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Summary: On Hiatus: Confronted by reality. Willow is given the rare chance to leave the Muggle world. Entering the magical world she faces challanges she never dreamed of before.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapePenNameUnknownFR18820,79802412,6409 Jul 0414 Jan 08No



This is my first story. Feedback is more then welcome. I am not
extremely familiar with The Angel series or with the details of later
BtVS episodes so I will be taking some creative license with things.
It's a fan fiction accept it.

I don't have contact with my old beta (it has been to long) anyone interested in beta-ing this story please contact me.

Updated: Jan 13 / 08. I will be making my way through old chapters and tweaking them and then doing proper updates.

This piece of fiction was created for sheer fun, no profit is being
gained from it. The non original characters contained within belong
to their respective owners.



~~~~~~ scene


The yellow envelope laid open and forgotten on the floor. Remus Lupin sat in the study of 12 Grimmauld Place current head quarters to the order.

In the haggard man's hand was a clutched piece of paper. Even as the other order members began to slowly arrive Lupin remained unmoving clutching the paper staring into the fire.

A plump and motherly red headed woman wandered into the room. Her eyes flick from the envelope on the floor up towards the worn gray man. “Remus?” Molly paused waiting for an answer as she bent to pick up the envelope reading it as she waited.

In the upper right hand corner of the envelope she read that it had come from one Mister Angel of Angel Investigations. Their logo seemed to indicate that they “Help the Helpless” but it came care of Wolfram & Heart. Molly's curiosity was raised. Everyone had heard of Wolfram & Hart especially after their English division was made most famous for defending Death Eaters. Glancing down she noticed that the letter wasn't addressed to Remus but the recently departed Sirus Black.

“Remus?” Molly repeated becoming slightly worried about Lupin. Still she received no answer from the silent man “Remus I am going to get Albus...”

Molly quickly left the room seeking out the Hogwarts Headmaster not quite understanding the state that Remus was in, but trusting that the older wizard would either understand or have some idea of how to help the situation.

When Molly returned she rushed into the room with not only Albus Dumbledore, but also Minerva Mcgonagall who stood behind Dumbledore her stern face softening some what as she watched her past pupil. Dumbledore was the first to speak “Mr. Lupin?”

Remus finally responded to the prompts directed his way “Too late”

McGonagall spoke first cutting off both Molly Weasly and Dumbledore “To late for what Remus?” confusion knotting her brow.

Again Lupin lapsed into his silence though his attention turned from the fire to the others in the room. Dumbledore's eyes seemed to have taken on that unnatural twinkle that only he could manage.

In place of Lupin responding Dumbledore spoke up “They have news of her?” Whereas the women in the room appeared confused and silent. Molly seemed ready to run and engulf the distant man in a huge motherly hug. Whereas Minerva's usual stern expression softened a little more.

Lupin nodded gently an empty voice rasping out “Dead.” His near constant quiet, calm control seemed to slip. “Oh Merlin Albus, she's dead...” Remus tried to choke back the sob that wracked his body, but failed and tears started to fall from his eyes.

Molly's move forward was cut off as Minerva sat on the arm rest of the chair and wrapped Lupin in a tight hug “... Lakshmi Black is dead. Traces of her magic were found on a young woman believed to be her daughter... a daughter she had a daughter... a girl.” A sad smile fluttered across the broken man's face

“A powerful untrained witch apparently and very much alive. She's twenty.... Lakshmi died for her, but the girl lived... her daughter... our daughter...” as quick as the smile appeared it flittered away “he never gave up on finding Lakshmi. He thought if he looked long enough, hard enough he would find her and there would be a fairy tale ending and now they are both gone...”

Merlin an uncle... he was an uncle and he will never get to see his niece...” suddenly fear and apprehension filled the werewolf's face “... they say that she's contactable, but heavily protected and to do so we have to go through them.”

It would mean going to L.A. and meeting with them.

After that she would be informed and given the option of meeting us...” loneliness filled his face “... no not us... me... just me.” at the remembrance that he was the sole surviving Maurader alone with out his friends Lupin finished his rant and became closed off withdrawing again inside himself.

