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She MEANT Everywhere

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Summary: Willow's Spell to wake the Slayers reached alittle farther than she thought.

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Chapter 10

She MEANT Everywhere! Part X


Disclaimer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Mutant Enemy.  Stargate belongs to MGM productions. I make no profit other than having a good time


Authors Note One:  This takes place after Chosen for Buffy, and right after Chimera in Stargate.


Authors Note Two:  This story is not in my Rainbow/Buffy Universe.  I felt when I put that story together if the SGC was in existence then they would have been the logical ones to tap to go to Sunnydale rather than Rainbow.


Fic Starts Here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


The lead Jaffa pulled a knife from his belt and threw it at Jerrol.  It was a very good throw, right through the bars of the cell.  Jerrol grabbed the knife by its handle almost a foot from her body.


Elder Belmoore gulped, “Jerrol,” he said, “now remember I have your family,  just toss the knife outside your cell.”


Jerrol looked disgusted, her first inclination was to bury the knife in the elders chest, she somehow knew she could, but she still didn’t know where her family was being held, and she had no doubt they would be long dead before she would be able to find them. Furious at her helplessness, she tossed the knife onto the floor, about half way to the group.


“Slayer,” Kali hissed.  The Jaffa with her looked confused at the term.


“My lady,” the one who threw the knife asked.  “Do you wish her furthered punished?”


Kali looked at her first prime, “No, not at present.” Turning to Belmoore she asked, “What is you plans for this one?”


Belmoore gulped, he really didn’t think it was wise to discuss this in front of the girl. He started to point this out to his goddess when she hissed, “Answer ME!” And then she struck him to the floor with a backhanded blow.


Jerrol watched amazed, almost every Sunday Elder Belmoore taught that a woman’s proper place was either with her father or husband, bearing her chosen husband strong sons, and teaching any daughters their  place in the world, to be compliant and accepting of their proper place in existence. She never expected him to simply take being slapped down by a woman, especially one as scandalously dressed as this one was. She found herself wondering exactly who this woman was?


Bellmoore cowered on the floor saying, “Forgive me my goddess. If you do not want her, then I was planning on having a trail for witchcraft and the murder of my cousin.  Since there was no doubt of her guilt, I was going to have her executed.”


Jerrol paled; there was only one execution method for witchcraft, burning at the stake.


Kali smiled, “Proceed, it has some time since I have witnessed a public burning.”


Chapter 49


The planet’s Stargate whooshed to life, as soon as the wormhole stabilized a six wheeled robotic vehicle emerged.  A camera on a boom rose up from its rest and panned to take a quick look around.  A moment later twelve figures ran out of the gate and took up positions about fifty feet in front of it and then began scanning the area.  Finally SG-1 with Buffy and the Scoobies walked out.  Bringing up the rear was Janet Fraiser, two corpsmen, Nessa, and Neith, who refused to let her sister go on this mission by herself.


“All right people,” Jack O’Neill began, “Carter says there are three villages in easy walking distance of the gate.  We need to split up and reconnoiter them to see if Hastings has been visiting.”


“Actually Jack,” Buffy corrected, “There is a small city about a half days travel that way,” Buffy said as she pointed roughly south.  “There is a Slayer in trouble there.  I need to go and rescue her.”


“And you know this how?” Jack asked, annoyed that yet again Buffy had withheld information.


“I took a catnap while you guys were deciding if now was really a good time to go or not.  I was tipped off by a dream. I think one of your Gold thingies is there too.  At least there was a woman with glowing eyes with a bunch of guys that kind of looked like Bre’tac’s people.”


“Can you describe the Goa’uld?” Daniel asked as the Stargate started dialing.


“Let’s find some cover folks,” Jack suggested.  It was probably Rak’nor and his troops, but when dealing with the gate, assumptions got you dead.


Everyone moved off and took cover in a nearby copse of trees.  But, it was Rak’nor and Ray’ac plus about twenty more Free Jaffa, a half dozen of Ista’s people and Jacob Carter and Selmak.


Jack signaled his presence and the two groups greeted each other.  Rak’nor and Ray’ac approached carrying an extra staff weapon each and presented them both to Buffy.  “Brat’ac heard that you do not like using firearms, and was happy that you could use a staff weapon with such skill. He told me to present these to you as a gift,” Rak’nor intoned, handing Buffy them.


