to make sure that he was okay. He seemed to be handling himself, and didn’t’ appear injured. Breathing a sigh of relief, Dawn surveyed the battlefield. There were still six vampires left. By Dawn's count, that meant that they had killed four. None of them had been expecting to face so many vamps. It was supposed to just be a routine patrol.

Or as routine as patrolling for demons could ever be. Dawn was still getting used to the fact that Buffy was letting her go out now. Sure, Dawn was 18 now, but Buffy could have easily put her foot down. There had been a few fights about it when they first moved to Colorado. But eventually, Dawn had won. As long as Faith or someone was with her, Dawn could join in the vampire fighting.

"OOF!" Dawn landed hard on the ground from a kick she hadn't even seen coming. This is why Buffy didn't want her fighting. She got distracted too easily. But, all the training she had been doing with Faith paid off, she quickly rolled to her feet and took a defensive stance.

A short vampire with dark hair smirked at her, showing his fangs. Dawn raised her arms and bent her knees slightly, ready to fight. She watched his eyes carefully, looking for any sign of coming movement. The vamp lunged at her and she quickly dodged away, narrowly missing his grasp. Her quick movement caught the vamp off guard, and it was all the advantage Dawn needed. Seeing an opportunity, Dawn slammed her stake into his heart, and watched as he crumbled to dust.

Dawn didn’t' have her sister's fighting style. Beyond the obvious lack of Slayer strength, she also lacked Buffy's trademark punning. Dawn had tried the childish word play during her first few patrols, and it had almost gotten her killed. She didn't have the skill to focus on anything other than the fight. She couldn’t play around with her prey. If she had an opening she had to take it. She had gotten some pretty nasty injuries before she learned that lesson.

Dawn looked around the warehouse again. Only one vampire left, and it looked like Faith would make quick work of her. Dawn simple watched Faith, ready to step in and help if needed, but knowing that she wouldn’t be. Faith, as always, was enjoying the fight. The dark hair Slayer flipped into the air, delivering a kick to her enemy before landing with a large grin on her face.

Dawn glanced at Teal’c and noticed that he looked unhappy. At least, she thought he did. It was often hard to tell what he was feeling. He wasn’t one to wear his heart on his sleeve. But Dawn had overheard Faith and him before. He thought that she took too many risks in her fighting. Faith complained that he was overprotective, but Dawn knew that part of her really enjoyed having someone worry about her.

Faith had meet Teal’c in a bar soon after they had moved to the new Hellmouth. Well, more accurately, she had met him outside of a bar. He and a couple of his friends had been attacked by a To’moren demon. Faith overheard the commotion and came to the rescue.

After that night, Teal’c started appearing on their front door step occasionally, saying that he wanted to help. Over a few months, he and Faith had gotten rather close. Sometimes Teal’c’s friends accompanied him. Xander was always happy when Samantha Carter came. He was trying like hell to impress her. It made Dawn laugh, but actually she was happy to see Xander pursuing a relationship. He hadn’t been with anyone since Anya had died. As different as they were, Dawn thought that the serious-minded Major might make a good match for Xander.

When they found out that Teal’c and the others were involved in the military, the Scooby gang had been less than thrilled. Buffy was still wary after the debacle with the Initiative. So, Willow had done some hacking. It had taken a lot of work, and a lot of risk, but eventually she cracked into some files on the Stargate project. Faith had confronted Teal’c, and the whole story came out. Willow had very nearly gotten into a lot of trouble over the whole situation, but eventually things had smoothed over.

Dawn was glad. She liked Teal’c, even if he didn’t talk much. And Sam was cool, and Daniel was a big sweetheart. And Jack...well, Dawn didn’t particularly like him, but the others were all great.

Dawn was startled from her thoughts by a shout of triumph. She looked up to see that Faith had finally staked the vampire and was making her way over to Teal’c.

“You could have killed the vampire much more quickly than that.” Teal’c stated.

Faith shrugged her shoulders, “I was working up an appetite,” she said simply.

Teal’c gazed at her quizzically, “But you just ate dinner.”

Faith grinned. “Not that kind of appetite,” she said, before pulling him into a kiss.

Dawn looked away and smiled as Draco came limping over toward her.

“Are you okay?” Dawn asked with a frown.

Draco scowled at her. “Well, it’s nice of you to finally notice that you’re boyfriend has been maimed.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. He was always like this; if he weren’t so cute, she would have strangled the blonde wizard along time ago.

“Oh, did the great wizard hurt his little footsie?”

Draco’s frown deepened. “Shut up, Summers.”

“You think that if the Ministry of Magic was really so concerned about the Hellmouth, they would have sent someone tougher to help patrol it.” A wicked grin crossed Dawn’s face, “Maybe they should have sent that Harry Potter guy. I’ve heard that he’s just amazing.”

Draco opened his mouth, ready to retort, but Dawn quickly silenced him with a kiss.

“Come on Draco,” Dawn murmured, as they pulled apart. “Faith isn’t the only one who worked up and appetite fighting.” She grabbed his hand, and pulled him down the street toward home. She wasn’t surprised to see that he was no longer limping.

The End

You have reached the end of "Patrol". This story is complete.

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