“The choice to meet the young girl is yours, but you are family to her. She may be upset at first and hurt, but she is a grown woman Remus. Family is important we reach out to our family who better for the girl to meet. It seems her list of living family members is very narrow” Albus spoke firmly and softly as he spoke Minerva stood staying near Lupin with a light hand resting on his shoulder for support”

Lupin seemed to process what had been said to him thinking deeply. The longer he thought the more fear seemed to fill his face 'Oh Merlin, her grandfather. How could I forget! He will want her if she is powerful even untrained, he will take her.

She wont be able to fight him. She wouldn't know to fight him. Lakshmi... would you forgive me if I let her fall to him?

Could I forgive myself if any more of my family... my pack was lost to him.'

After the fear came a hard possessive glint to his eye 'our daughter... our cub, my cub...' he bit back a small growl as determination crossed the usually soft face 'he will not take my cub'.

“Well now that that has been decided. There is a port key waiting in your room. It leaves tomorrow morning at nine and arrives straight at the offices. It is keyed for three people to arrive. I would suggest you invite Severus and Minerva to go with you.After all if we are to be keeping this young woman safe it might be best to have her at Hogwarts. I am sure Severus and Minerva will be willing to assess her to see what her potential is. Knowing her parents I am sure that exceptions can be made and something can be arranged to see to some more formal training.”

Remus looked at the headmaster in shock “... but Albus she is a grown woman... the daughter of a... she will not fit in with the children... the governors will not like this... the ministry will be upset...” he knew as soon as he finished that the man next to him would already have answers to each statement.

Dumbledore did not disappoint “She is a grown woman so she should have a choice you are right... I am sure a few of our students would be more then willing to accept a child of one of their favorite DADA professors.”

The old man's eyes took on a brilliant twinkle as he continued to speak “Leave the governors to me they will understand that there has been a long unused tradition of exchange between the American School and ours. Between the muggle move for independence occurring along side the American Ministry's development and separation from the British Ministry we have fallen out of touch and I'm sure that they will realize that building bridges with other cultures is very important and because it is a different culture I am sure that American Wizards and Witches operate very differently and have a different standard of learning and education. They will see that this is a great opportunity for Hogwarts and its students.”

The elderly man lifted his hand from Remus' shoulder before continuing on. “As for the ministry if this young woman is as powerful as implied and as well connected with strong protectors as it may seem I am sure that they would rather have her rest safely with us where she is protected from those who may wish to control her power for less then desirable means. After all then not only will the be dealing with a powerful dark witch they didn't have to face before, but powerful allies that would go to the dark side in this war because of their relationship to the young witch and powerful allies who may hold the wizarding world and the English Ministry responsible for failing her when they did know
she existed. I am sure that they will see logic and reason in light of these facts and understand that it is for the best the young woman comes to Hogwarts if she chooses to.

Now with those worries set to rest I do believe we have an Order meeting to attend shortly and if we are not quick all of that wonderful smelling dinner Molly prepared for us will be gone. I do hate to work on an empty stomach, awfully uncomfortable...”


Later That Night:

“Albus I will not! Be rational! You cannot be serious!”

“Severus I assure you I am entirely rational” at which the younger man sneered as if to imply he thought otherwise, but the older wizard just continued on as if not noticing. “The portkey leaves from here at nine in the morning you will need a good nights rest I am sure portkeying that far isn't always an easy experience. The supplies you will need and the potions recipes to be tested are on your desk in your office. Though feel free to bring a few more complicated ones of your own choosing just in case she proves to be a surprise. There is also a practice wand and several objects with instructions for specific charms and instructions for testing in DADA. McGonagall will cover transfiguring plants for herbology recognition and history of magic. I believe that is everything then. I know you wont let me down Severus. Have a good night.” The cheerful elder Wizard apperated out of the room before the scowling younger wizard could get a word in edge wise.

The much younger man let a long winded string of insults out before making his own way to Hogwarts for the evening.
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