Buffy took the two weapons with great delight, they were still a bit long for her, for most Slayers in fact, but the firepower would be welcomed, she really wanted to see what one would do to a vampire.


“Uh Buffy, you know we can’t let them off base on Earth,” O’Neill cautioned her.  Personally, Jack would love to do just that, he’d never seen the kind of accuracy Buffy had exhibited on the firing range with one.


Buffy blew a raspberry at the Colonel, “Spoilsport.  I don’t suppose you have any problem with Slayers using them out here do you?”


Jack smirked, wondering if he could get some unsuspecting Jaffa to take on Buffy in a shooting contest, “None what so ever.”   


Turning Buffy handed the other staff to Kennedy, she almost hated to do it, but other than her attitude, Kennedy was the next best Slayer present.


Kennedy smiled, about time she got some respect.


Chapter 50


Back at Stargate Command, Rupert Giles turned from the gate as the last of the travelers stepped through it. “Pardon me Dr. Giles,” General Hammond said. “But are you returning to Los Angeles immediately?”


“I have to get back General.  I trust Faith to watch after things, the problem is she really doesn’t trust herself.”


General Hammond nodded; he had junior officers like that assigned to him from time to time.  Either they grew out of it or not, he hoped that Faith was one who did.  “If you can delay for a day, I thought it might be a good idea to contact some of our off world allies and see if any Slayers have popped up on their worlds.  I think it might be a good idea if you were here to answer some questions, and to make initial contact with their representatives.”


Giles shrugged, it was a good idea and he was fairly sure that Faith could keep a lid on things until then.


Senator Robert Kinsey climbed into his Gulfstream that was parked in a private hanger at the Colorado Springs Airport. He had taken the time to call his colleagues in The Trust to inform them that The Watchers Council wasn’t quite as dead as they had presumed.  That had taken a little bit of time as the person who he had been talking to also told him about the safe house that had been raided and the agents that had been captured. Kinsey wasn’t all that concerned about that, after all none of those agents had any definite knowledge of him, so his personal exposure was minimal.


He threw himself into the closest seat in the aircraft and called out to the cockpit for the pilot to start the engines.  He paled as the office chair, which had been facing the front of the aircraft, turned around. In it was a tall dark haired individual wearing black pants and shirt, with a black leather duster.  “I’m afraid your pilot is a bit indisposed.”


Another man, this one slightly scrungy looking, with a nasty scar across the base of his throat, entered from the cockpit carrying a brief case.  He was in tan chinos, a maroon shirt, and a leather jacket the color of his pants.  He wore glasses and had a couple of days’ worth of beard on his face.


“Who are you?” Kinsey asked, with a lot more bravado than he felt.


The scrungy man spoke in a soft English accent, “My name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. I am the head of research for the Los Angles branch of Wolfram and Hart.  This is my boss and CEO of that Branch, Angel.”


Kinsey gulped; he’d hoped he’d been free of these people when Lindwood Monroe had that little accident with his office chair.  He should have known better.


Wesley reached into his briefcase and withdrew a rather thick folder.  He tossed it on the floor in front of the Senator.


“What’s this?” He asked.


“Your file,” Wesley explained. “There are no copies.  The Senior Partners allowed Linwood to keep you as a personal project.”


“You expect me to be grateful?”  Kinsey asked, wondering if they were that naïve.


“Of course not, you are a professional politician. Gratefulness is not something you feel.  No we gave you that file to clear the playing field.  We have a proposition for you, and we both feel it would be better if you weren’t looking over your shoulder about what we have on you.”


“What do you want?”  Kinsey asked, not being able to figure out what they could be interested in him for, at least not without holding a big stick over his head.


“Angel was recently given the CEOship of Wolfram & Hart in Los Angeles for services in stopping Jasmine, you do remember her right?”


Kinsey nodded.


“Obviously it was a trap, originally we thought that The Senior Partners believed that being put in a position of power would corrupt us, but now we strongly believe it might be nothing more than they wanted us distracted while they set up something else.”


“Where do I fit in?” Still not seeing where this was going.


“Simply, you are going start an investigation of Wolfram and Hart.  We will feed you some information as a starting point and you will take it from there.  Think of the positive press for your Vice-Presidential Campaign, a crusader taking down a corrupt, powerful law firm.  It will clinch  your claim that Special Interests have no hold on you.”


