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Pray For Night

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Summary: PoA for HP. Mid season 3 for BtVS. The Dementors cause unforseen problems at Hogwarts, leading to a call for help.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Oliver WoodKarenUFR1866,698045,28610 Jul 045 Jun 05No

Part Five

Part Five

Faith slumped on the couch in the common room that they had been assigned to, the Slayer thumbing absent-mindedly through a magazine that Buffy had loaned to her. Grimacing as she skimmed through the mostly inane articles - how could B find this shit entertaining - the brunette tossed the magazine on the couch, making a face when she saw Willow smiling slightly.


"You could have asked me if you could borrow a book, you know. I read more than school stuff. I've got romance, horror, science fiction... Some of the vampire books seem almost like comedies after living in Sunnydale all my life," the redhead told the other girl, and Faith actually smiled slightly, vaguely thinking that Willow was probably her favorite of Buffy's group - including B herself.

"I'm sure you're right," the Slayer said, then jerked at the sound of a knock on their door. Or, in all actuality, their portrait hole. Shaking her head at the strangeness of having a portrait featuring a young girl that could actually talk and even visit people in the other portraits as their entryway, Faith rose to her feet and made her way across the common room, reaching out to push the portrait-door-thing open, part of her thinking that McGonagall probably hadn't been able to find someone to walk them to the Great Hall for dinner and had instead had to come back to lead them there herself. She was a bit surprised, then, when she opened the door to discover not one but two teenagers standing there.

Faith blinked as she saw the two teens standing there, one of them the boy that she'd accidentally locked eyes with earlier that day. She'd only seen him at a distance before, having been in a hurry to catch up to Willow and the others, but now that she could actually see him up close, she realized something: he was very, very cute. His hair was short and something of a medium brown, his eyes hazel. He was taller than her, but not too terribly tall, and she figured him to be about seventeen. He also looked incredibly innocent, especially by her standards, plus the other student with him was a girl, so she figured she could pretty much write him off as a potential fuck-buddy while she was here. A pity, actually.

"Can I help you?" Faith finally asked when she realized that she'd been staring at the pair so intently that they'd begun to look uncomfortable... Or, in the case of the boy, *more* uncomfortable than he'd already looked in the first place. The teenagers looked at one another for a moment, the blonde girl chewing on the ends of her hair as she met the boy's eyes, then they turned back to her, and it was the boy that spoke.

"Professor McGonagall sent us," the boy said in an accent that Faith thought could possibly be Scottish. It was actually quite lovely and melodic, which was something she didn't want to think about. "We're to show you to the Great Hall."

Faith tilted her head to the side. "Let me guess. We're so scary that it takes two of you?" she questioned, and her words were met by a snort from behind her. Making a face, the brunette Slayer turned to look as Willow approached.

"Faith, what have we said about terrorizing the locals?" the redhead asked as she shouldered the brunette out of the way of the entrance, motioning for the two teens to enter the common room. The girl did immediately, the boy following her and looking just a bit nervous. Willow smiled at them both. "Hi, I'm Willow Rosenberg, and this is Faith Donovan. Faith is one of the Slayers, but I'm... I'm just a girl."

Faith snorted. "Yeah, a girl that did a spell to give a vampire back his soul," the brunette muttered, and Willow rolled her eyes.

"It was a gypsy curse."

The blonde girl looked intrigued. "You're a gypsy?" she asked, and Willow shook her head.

"No, but I knew one. It's uh... Not the best topic of conversation around our chaperone though, okay?" the redhead said, then quickly smiled as the others trailed into the room. "And here's the rest of our group... Buffy Summers, who, like Faith, is a Slayer, Mr. Giles, her Watcher, and Xander Harris. He's, uh, I guess you call us Muggles?"

The boy nodded. "Yeah... Um, I'm Oliver Wood, and this is Katie Bell. I'm in my last year here, and Katie's in her fifth-"

"How many years are there here?" Faith questioned, and the boy - Oliver - sent a look in her direction, then quickly glanced away, as if she made him nervous.

"Seven, actually."

"So, what? People start coming here when they're eleven or something?"

"Mostly," Katie piped up. "Some are ten at the start of their first year, and some are kept at home an extra year, so they're actually twelve when they start. I was eleven, though, so I'm fifteen now. Oliver's seventeen."

"So are we," Willow said with a smile. "Or, at least, Buffy, Xander, and I are. Faith's sixteen."

Oliver looked slightly surprised at the realization that one of the Slayers - something thought to be very dangerous by the wizarding world - was actually a year younger than he was, the second one being the same age as him. "You can't have done this long then," he said without thinking, and Buffy shrugged.

"Since I was fifteen. It's the typical age to be called," the blonde girl said, and when attention was turned to Faith, the dark haired Slayer shrugged as well.

"I was called last spring. Turned sixteen in June. Makes you feel old fast, though," the girl muttered, looking down at her heavy boots for a moment, not noticing the curious look Oliver sent her way. When Faith glanced up, though, he quickly looked away as though he didn't want to be caught staring at her. Faith frowned before speaking again. "But enough of the cheerful talk. Professor McGonagall sent you two to come and show us the way to dinner, so we should probably head out."

"That's probably a good idea. Perhaps after that we could look around a bit, get a feel for the place," Giles muttered as they headed for the portrait hole that would lead them into the hallway, and Katie piped up as they stepped out.

"You might want to check with the Weasley twins for that. Fred and George know just about every place in the castle, I think. They're kind of pranksters, you see, but I don't think they would be foolish enough to play any jokes on any of you. But some of the other students, like the ones in Slytherin house..." She paused, frowning, then continued to speak. "Well, you can probably trust them about as far as you can throw them," the blonde girl said, and Faith arched a brow as she looked over at the girl.

"You do realize I'm a Slayer, don't you?" she questioned, and Katie quickly amended her statement.

"Oh, right. Then you can probably trust them about as far as *I* could throw them."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Pray For Night" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Jun 05.

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