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She MEANT Everywhere

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Summary: Willow's Spell to wake the Slayers reached alittle farther than she thought.

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Chapter 11

She MEANT Everywhere! Chapter 11


Disclaimer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Mutant Enemy.  Stargate belongs to MGM productions. I make no profit other than having a good time


Authors Note One:  This takes place after Chosen for Buffy, and right after Chimera in Stargate.


Authors Note Two:  This story is not in my Rainbow/Buffy Universe.  I felt when I put that story together if the SGC was in existence then they would have been the logical ones to tap to go to Sunnydale rather than Rainbow.


Chapter 54


Sam Carter peaked around the corner and saw that there was a Jaffa standing guard in front of the door to the building they believed the Goa’uld was in.  There were a good fifty feet between it and the corner they were hiding behind.  This was a problem.


Carter had a silencer for her pistol, but the Jaffa was in full armor so the 9mm rounds in the pistol would be dubious to get through it.  The Jaffa did not have a helmet on, but the range was long for a head shot.


The Jaffa turned away from her, and started walking down the alley.  Sam hunkered down and whispered, “Keep going.”


Willow went to peak around to see what was happening, but Sam held her arm to stop her. “The guard is heading for the end of the ally.”


The Jaffa got to the end of the alley and started watching them build the stake and stage.


It soon became clear that he was engrossed, never even glancing at their end of the alley. 


Screwing the silencer on the end of her hand gun, Sam then said to the two Jaffa accompanying them, “Stay here and cover us,” then to Willow, “Let’s go.”


Carter and Willow hurried to the door and ducked into the alcove. Carter tried the door and it was unlocked. She pushed the handle and opened the door, she and Willow slipped in.


They found themselves in an entrance room, gaudy, was the best way Willow found to describe it. Gold candle sticks where sitting on top of finely carved tables, Willow wasn’t overly impressed, until she realized that these were hand carved, not pressboard molded, there were a lot of man hours in those tables.  On the walls were a rich tapestries, it was still dark, so she couldn’t see what they were about.


Sam, for her part, was listening to hear if there was a roving patrol inside, she couldn’t detect anything, so she assumed that the Goa’uld was content to trust the guard outside to keep out unwanted intruders. Orienting herself she moved toward the stairs at the back of the foyer.


Upstairs, Kali sat back from the window and enjoyed some cheese and grapes with a glass of red wine.  It was a fine vintage; she would have to have Bellmore provide her with ten cases or so when she left. Part of her wanted to order the girl brought out and burned now, but most of her wanted to enjoy the anticipation, both in herself, and once the crowd started to forming them. “When we get home, Fo’lek, remind me to execute a couple persons by burning, I’d forgotten how much fun it can be.” She took another bite of cheese and then frowned, Fo’lek had not responded to her command.


She turned, about to reprimand him when she saw him, and the other three Jaffa that formed her guard standing at attention like statues along the back wall.  His wide eyes told her he was terrified, and he obviously couldn’t move.  Standing in the doorway to the room was a red head, dressed like the Tau’ri were supposed to.


“You know, when you make your guards stand around like statues, it’s kind of hard to notice when someone freezes them,” The redhead said conversationally.


Chapter 55


Jack O’Neill looked out into the pre-dawn darkness, he wasn’t sure if there was anything out there, though Vi and the Slayers were had said no before they had left on a quick patrol.  The Group had decided to split up, with the SGC’s troop, plus the three of the Slayers heading to the first village, and Ray’ec, the Jaffa and the remaining Slayers heading for the third village.


O’Neill’s group had found the village almost completely destroyed, all of the building in it burned to the ground except this one.  The only reason this hadn’t been was because it was owned by the town loon.  He had lost everything in a fire when he had been younger, so when it came time to build his house he’d built it out of rock, with a slate roof.  Even the insides were as fire proof as he could make them, with metal plates that could be put over the fireplace when he was done cooking for the night, and the floor meticulously swept each night to ensure nothing flammable was left were it could catch fire.  The only exception was the bed and chairs; even the main table was made out of concrete.  It had saved him, and the other fourteen survivors, three adults, twelve children, when Lt. Hastings and the other vampires had set fire to the town to flush the people out to where they could be gotten at. According to Gregor, the owner of the house, over a hundred and ninety individuals, at least eighty adults, O’Neill really hoped they hadn’t turned any of the kids.


It was cramped inside the home, with not only the survivors of the town, but with the SGC troops.  Vi and Carol, two of Slayers that had come along with him had decided to do a patrol, Linda, the third had stayed behind to stand guard. O’Neill had been against it, but they had pointed out it would be a good idea to see if they could figure out where the vampires were hanging out at.


“Colonel O’Neill,” a soft, feminine voice called out of the darkness, Carol and I are coming in.”


Vi and Carol walked out of the darkness.  O’Neill flipped Vi a signaling mirror and shined his light so he could see both Vi, and her reflection in the mirror.  When Carol also proved she still had a reflection, he waved them in.


“We saw a glow on the horizon about ten miles away,” Vi said as she accepted a mug of coffee that one of SG-3’s troopers held out.



“That would be Allana,” Gregor , the town loon, said from his position by the fire, he was nervous, normally it would not be burning this late.