Kinsey thought hard about it, it was true that he and Henry Hayes were up by three points right now, but the elections were still two months away and a lot could happen in two months, still… “What’s in it for you?” he asked, after all no one did something like this out of the goodness of their hearts.


“Several things, an investigation will distract The Senior Partners from what ever they are doing.  We expect you to stay away from the other members of our team, they are no longer employed by Wolfram & Hart, they were never that involved in the day to day running of it, so there is no reason for you to contact them.  Finally, we require you to stay away from the Slayers, and expect you to keep The Trust away from them too.”


“Someone is going to have to go to jail,” Kinsey remarked, that would be a nice lever to hold over them if they decided to change the agreement.


“That will be me, I owe both Angel and the Slayers a debt; my incarceration will be a good start.”


Glancing at the man who had yet to say a word beyond his greeting Kinsey remarked, “You inspire loyalty.”


“Not really,” Wesley remarked, “Angel has some special needs that would not adapt well to prison.”


Glancing over at the black clad man Kinsey was about to ask what kind of needs when Angel’s face changed, his forehead thickened to ridges, his eyes turned yellow, and his teeth grew into fangs, “I just want you to understand, if you or The Trust ever go near another Slayer, I will find you.” The ‘and it will not be pleasant for you’ was left unstated, but clearly heard.


Chapter  51


The run was harder than Buffy expected.  O’Neill had decided that they still needed to get to the villages before nightfall.  While the force they had put together should be able to fight off even a large group of vampires, it would be easier if they were holed up somewhere that vampires wouldn’t be able to get into. So he was going to take the rest of their people to one of the nearby villages, hopefully there would still be some people alive in them, and some invite free homes because of it.  He was going to send Teal’c and Sam along with Buffy as Goa’uld experts.


Rak’nor volunteered himself and four of his men, after putting Ray’ac in charge of the rest. Buffy wanted Willow and Kennedy to also come along.  


“I don’t think I can run that far,” Willow stated, “At least not without using magic.”


Rak’nor simply handed his staff weapon to one of his men, and stepping over asked, “If I may?” Then grabbed Willow up into a fireman’s carry, and turning to Buffy nodded at the woods.


Buffy shrugged and took off at an easy jog.  The Jaffa would pass Willow off about every half an hour so none of them got too tired. Carter ran a couple of times a week so she just settled into an easy runners lope and was able to keep up, though she was showing a good deal of fatigue by the end of it.  Kennedy was the only Slayer that actually did distance running a couple of times a week.  She’d head out into the back country around LA and run for three or four hours once or twice a week, the other days she’d run five or ten miles first thing when she got up.  Buffy kept trying to tell herself she should too, but something always seemed to come up.  Still after the third hour of the run she decided she was going to have to delegate and make time.  She wasn’t winded, exactly.  But she wasn’t feeling a hundred percent either.  She knew she would recover quickly at the end of the run, but what if they needed to do something right away?  Cars defiantly spoiled you, yet another thing  to add to the Slayer curricula.


 They arrived in the area of the city about two in the morning, local time.  A tavern was still going strong.  Given the local attitudes toward women, it was decided that Carter, Willow and the Slayers would wait outside in the woods, while the men entered the tavern to see if they could find out any news, or at least where the local Slayer was being held.


“This sucks,” Kennedy grumbled, as she moved her chili mac around with a spork.  “They get to have all the fun, while we get stuck out here eating MRE’s.”


Carter smiled as she sporked some more orange chicken into her mouth, “This isn’t actually too bad Kennedy.  The first planet we explored was home to a bunch of transplanted Mongols. Not only were they more patriarchal than this planet, I ended up being kidnapped and put in a harem.”


The Sunnydalers looked the Air Force officer over. “Did O’Neill and the boys have to rescue you?”


Carter looked smug, “Not really.  They came after me of course, but I had gotten away myself.  We went back then and I beat the individual who had bought me in a knife fight.  It was fun.  Last I checked they were starting to loosen up with their women, allowing them to do stuff on their own.  They really have a long way to go though.”


“You go girl!” Buffy said to Sam, who smiled back at the senior Slayer.


“So, Major Carter,” Willow asked “Are there any Amazon planets out there?”


“A couple,” Carter replied.


Turning back to Kennedy Willow said, “We have to visit those.”


Seeing the looks that Buffy and Carter were giving her, “If there are more women there, there’s more likely to be Slayers,” Willow explained, maybe a little too quickly. Seeing the others weren’t buying it, she went on with, “Plus, if it’s a matriarchal society, it will be easier to find them.”


