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Hell Is Paved

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Harmless Flirtation Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The battle of sexual wits begins.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JasonCarolFR1511,345032,86010 Jul 0410 Jul 04Yes
Title: Hell is Paved…

Author: Carol (

Rating: PG13

Pairings: Willow/Jason

Disclaimer: Willow of BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and associates.

Jason belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton and associates. I'm just

borrowing these characters for a while to play with. I promise to

put them back when I'm done.

Special Thanks to Deanie...who listened to my brainstorming.

Summary: Willow’s good intentions run headlong into Jason’s


Buffy spoilers: AU completely. Willow works for Angel in LA. No

Tara which means no walk on the Dark Side.

AB spoilers: Narcissus in Chains

Author Notes: This is in response to Jinni’s Quickie Challenge

for pairing #45.

I’m contemplating making this a series. What do you think?


Willow cursed Angel for being a champion for the ‘Powers That

Be.’ Yes, he was entirely to blame for this mess. If she

hadn’t gone to work for his Broodiness, then she wouldn’t be

dealing with a hormonally-challenged werewolf intent on getting her

horizontal. Who was she kidding? He probably wouldn’t mind

getting her vertical or in any other various positions that his

warped imagination could come up with.

Willow threw another evil glare in Jason’s general direction. He

had to be the king of ‘accidental’ touches. She had already

lost count of how many almost gropes he had attempted just today.

Her glare was rewarded with a sexy smirk. She rolled her eyes and

huffed in annoyance. He was supposed to be helping her look for a

magical artifact not flirt with her at every opportunity.

Willow had been sent to St. Louis to borrow the mystical object from

the Master of the city. It would be needed to avert yet another

pending apocalypse. Too bad the ‘Powers That Be’ didn’t

bother to send a detailed description of said item. No, Willow only

had the clue that it was in Jean Claude’s possession.

That was why she found herself well below the ground under a

supernatural circus with a horny werewolf for company. She was

shifting stuff around in a big, dank storage room. Willow had to

painstakingly open each box individually to magically inspect the

contents. Jason helped move boxes for her when he wasn’t

distracted with his ogling.

Willow felt his eyes on her again. Her temper raised another

notch. They had been at this fruitless searching for hours with

nothing to show for it. Willow had enough. She was going to put

Jason in his place so that she could get some work done. Too bad

for her, that she had promised Angel that she would behave. Jason

would make a very cute puppy in her opinion.

Willow looked up from the box she had been perusing. She turned her

stormy gaze onto the lounging figure of Jason. He was lying on his

side with his chin resting on his palm. He had spaced out while

staring at her.

Willow frowned. She could guess where his thoughts had drifted off


“If you have quite finished mentally undressing me, I could use

some help over here.”

Jason gave a lazy grin at her irritable tone. He pretended to

consider her request for a moment.

“Hmmm, yes almost finished,” he drawled slowly.

Willow huffed and returned to her work. She was valiantly trying to

ignore his presence. It wasn’t working. She heard the rustle of

clothing. Jason was crawling slowly towards her in what could only

be construed as a stalking manner.

Willow scowled as Jason infringed on her personal space. He laid

his head down on her lap and looked up at her. He gave a cheeky

wink when he heard her sigh of exasperation.



“Can I ask you a serious question?”

“I suppose. If you are actually capable of such a feat.”

Jason snickered and then schooled his features to what he hoped was

a serious expression.

“Would you go out with me?”


“Would you at least do me a teeny, tiny favor then?” His

voice took on a wheedling tone. He was giving her the puppy dog

eyes’ treatment.

Willow arched an eyebrow at his antics.

“It depends on the favor, Jason.”

He graced her with a cocky grin. “Would you play ‘Little Red

Riding Hood’ to my ‘Big Bad Wolf’?”

Willow gave a groan. She pushed him off her lap. His head hit the

floor with a thud. She quickly stood up and stormed out of the room.

Jason called out to her from his prone position on the floor.

“Is that a ‘no’ then? Huh? Willow? Willow? I think I

may have a concussion”


Jason hid a smile as Willow fussed over his fallen form. She had

come rushing back in with a guilty countenance on her face. She

thought she had actually hurt him. He may not be an alpha but he

was a werewolf. He could take more than a knock to the head to put

him out of commission. But Willow didn’t know that and he

wasn’t about to tell her.

Her soft voice broke through his reverie. “Are you feeling any


He hid an evil smirk. She had placed his head in her lap

willingly. She was gently running her fingers through his hair. He

suppressed the urge to purr. That would give the game away. Must

milk this for all its worth.

He moaned softly as if in pain. He gave a weak smile.

“Yes, a little. I will probably make a full recovery if you were

my nurse.”

She rolled her eyes at his tone but didn’t push him off her lap

this time. He probably would flirt on his deathbed. Her thoughts

took a turn towards serious. She was racking her brains trying to

remember what one did for a possible concussion.

“Are you sure that you have a concussion?” She leaned down a

little to look into his sky blue eyes.

He couldn’t resist the temptation of her lips just inches from

his. Before she could react, he rose up and pressed his mouth to

hers. She let out a gasp at the unanticipated turn of events. He

took the opportunity to invade her mouth with his tongue. She

tasted just as sweet as he thought she would.

Willow was in heaven. She must be. Her tingles had tingles and

this was just from a kiss. Then a small annoying inner voice piped

up. ‘Isn’t he hurt? Should he be doing this if he was

really injured?’ Willow froze. She had been duped. She had

forgotten for the moment that he was a lycanthrope. She couldn’t

possibly have hurt him. He was faking!

She stiffened her spine and pushed him away forcefully. He had the

audacity to actually leer at her. Her temper flared and she knew

that he must pay.

She glared at him with all her worth. The effect was ruined by a

fierce blush burning on her cheeks. He gave a knowing look. He

could smell his affect on her. That smirky bastard!

She rushed to her feet. She firmly planted her fists on her hips.

She sputtered momentarily before she launched into a tirade.

“You, you, you, Faker!”

He laughed at the look on her outraged face. That was a bad move on

his part. He soon found himself dodging any potential missiles that

she threw in his general direction. All the while she ranted and

raged at him for making her worry for nothing. She also cast more

aspersions against his paternity and the general state of his


His laughter was abruptly cut off with a lucky shot from the

entirely pissed off red head. She gave an evil laugh of victory.

That should teach him a thing or two. This time as she grandly

strode out of the room, she had no twinges of guilt for causing any

pain. He deserved it and more in spades.

If she had chanced to look back, she would have realized that her

victory was a hollow one. His eyes had taken on a glint of

determination. She was a firecracker. He just had to get to know

her better and hopefully in the biblical kind of way. He sauntered

out of the room while whistling a merry tune. The hunt was on.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Hell Is Paved". This story is complete.

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