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Something Strange

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Summary: Crossover with Harry Potter and the West Wing. Hermione and Sam are investigation threats involving the blood of Dagon. Mid year FicAThon for Norwegianne

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Something Strange

By Rose Williams.

Twisting the Hellmouth Fic-A-Thon for

Rated PG.

Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling et al.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon et al. The West Wing belongs to
Aaron Sorkin et al. This is not to be distributed for profit making purposes.



Author's Request

Genre: Harry
Potter, West Wing, X-Men, Stargate

Max Rating:

Hermione Granger, Daniel Osbourne, Samuel Seaborn, Donna Moss, Rogue, or
anybody really.

Type: Romance,

Want To See: A
meeting in a library

Not Want To See:


Author’s Notes: I didn’t notice
that Oz was there until it was too late to include him, sorry. I’ve found
I can’t write romance, so it’s supernatural (a spell and people
saying that things are strange), with hints of possible Wesley/Donna and

This takes place Post-Voldemort,
Post-Chosen, Post-Damage (After Roger’s visit to W&H). It is January
2004, Dawn is on ‘holidays’ cataloguing Giles’s library.

I hope it serves.







… … …

Donna appeared at Sam’s office door
and knocked quietly. Sam looked up and smiled gently.

“Something strange is going
on,” Donna said.

“Tell me about it,” Sam said,
rolling his eyes.

“What’s yours?” Donna

Sam blinked. “What’s

“Will and Toby have stopped

Sam stopped to listen for a moment. It
really was quiet.

“Well, mine’s not that strange.
Tierney threatened me.”

He handed Donna piece of paper with a hand
scribbled note.

“‘Come the first sitting day,
by the blood of Dagon, I will be the guide the wisdom, even if you hold the
Key.’ That’s fairly obscure.”

“It’s Tierney. That’s why
C.J’s going to get worried about it. Do you want to help me research

Donna considered her options for a moment.
She could stay here and deal with Josh trying to deal with the boredom of the
break by teasing her about her latest romantic failure, or she could spend the
next few days searching for nothing in the library.

She grabbed her coat on the way out.

But an hour later she wasn’t so sure.
They had wandered through the history section of the library, but nothing
seemed to have ‘the Blood of Dagon’ emblazed on the spine.

“It’s okay,” Sam said. “We
can ask Patricia.”

Sam led Donna over to the reception desk.
The woman there was indeed a Patricia. She looked about sixty, and smiled when
Sam approached.

“Hi, Patty,” Sam said.

The grin faded.

“We were wondering if you had any
information on the ‘Blood of Dagon,’” Sam said.

Donna was impressed by Patricia’s
equanimity. She merely typed ‘Dagon’ into her computer terminal and
waited for it to spit out some results. She frowned.

“Do you have anything?” Donna

“Oh, yes, just not in this
branch,” Patricia said. “You’ll have to talk to

Donna shared a look with Sam. Patricia had
pronounced the ‘t’ on the end of the name. She didn’t say
anything, though, just gestured for them to follow her and turned away. With
another look Sam and Donna followed Patricia behind the desk and through
several doors and corridors.

At the end of the last there was a set of
heavy double doors. Patricia pushed them both open and step aside to let Sam
and Donna through. They entered another library. It was all dark wood and tall
shelves filled with books.

“You should find what you’re
looking for here,” Patricia said.



Hermione merely stared at Ron, unable to
articulate how appalled she was. Something strange was happening in his head,
but she had given up trying to work out what it was. Ron was looking at her
equally incredulous at her outbreak. Hermione sighed.

“This is not about you Ron. This is
about me and Harry and I’m going to Dumbledore.”

Hermione stalked out the Burrow’s
kitchen and didn’t care if Ron watched her leave. Ron was turning 24 in
two months, and Voldemort was gone, but apparently that didn’t make her
life any easier. And Harry was still getting death threats. She stalked as far
as the front gate before giving up and disapparating. She continued stalking
from the front gates of Hogwarts to Dumbledore’s office.

Dumbledore met her at the front doors with
a quiet smile. Hermione suspected that he had been reading the Marauders map
Sirius and Remus had made for him.

“How can I help you, Miss
Granger?” he asked.

Hermione shook her head, grinning. The list
of things she could ask for help about…

“We got another one of these,”
she said. She handed the letter over to Dumbledore, who pursed his lips.