Buffy nodded with a slightly sour look on her face, “It’s important you believe that’s the reason for going Willow.”


A noise at the edge of the woods they were hiding in had all four women on alert. But, it was only the guys coming back. Teal’c nodded a greeting and handed a cloak to each of the women.


“The execution will be an hour after dawn tomorrow morning,” Rak’nor said by way of greeting.  “She is to be burned at the stake as a witch.  The rumor is that she ripped off the head of her husband to be.  However, I don’t think this is a well-received verdict.”


“Well that confirms that she’s a Slayer anyway,” Buffy commented as she took her cloak.


Carter had stood up and was getting into the cloak. With it pulled shut it was nearly impossible to tell that she was a woman.  The others though, given their stature would probably be considered females.  This meant, given local morals, meant that if they wanted to avoid undo attention they would have to stick with the guys.


“No sign of the Goa’uld?” Carter asked as she finished belting the cloak.


“No,” Rak’nor replied. “Not even a rumor of someone who could be a Goa’uld”


Carter frowned as she sat back down, “That’s not like them.”


“Perhaps she was interested in something here and she did not want the other System Lords to know of it,” Teal’c theorized.


Everyone else either shrugged or nodded, it was a good a theory as any.


“She probably has some local agents who spotted what the Slayer did to this guy and called it in.” Willow postulated.


Teal’c snorted, “If that happened, she could well think this Slayer is a Hok’tar.  Perhaps she even bonded with the Slayer.  That would be a just revenge.”


Buffy shook her head, “Doubt it, if that had happened I don’t think they would still be burning her at the stake in the morning.”


“Indeed,” Teal’c rumbled.  “I believe this Goa’uld figured out that this female is a Slayer and is staying to make sure that the execution is carried out.”


It was Kennedy’s turn to frown, “If she wanted to make sure she was dead, why not just kill her?  I mean why wait around and let someone else do her dirty work for her?”


Rak’nor laughed, “Probably because she will enjoy the spectacle of a public burning, the Slayer dies and she gets some amusement.  If the Goa’uld realized we were in the area and intended to rescue the girl, then she would have killed her as soon as she realized what the Slayer was.”


“Indeed,” Teal’c replied. “We must neutralize the Goa’uld, and rescue the Slayer.  We need to break up into two groups.”


“Three,” Buffy corrected.  “In the dream I saw some religious looking types was holding a group of people prisoner, judging by what they looked like I’m thinking they are the Slayer’s family.  Whoever is holding her, has them stashed somewhere to force her cooperation.  We need to spring them first.”


Teal’c nodded, “I was wondering how they were keeping her under control.  Having seen Slayers in action I did not think they would be able to. In the future Buffy Summers it would be best to fully brief your allies with this kind of information.  Your dreams can be a valuable asset, but they do us little good if we are not aware of them. ”


“I’m sorry Teal’c, I’ll try to let you guys know about this stuff in the future, but I’m not used to working outside of the Slayers and Scoobies.”


Going on, Buffy began, “Okay, unless anyone has any objections this is how I see us doing this,” Buffy began.


“Willow, you and Major Carter and two of the Jaffa get the Goa’uld.  You need to figure out where it is and deal with it.” Turning to Major Carter she said, “If you want to capture it for study then transporting it safely is up to you.  If I think it’s a threat to us then I’ll kill it myself.”


Carter nodded, “We have no real use for the symbiote.  We’d have to either let it keep its current body, or find another for it to inhabit to even communicate with it.”


Buffy nodded and turned back to Willow, “If you can save the host do it, but don’t take chances.”


Carter protested, “You sound like you expect Willow to easily handle whoever this system lord is.  I’ve faced them before; beating one isn’t a walk in the park.”


“Which is why I’m sending you with her, you and Willow get together and work it out. You have a couple of hours to come up with something, starting with how to find her.”


Turning to Kennedy, “Take Teal’c and one of the Jaffas; find and rescue our Slayer’s family.  When you get them clear, head immediately for the first village that Jack was checking out, if they aren’t there then hold up and wait for us.”


“Rak’nor, you said that this execution wasn’t popular, why?”


“I believe that it is considered that the person she killed got what he deserved. He was not popular and was suspected of attacks on other young women.”


“When we rescue her, do you think they’d be able to mount a posse to chase us?”