“How many people live there,” O’Neill snapped.


Gregor shrugged, “Perhaps three hundred.”


“There isn’t anything we could do Colonel,” Vi said wearily.  “Carol and I thought about doing a sweep out that way, but without knowing how many we are up against we could find ourselves in too deep. At least we have them between us and Ray’ec’s people now and Buffy and Willow should be back sometime later today.”


O’Neill could only nod, he knew that the Red headed Slayer was right, it didn’t make it any easier waiting, knowing that Hastings was probably doubling the size of his force in the meantime.


Chapter 56


Rey‘ec stared out at the dull glow on the horizon.  He wanted, more than anything to take his forces and charge to the rescue, but he had no idea of the land between there and here, and the hunters that could guide his forces had not returned this evening. He felt a presence next to him and glancing sideways he saw Neith had joined him on the walkway.


“You are not planning on leading a rescue mission are you Rey’ec?” She asked.  There was no challenge in her voice; she was simply looking for information.


“It would be suicide,” Rey’ec replied. “We don’t know the land, and have only two Slayers with us, Nesa and Teresa Collins, and she is here more as a medic than a warrior.


“Do not mistake her for a non-combatant,” Neith warned.  “If it comes to fighting she will be in the thick of it.”


“Tomas!” a voice came from the darkness.  Open the gate and let us in!”  A voice called from the darkness.


Tomas, the night gate guard looked at Ray’ec and Neith.  Rey’ec made a wait motion and reaching down picked up the gaudily colored object at his feet. O’Neill had called it a ‘water-gun’.  He pumped the slide several times to get pressure in it and walking up next to Tomas said, “Tell them to advance.”


“Come up to the gate Gendin,” Tomas called.


Two figures came out of the woods and hurried to the gate, “Open the gate, hurry, something hunts us,” the leader hissed up at the them.


“Stay still,” Tomas ordered.


“What?” Gendin asked, confused.


Rey’ec leaned out over the wall and sprayed the two individuals with the Holy Water filled Super-Soaker.  When both of them just sputtered and yelled angrily up at him and didn’t scream in pain Rey’ec turned to Melik and said, “You can let them in.”


Chapter 57


Kennedy slipped quietly up against the side of the carriage house that they believed housed the local Slayer’s family. Teal’c and the other Jaffa followed.  The end Jaffa carried a coil of rope they  had ‘bought’ from a merchant down the street.  Kennedy had protested when Teal’c had put couple of silver pieces in place of the coil of rope they had lifted, but had stopped when Teal’c had pointed out that if the shop owner came out, he was less likely to raise an alarm over the missing property if there was payment for it. Kennedy had nodded that she had got that, but pointed out they were probably seriously overpaying for the product.  Teal’c had shrugged, figuring the merchant would be less likely to raise an alarm in that case.


Squatting below the only window on their wall Kennedy heard from inside, “Why shouldn’t we have sport with them?”


“After the execution, his holiness wants them unspoiled before then.” Came the gruff reply.


Kennedy and the Jaffa crept to the back corner of the carriage house to wait out of sight while the crowd gathered for the execution.


Down in the square Buffy and the Jaffa stood and waited, a few times people started to push in, but Rak’nor and the other Jaffa didn’t even have to scowl at them, something radiating off of Buffy made them unconsciously step away.


Chapter: 58


Back on Earth, General Hammond lead the delegation from Cimeria to the main briefing room, inside they found the Kelwona delegation and Lya of the Nox waiting. “Garwyn, may I present Lya of the N ox, Dr. Jonas Quinn and Doctor Kianna Cyr of Kelowona, and Doctor Rupert Giles of the Watchers Council.  Doctor Giles is familiar with what has happened to your ward.”  Turning to the Watcher he asked, “Doctor Giles?”


Giles stood up and began, “The World is older than you know…”


Twenty minutes later Giles finished up his explination.


Doctor Cyr, who had a skeptical look on her face for most of it said, “I’m a scientist, I have a problem believing in ‘Magic’.”


Lya responded before Giles could, “Magic is very real Dr. Cyr.  My people use something very similar to do what we do.  The Ancients were very proficient in its manipulation.


Cyr still didn’t look convinced. “Think of it as manipulating quantum effects on a macro scale,” Lya explained.


Doctor Cyr’s look became thoughtful. 


Gairwyn confirmed, “Have no doubt as to its existiance, our Tau’ri allies have explained how much that we thought was magic is simply things we do not understand, but what has happened to Aud,” nodding at the girl that accompanied her, “Cannot be explained any other way.  Her father is a wood cutter; a tree fell wrong and trapped him.  Aud was able to lift the tree, though it weighed many times her own weight and then carry him back to her village.”


Giles nodded, “That follows what we have found on Earth, unless a Slayer is exposed to either another Slayer, something supernatural or some kind of threat that requires her to use one or more of her abilities, the Slayer seems to lay dormant.”


Jonas nodded, “I believe that one has been activated in Kelowana. There are reports in one of our southern cities that seems to indicate that someone with superhuman abilities is operating against one of the local crime lords. I had dismissed it as some kind of urban legend, but with what you have just told us, it is possible that she is a Slayer.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "She MEANT Everywhere" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 May 14.

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