“‘Even with the Key of Dagon
and a guide, you will never have the Courage to defeat us,’” he
read. “Well, we have two advantages.”

“What are they?” Hermione
asked, following the Headmaster to his office.

“They’ve told us what is going.
And they’re waiting for something.”

“Do you know what the Key of Dagon
is? or what it does? I’m surprised I haven’t head of it, I’ve
read a lot since the Death Eaters re-gathered.”

“I’m surprised they’ve
heard of it,” Dumbledore said. “But if you wanted more information
you could tell Madam Pince I said you could talk to Margot.”

Dumbledore handed the letter back and
wandered away. Hermione traced the familiar path to the library and smiled
warmly at the old woman who guarded the books. She repeated Dumbledore’s
message, and for the first time she saw Madam Pince smile. She led the way
through the rows of shelves to a set of double doors.

She opened them with a flourish and
Hermione stepped through. It was almost heaven, books upon books upon books,
and she knew that there were some books here she hadn’t heard of.



Dawn followed Andrew into Wolfram and Hart,
trying to keep her head down. He’d come a long way in the months since
the First, and she was prepared to trust him with this. Which was just as well,
there was no she was going to have gone to Giles.

Wesley was startled to see them.

“Mr Wyndam-Pryce, how good to see you
again,” Andrew said.

“Mr Wells,” Wesley said, dryly.

“We need your help,” Dawn said.

“Despite the fact that I’m
incompetent and untrustworthy,” Wesley asked.

Dawn grimaced. “After Andrew
you’re the only one who doesn’t know who the key of Dagon

“And that’s a good reason to
come and see me, why?”

“Before the first sitting day, which
is in three days time,” Andrew said. “The Blood of Dagon, or the
Key, is going to be used in a ceremony with the guides of wisdom and

“How do you know this?” Wesley

“I found a prophecy,” Dawn
said. “I was cataloguing Giles’s books and I always flipped through
the pages, which I know shouldn’t do. I can’t understand most of
them yet, but I saw the word Dagon. I took it to Andrew to see if he could read
it, because he wouldn’t wig over the Dagon reference. It was all last
days, reign of toads and the cries of babies’ kind of stuff. And a list
of everything else that could happen, including this. We need to work out where
it’s happening so we can stop it.”

“How do we know it’s
bad?” Wesley asked.

He was still trying to work out what was
going on between Dawn and Andrew; it was difficult to see who was in charge.

“The Key of Dagon is used to thin the
barriers between dimensions. In fact it destroys them, and everything gets
sucked into hell. Only, it can’t be that, because that happened three
years ago, and it’s a one in a thousand year thing.”

Wesley could feel the tension between them
and felt like sighing.

“Do we have access to the Key?”

“Yes,” Andrew said.

“And we want to protect it?”

“Yes,” Dawn said. There was
fear in her eyes. The timeline clicked in Wesley’s mind.

“We don’t want to do this here.
I can find the books we need at the local library. I have contacts there.
You’ll have to come with me.”

He picked up his briefcase and led them out
of the building.



Andrew sighed when he saw all the books in
the library. Wesley just led his companions through the stacks. Dawn kept
getting distracted by various titles. She ran backwards into Andrew’s
back. Wesley and Andrew were staring at a woman, who was pulling books off

“Excuse me?” Wesley asked.

The woman spun, gaping at them. She was
wearing old-fashioned dress with a high collar and cuffed sleaves.

Andrew was staring at her with unabashed
shock, and she seemed at little unnerved by it. Wesley locked into professional

“May I ask what you are looking for,

The woman smiled. She was pretty, Dawn
decided, curly dark hair and dark eyes. Andrew certainly seemed to think so.

She was also smart. “That depends on
who you are,” she said.

Wesley introduced himself, without saying
that he was from Wolfram and Hart. The woman smiled.

“I’ve heard of you, Mr
Wyndam-Pryce. I’m Hermione Granger. I work for the English Ministry of

She offered a hand to Wesley, who took it

Dawn raised one eyebrow, in an obvious
‘yeah, right’ gesture.

“Yeah, right,” Andrew said.

Hermione sighed and handed over an ID card.
It clearly stated that her name, her position in the Ministry and even had a
groovy little flying bird one corner. Dawn handed it to Andrew.

“You’re more beautiful than I
thought you would be,” he said.