“Posse?” Rak’nor asked in a confused voice.


“Deputize a group of citizens to chase us.” Buffy explained.


“Judging by the talk I would have to say no.  I doubt that they would actively hinder such a hunt, but they would not join in unless ordered, and then it is doubtful how energetic their search would be.”


Buffy smiled, “Okay then, you and…” Buffy trailed off looking at the last Jaffa.


“Qay’uk,” he replied.


“…Quay’uk,” Buffy continued, “Will go into town with me and have front row seats when they bring the Slayer out.  We’ll take her right off of the pole.”


Chapter 52


Carter had real doubts about Willow being able to handle a System Lord and her hoard of Jaffas.  Willow on the other hand didn’t seem too concerned.  When she asked, Willow explained that she had taken on a real god.  A wannabe didn’t stir up a whole lot of angst.


Carter made sure her P-90 and throwing knife where ready just in case. This kind of arrogance often got people dead.


They managed to get into town unnoticed; the town was keeping its gate open all night, so either Lt. Hastings wasn’t stirring up much havoc in the country side, or if he was, he was taking pains to keep it quiet. The sound of hammering lead the four of them to the center square of the town.  If they weren’t on a mission Willow would have been gawking like a tourist, seeing authentic medieval construction, but all of her attention was studying the square to see where the Goa’uld would be hanging out to observe the execution.


Carter nodded at balcony across the square, “There.”


Willow studied where Carter had indicated.  It was on the second story of the building, had a good view of the platform that was being built next to the fifteen foot pole that was already in the square, with bundles of faggots piled up around the base. It was the fanciest balcony in the square, and looked like it could hold a dozen or so people. “Wouldn’t she stand out if she was standing or sitting out there?” Willow asked.


“If you look you can see that if she sat behind the doors no one in the square would be able to see her, and she’d still have a good view of the stake.  Plus it’s the fanciest building in the square, nothing but the best for a system lord,” Carter answered.


Carter turned to the two Jaffas that accompanied them, “Let’s work our way around using the streets that border the square, and see if the entrance to the building is guarded.


About twenty minutes later Kennedy, Teal’c and the other Jaffa, Kennedy could not be bothered to know his name, started off.  As much as it rankled her, she followed along quietly behind the two Jaffa. As they entered the square she saw Willow and Major Carter entering a side street on the other side of the square with their Jaffa in tow.


Teal’c quietly said, “The Slayer’s family must still be alive, and the elder will show them to her right before her execution.  It will be somewhere that is visible from the stake,” he said, nodding at the execution site, “but would not be visible to someone in the square.”


Kennedy shrugged, “Everyone in the square will be staring at the stage, so it could be anywhere back here.”  Kennedy glanced around the square, “How about there”, she nodded at the second floor porch.


Teal’c considered for a moment before he said, “No.”


“Why?” Kennedy wanted to know, starting to swell as she prepared to defend her choice.


“That is where the Goa’uld is, she would not want her enjoyment interrupted by whimpering captives.”


Accepting Teal’c superior knowledge of the Goa’uld, Kennedy looked around again and spotted a carriage house on a small hill, that would be visible from the stake, but would be blocked from at least half the square, and more importantly had a man obviously standing guard outside the door, “Okay, how about there?”


Teal’c glanced that way, and smiled to himself, Kennedy was looking the other way so didn’t catch it, but the Other Jaffa, whose name was Pay’on, caught it, and nodded.  The Tau’ri female was arrogant, but she was not totally useless.


“That would be my choice,” Teal’c agreed. “We must make sure though.” Glancing around he spotted an alleyway that was against wall. “This way.”


Two hours before the festivities were do to start Buffy, Rak’nor and Quay’uk strode through front gates of the town.  There were some folks already waiting for the execution to start.  The bottle being passed back and forth showed they thought this was a party.  Buffy resisted the urge to pull their arms off, more because it would screw up the plan they had going than them being protected by their humanity. They moseyed up to the front of the stage and elbowed them aside. Their glares quickly redirected when they saw the return looks from the two Jaffa’s.


Rak’nor glanced down at the Slayer; she was ignoring the locals, staring at the pole with the bundles of sticks tied around the base. He gripped his staff weapon a little tighter, he had a feeling he was going to need it.