Hermione blushed. Wesley sighed. Andrew
looked sheepish.

“What are looking for, Ms
Granger?” he asked.

“The Key of Dagon,” she said,
reading off a book.

“Why?” Andrew demanded, coldly.

Hermione was slightly taken aback by the
sudden steel in his eyes.

“Harry received another death threat.
The Death Eaters said that even with the Key of Dagon and a guide he
wouldn’t be able to defeat them. Dumbledore sent me here to find out
about it. If it’s something that can help Harry, I need to look into

“You Know Who is still around?”
Andrew asked.

“Nah. Just the Death Eaters. They
re-formed after Harry killed Voldemort.”

Wesley flinched at the sound of the name.

“How did he do it?” Andrew
asked eagerly.

“There are things I can’t
say,” Hermione said. “He survived, which is just as well, or
Dumbledore would have had to answer to Sirius, and he be a mean dog

“But he died,” Andrew said.
“And you’re a book character.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. But she was
interested now, too. Hermione sighed. She was getting good at explaining the
particular deal the Minister had made have the books written.

“Sirius was pretty annoyed about
being killed off,” she said. “But Joanne couldn’t possibly be
allowed to write about everything that happened in the Department of

“So it was worse?” Dawn asked.
She’d cried at Harry’s reaction to Sirius’s death, and
didn’t want to think about what might have been worse.

Hermione just nodded, accepting the
sympathy, but she didn’t elaborate. Wesley stepped in before Andrew could
ask more questions.

“Do you think the incantation is a
good thing?” Wesley asked.

“The Death Eaters don’t want to
happen. So I’m trying to find out what it is,” Hermione said.
“But the books aren’t here.”

“We have to find out who has
them,” Dawn said.



Having collected a pile of books, Donna and
Sam retreated to a table. Most of the books were written in strange languages,
seemingly made up of more squiggles than letters. They quickly separated all
the English and Spanish texts so Donna could take notes while Sam translated.

Donna looked up and smiled politely as
people approached. The group of four stopped at their table. The young woman
and the younger of the two men were standing too close together; it was kind of
cute. The girl, who couldn’t have been twenty, looked extremely nervous.

Donna nudged Sam. He looked up, saw the
people and leapt out of his seat.

“Who are you?” Sam demanded.

“Wesley Wyndam-Pryce,” the
older man said. “These are my colleagues, Andrew Wells and Dawn
Summers,” he added, indicating the other man and the girl.

He didn’t introduce the bushy haired
woman, and she didn’t introduce herself.

Sam was still staring at the strangers
suspiciously. He seemed to have taken Tierney’s threat more personally
since it had become obvious that it was leading nowhere. Donna held her hand
out to Wesley.

“Donna Moss,” she said.
“And this is Sam Seaborn.”

“I know who you are, Ms Moss,”
Wesley said.

His tone was both professional and polite.
It seemed out of place, surrounded by strange and esoteric texts.

“How good are you with languages, Mr
Wyndam-Pryce?” she asked.

She handed over the squiggly textbook. He
scanned it quickly and grinned. Pulling up the seat next to her, he dropped his
briefcase on the floor and started to read.

“He won’t emerge until
he’s found it now,” Andrew told Hermione. “He’s a bit
like you that way, I think.”

Hermione smiled coyly, “Don’t
believe everything you read, Mr Wells.”

Andrew raised a suggestive eyebrow.

“What is there to learn, Ms
Granger?” he asked.

Dawn was surprised that he managed to sound
interested and flirty but not geeky. Hermione giggled. Dawn kicked
Andrew’s ankle.

Wesley was frantically flipped through the
book Donna had handed him, and grabbing others to leave open at strategic
places on the table. Donna wanted to know why they were there, and why Dawn was
so nervous.

“What’s your relationship to Mr
Wyndam-Pryce, Ms Granger?” Sam asked.

“I’ve heard of him,
professionally, but we met just now.”

“You’ve possibly heard of
her,” Andrew said.

Dawn shot him a dirty look. But Hermione
looked amused at his enthusiasm, and Andrew chose to be pleased rather than

“Where from?” Donna asked.

Hermione took a seat at the table.
“Have you ever read the Harry Potter books?” she asked.

Donna grinned as the bushy hair and name
fitted together.

“I knew it,” she said.

“What?” Sam asked.

“They’re a cover, like an
unofficial version of what happened?”

Hermione nodded, pleased that it was easy
to explain this time. Mr Seaborn was still staring at her.

“Hermione Granger,” she
introduced herself. “I work for the Ministry of Magic in London. Harry
Potter received a threat from, we believe, the remnant Death Eaters. I’m
here, wherever here is, to find out the details.”

“We’re in DC,” Sam said.

“Well, I was at Hogwarts,”
Hermione said.

“And we were in LA,” Dawn said.

Sam rolled his eyes. But he decided that it
was better not to argue.

“You can pass on greetings from the
Minister, Mr Weasley, to the President.”

“The President knows about
this?” Sam demanded in a high-pitched voice.

Donna hit him lightly on the arm.

Wesley interrupted the ensuing argument by
shouting “eureka” quite loudly. Everyone looked at him.

“It’s an augmentation
spell,” he said, glancing at the shocked faces.

“Like Jonathon’s?” Dawn

“I wouldn’t know. It lets the
guides give the people they guide the qualities of Wisdom or Courage. We will
need candles, chalk, sage and the blood of Dagon. And it needs to be completed
in a place without time.”

“What does that mean?” Donna

“Here will do, won’t it?”
Hermione asked.

Wesley looked around the library.

“Yeah,” he said. “I
can’t think of anywhere else that isn’t anywhere.”

“We’re in DC,” Sam said.

“Did your Librarian take you to see Margot?
Because that’s what they have to say to open the doors here. This is the
Universal Library. I didn’t want Wolfram and Hart to know that I was
interested in the Key.”

“Wolfram and Hart.” Sam
repeated. “They don’t have a good reputation.”

“Of course they don’t,”
Dawn said. “They’re evil and run by a bunch of dimension hoping

Sam blinked. The entire day, beginning with
the phone call from Marcus Tierney, was strange. He had left DC by walking
through a doorway and now a girl wanted him to believe in demons and a man who
apparently worked for them wanted him to perform a spell.

“Do we have everything we need for
the spell?” he asked.

“Yes,” Wesley said, re-reading
the list. “I have candles sage and chalk in my briefcase.”

“Dawn and I have the blood of
Dagon,” Andrew said.

“You brought it with you?”
Wesley asked. “It’s a highly volatile substance, and valuable. What
if it’s been stolen?”

“It’s okay, Wesley. We’d
know,” Dawn said with a smirk.

Wesley visibly deflated with the statement.
He went to back to reading the spell. Dawn wondered how many times he had had
his ideas or concerns knocked down. Too often, because he was obviously much
better what he did than he had seemed in Sunnydale. He regained his equilibrium
fairly quickly.

Donna’s ‘kids!’ smile
might have had something to do with that.

“Who are the guides?” Wesley

“Sam and Hermione?” Donna said.
“They’re the ones who have received the threats. I would assume
that Hermione is guiding Harry, and Sam is Senior Counsel to the

Wesley nodded, but turned back to Dawn and
Andrew, his ‘colleagues.’

“Are you okay with that, Dawn?”

“I don’t think I could actually
be a guide,” Dawn said.

“And nobody listens to me,”
Andrew said. “What about you?”

“I’m really shouldn’t be
relied upon,” Wesley said. “I think Donna is right. The question
then is whether to give the President Wisdom and Harry Courage, or the other
way around?”

Hermione took the Death Eater’s note
out of her pocket and read it out loud.

“It seems to be implying that Harry
will need Courage from this spell,” she said.

“You’re pretty wise,”
Andrew said.

“Thanks,” Hermione said.
“Anyway, I don’t know much about Muggle politics, let along
American, but it seems that the President doesn’t lack the will to follow
through with his policy initiatives, but might like to be able to see the
issues more clearly at the moment.”

Donna grinned slightly at the pun. Sam
weighed Hermione’s consideration for moment before nodding.

“Although if I told the President
that Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books said that, he’d
laugh,” he said.

“I doubt that,” Wesley said,
collecting the books he’d need. “It’s a worthy compliment. If
you could just push the table and the other books to side, we can perform the
spell here. I’m sure Margot won’t mind.”

“We’re going to do a spell in
the middle of a library which doesn’t really exist?” Sam asked.

“The library exists,” Wesley
said. “It was created to house the Library of Alexandria. It sits within
a bubble of the time-space continuum, time protects the books, and space means
that it can be accessed from any library in the world. In fact, from every
library, even all at once.”