Chapter 53


Back on Earth Giles stood with General Hammond and watched as the Stargate stabilized and two figures walked through. One was male and one was female. Both wore clothes that showed they came from somewhere besides Earth, a kind of jump suit, but the fabric suggested that their home world had not worked out polyester yet.


“Jonas, Doctor Cyr, welcome back to Earth” Hammond greeted. Turning to Giles he said, “Rupert Giles, allow me to introduce you to Jonas Quinn, and Doctor Kianna Cyr, from Kelowna, on the Planet Langara, one of Earth’s Allies. Jonas, Dr. Cyr, Rupert Giles of the Watchers Council.”


Both of the Langarans greeted Giles, who shook both of their hands. Please call me Kianna, Mr. Giles.”


“Only if you call me Rupert,” Giles replied as he smiled at the alien woman.


Jonas cleared his throat to break up the tableau as he turned to Hammond and asked, “The message to our government stated that the matter might have some urgency?”


“This way Jonas,” Hammond motioned as he lead them out of the Gateroom.  “We had a situation develop two days ago. A life form that is native to Earth,” Giles snorted at that description for a vampire,” that the population is not generally aware of, escaped into the galaxy through our gate.”


“I don’t understand,” Kianna asked, “according to Jonas, humans are the only sentient life on Earth.”


“Oh, if only that were true”, Giles murmured. He then went on, “There are several species of intelligent, extra-dimensional entities that also call Earth home.  One of them converted a member of the SGC into one of themselves and the former SGC member escaped off Earth.”


“And this creature is dangerous?” Kianna asked.


“Extremely, left to its own devices, it could convert hundreds of thousands of people into creatures like itself in a matter of weeks.”


Jonas and Kianna paled, “This thing escaped to Langara?” That should not have been possible, they lacked a shield like the Tau’ri had, but they defended their Stargate constantly.


Both Hammond and Giles shook their heads as they arrived at the Briefing room.  Hammond went on, “No. HoweverohHBowever when we contacted Mr. Giles, his organization specializes in these entities. We discovered that about three months ago they had performed a ritual that awoke in certain woman abilities that made them effective against these creatures.  We have had confirmation that the effect travelled off of Earth and has affected a young Jaffa female.  We called this meeting with our closest Allies to inform them of this, and to offer help in finding and training these young ladies so they are not a threat to themselves or others.”


Jonas opened his mouth to ask a further question when, “Unscheduled off world activation. It’s SG-4.” The gate techs voice came over the loudspeaker.<br> <br>

Hammond rose and headed down to the Gate Control room that was directly under the briefing room.  The CO of the SGC was frowning, SG-4 had been spent the deliver the message about the possible activation of the Slayers to Cimmeria, a longtime friend of the SGC. The planet was a colony of Vikings that the Asgard had transplanted and placed under their protection.


“I know we’re early, but Gairwyn and her party were waiting for us,” Major Howe, SG-4’s CO was explaining over his radio.  Request permission come home.”


“Major, this General Hammond, has Gairwyn indicated how she knew our invitation was coming?


“Yes sir, she stated that her ward had a dream.”


Turning to the Gatetech Hammond ordered, “Open the Iris.” Into the radio he said, “
Bring them through Major.”


The Iris, the trinium alloy shield that protected the SGC by keeping things from materializing, retracted, revealing the glowing blue water like event horizon of the gate. A slight ripple and SG-4 walked out of the gate followed by four more people.  In the lead was Gairwyn, a leader of her people, and a friend of the SGC. She was tallish for a woman from a medieval society, with red hair that was starting to show some gray. Bringing up the rear was a brace of tall warriors, one brunette the other redheaded.  They were dressed in chain hauberks and had a sword hilt sticking up past one shoulder, while a shield was across their backs. They looked warily around the gateroom and noted the marines that were in attendance to guard the portal. Both of them had been involved when Her-ur had invaded their planet and had witnessed what the weapons of the Tau’ri were capable of.  But, they had sworn to protect Gairwyn so if they had to die to do so, Thor’s will.


The final member of the Cimmerian delegation was a teenage girl. Mid-teens, long blonde hair, the same finally chiseled features that many of the Slayers exhibited, Hammond suspected he knew the source of Gairwyn’s forewarning.


Hammond hurried down to great the new delegation, “Thank you for coming Gairwyn,” he began.


“Thor has graced us with a mighty gift,” Gairwyn replied, gesturing to the girl with her. “If his desire is for us to share it with our friends, his will.”  









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