“It’s not a complex spell, that
sort of entrance,” Hermione said. “Tom has done something similar
to set up a Leaky Cauldron in Edinburgh, to let witches and wizards visit
Diagon Alley from there.”

There was a pause. Donna stood up and began
moving the chairs out of the way so they could move the table.

“We’re going to do a spell in
the middle of a library which isn’t in any specific time or place.”

“Yes,” Wesley said.

Dawn and Andrew pushed the table out of the
way. Hermione took her wand out and used a banishing charm on the chairs. Sam
seemed to relax after that. He decided that how cleverly orchestrated the rest
of the day could have been there was no way anyone could fake that.



Wesley had several jars of different
coloured chalk in his briefcase. He uncorked the green and drew a circle in the
now empty space, reading out loud from the book. He set the candles out as
everyone else watched, wondering what to do. But it was Hermione who lit them,
with another flick of her wand.

“We need to paint the leaves of the
sage with the blood of Dagon.”

“So we need to get the blood,
Andrew,” Dawn said.

“Ah, yes,” Andrew said.
“Okay, we can do this over here.”

Wesley looked at them both. Andrew had
answered too carefully. He led Dawn down another row of books. The others
watched them leave, but no one was prepared to ask any questions.

Dawn and Andrew stood opposite each other
for several moments in complete silence until Dawn took the Swiss Army Knife
Buffy had bought her out of her pocket and pushed up her sleave. Andrew visibly

“It’s okay,” Dawn said.
“I’ve done this before.”

“So have I,” Andrew said.
“And I didn’t do to well.”

“Just as well Willow makes me carry a
mortar and pestle, can you grab it out of my bag.”

She nodded to where she had dropped it at
her feet. While Andrew rummaged around in it, shielding his view from her arm,
Dawn tried to steady herself. She gripped the shelf hard with her left hand and
brought the knife down to carefully, and therefore slowly, cut into the veins
at her elbow. Andrew managed to hold the mortar up while keeping his eyes
closed. Dawn rolled hers at him.

Once there was a coating of blood in the
bottom of the bowl, Dawn took the prerequisite first aid bandage out of her
case and wrapped it around her arm. She dragged Andrew and the blood back to
the circle of waiting people.

“Okay, let’s get this
done,” she said.

Wesley dipped his finger in the blood and
smeared a line of it on each of twelve sage leaves. These he placed at the
compass points around the circle.

“The guide of Courage sits East,
facing West. And the guide of Wisdom sits north, facing south,” he said,

Hermione and Sam took their places.

“Donna, if you could sit facing Sam,
and Andrew opposite Hermione, as focuses.”

“I can’t do any magic,”
Donna said.

“None of you needs to,” Wesley
assured her. “Just sit still and stare at the candle opposite you.”

That didn’t seem too hard. The four
settled themselves as Wesley began to read from his book, again, walking around
the circle. The mystical wind that accompanied these sorts of spells rose
quickly. It stirred Dawn’s hair as well as the others’.

Wesley’s words weren’t in a
language anyone could understand, although Dawn felt she should have. The wind
grew stronger as the words grew harsher and Wesley’s voice grew louder.
Dawn shivered as the energy rose, but the four people in the circle were

Light from the candles ran together inside
the circle, pulsed at the points where Hermione and Sam were sitting. With a
crackle it leaped to the people opposite them before speeding away into the

Wesley snapped the book shut with a snap. Donna
fell backwards, and he rushed to catch her before she hit the floor. Sam shook
himself out of the daze, but was unable to focus on anything. Hermione sat up
straighter as the energy left and looked revitalised by the experience. She
grinned across the circle at Andrew.

“We should do something like that
again some time,” she said.

Andrew managed a shaky grin in return.

“No way,” Sam said. “I
want to go back to the office, tell C.J that Tierney was just making things up
and forget that this could ever happen.”

Donna pushed herself up, but still leant
into Wesley.

“Oh, no,” she said. “We
need to keep an eye on any other spells Tierney might be planning. And the
effects of this one.”

“She’s right,” Wesley
said. “Both you and Mr Potter were threatened directly. Whatever is
happening may be connected. And even if it isn’t, this is a fairly
obscure spell. The effects are bound to be manifold. You are guides now, and
have effectively tied yourself to those you are guiding.”

“What will that do?” Sam asked.

“I can’t be sure,” Wesley

Sam raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“But as far as mystical
bonding’s go, it’s fairly weak. I should think enough for you to
know how sure the President is about a statement he’s just made. And for
Hermione to know how confident Harry’s feeling about a course of action.”

“That doesn’t sound too
bad,” Hermione said.

“Scary,” Sam said.

“Yeah,” Donna agreed weakly.

She seemed to be the most effected by the
spell. But neither Dawn nor Hermione thought that she was going to get better
too soon if she was leaning against Wesley’s chest. Wesley didn’t
seem to notice that he had one hand supporting her around her waist.

Sam stood first, and stretched. Andrew
pushed himself off the floor and offered a hand to Hermione, which earned him
rolled eyes from both her and Dawn. Wesley gently helped Donna to her feet. She
hobbled to a chair and sat down.

Dawn grimaced at everyone else just
standing around dumbly and began to pull at one of the tables.

“Oh, I’ll do that,”
Hermione offered.

She was able to replace the tables and all
the chairs but Donna’s with one wave of her wand and a muttered spell.

“I have to go, now,” she said.
“Dumbledore needs a full report as soon as possible. I should see Harry
and work out how the spell works.”

“Me, too. But without the fantastical
references,” Sam said.

“I’m coming with,” Donna
said, finally able to stand on her own.

“Call me if you have any
queries,” Wesley said, handing over a card.

“Sure, thanks,” Donna said.

“Should we get together again to
discuss what’s happened?” Andrew asked, looking at Hermione.

“I think that’s probably a good
idea,” Hermione said. “Do you want to say same time next week we
all meet back here? It should be easier enough to get to.”

Donna opened her bag and pulled out her
diary to write down the appointment. Dawn borrowed her pen to scribble a note
for herself and Andrew on her wrist. Wesley closed all the books and left them
in a neat stack in the middle of the table. There was nothing else to do, so
they stood around numbly for a moment.

“We were going to leave,” Dawn

“Yes, indeed,” Wesley said.

Sam shook hands with them all, so did
Donna, although she held Wesley’s hand a little too long, and seemed way
too excited about shaking hands with Hermione. She also eyed Andrew warily.

Wesley and Sam both eyed each other warily
as they shook hands, but nodded with the air of allies. Giles had drilled
diplomatic relations into Dawn, so she shook hands with Sam, Donna and Hermione
murmuring ‘pleased to meet you’s.

With a hurried “Owl me!” from
Andrew, Hermione took her leave and walked towards the door. Andrew led Dawn
and Wesley after her, while Sam drew Donna along with him behind them, shaking
his head.



Hermione walked through the doors
back into the Hogwarts Library. She wandered out of the Library, past Madam
Pince’s booth and ended up at the gargoyle to Dumbledore’s office.

“Mint Humbugs,” she said.

The gargoyle stepped aside and she took the
revolving staircase to the Headmasters office. Dumbledore opened his door as
she arrived. Sirius was sitting in one of the visitor’s chairs and Harry
was pacing around one half of the circular room.

“Hello, Professor Dumbledore,
Sirius,” Hermione said.

Harry stopped and stared at her.

“Hello, Harry,” Hermione said.

An expression crossed his face. Hermione
could read that he wanted to ask her a question, but was unsure of how she
would react.

“How did your research go,
Hermione?” Dumbledore asked.

“We did a spell,” Hermione
said, still watching Harry. “Harry has Courage, and I’m his

“Good,” Harry said, and
Hermione could feel how sure he was, she smiled.

Sirius and Dumbledore made her sit down and
explain the spell. Hermione couldn’t help them very much. Most of what
she knew about the spell was vague hints from the way Wesley, Dawn and Andrew
had interacted. But it was obviously Old Magic. Dumbledore had a whole list of
questions for her to ask them when they met up again.

“I don’t think the Death Eaters
really knew what this was. We need to find out what they’re
thinking,” she said.

“We can do that,” Harry said,

“And we will,” Sirius said.
“Thank you, Hermione. And thank those other people when you see them

“I will,” Hermione smiled. She
was looking forward to seeing Andrew again. He was very funny.



When Wesley, Dawn and Andrew walked back
into the Los Angeles library Giles was waiting for them. Giles’s
expression hit Andrew like a brick. He stood stock still as the doorway closed
behind them.

“Mr Giles,” Wesley said.

“It’s okay, Wesley. I’m
glad you were here to keep an eye on these two.”

Wesley stood up straighter from the praise.
Andrew wilted with Giles’s tone of voice.

“Dawn, why couldn’t you have
come to me?” Giles asked. He had managed to combine the disappointed
father and offended supervisor tones of voice.

“You so totally would have wigged
out,” Dawn said, unaffected. “I found a spell about the blood of

Giles pulled his glasses off and reached
for the handkerchief in his pocket. Dawn snatched the handkerchief away and
grinned impishly at him.

“No harm, no chicken, right? It was
fine. I got to help the President and Harry Potter.”

“Harry Potter was there?” Giles
asked, scepticism evident.

“No, just Hermione. And she was only
following up on a threat anyway,” Andrew said. He tried to step out of
Giles’s way, but Giles moved as well.

“You didn’t come to me,”
Giles said.

“I didn’t know there was
anything to come to you about,” Andrew said, angrily. “Before I
knew there was anything to worry about Dawn had taken me to Wesley and
he’d taken us to a library that didn’t exist and we got to meet the
President’s staff and a book character who’s much more attractive
than I thought she would be. So back off.”

Dawn put a soothing hand on Giles’s

“He really didn’t know, which
is why I talked to him. Same goes for Wesley. We did a spell to help good
people. And you can come with us next week to meet them if you want.”

“You’re meeting them
again?” Giles asked, sounding better about that arrangement.

“Yes,” Wesley said, smiling at
the thought.

Giles sighed.

“I’m glad your all right,
Dawn,” he said. “If only because it means I won’t have to
tell your sister you’re not. Take me to some tea and tell me about the

“Gladly,” Dawn said.

She linked her arm through Giles’s
and led him out of the Library. Wesley and Andrew shared an amused glace at
their backs, but followed.



Donna was able to walk properly by the time
Sam had led her back out onto the street. It was late afternoon, and Donna
wondered if anyone had missed them.

“Can you walk?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. I don’t think magic is
really for me.”

“Can we not say that word?” Sam
asked, wrapping his scarf around his neck.

“Think?” Donna asked.

“What are we going to tell people at
the office?”

“Is this a get ours stories straight


“We tell Josh that he doesn’t
want to know, because he doesn’t. We tell C.J that’s it’s
taken care of. We tell Leo that we met from representatives of Wolfram and
Hart, and it was to our advantage. We owe them nothing and there is no record
of the meeting. We tell the President that Minister Weasley sends his regards.”

“You really think so.”

“Well, Hermione did send Mr
Weasley’s regards. I think it’s only polite.”

Sam shook his head, even though he agreed.
As it was, the President was waiting for their return. Ginger was waiting in
the Lobby for them to arrive so she could give them the message. Charlie was
waiting at his desk to lead them into the Oval office and the President was
waiting behind his desk to welcome them.

Sam was almost certain that the President
knew exactly what was going on, and what to do about it. He was quite
uncomfortable about that.

“Good afternoon, sir,” Sam

“Sam, I strange thing happened to me
not long ago.”

“Indeed, sir.”

“Several things, actually. C.J told
me that Tierney had rung her and said it was our last chance to find the key. Josh
told me that you had taken Donna to the library and everything suddenly made
sense. So I would like to know which library you went to.”

Despite Donna’s earlier answer, Sam
really didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to look like a fool
in front of the President again. Donna, however, had no such compunctions.

“The Universal Library,” Donna

“And you found the key?” the
President asked.

“Well we found Hermione Granger, a
guy from Wolfram and Hart and two of his associates, one of whom is nineteen.
But we did perform the spell Tierney seemed to have been alluding to.”

The President visibly relaxed. He came
around his desk to usher them into Leo’s office.

“Tell Leo what you told me, and then
take the rest of the day off.”

“Thank you, sir,” Donna said.

“Thank you, sir. And regards from
Minister Weasley.”

“Thank you, Sam. Perhaps I should
write to him.”

Donna gave Sam a smug smile as she walked
through into Leo’s office. The President gave Sam a sympathetic one as he
turned back to his desk. Sam followed Donna, bewildered. But he was looking
forward to teasing the others about what he knew.

The End

You have reached the end of "Something Strange". This story is complete.

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