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Sunset's Shadow

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Summary: Faith's gonna bring the quiet redhaired hacker over to the dark side, and our favorite tall dark and evil vamp gets to join the fun. W/F/A(us)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Threesomes - MixedSunfireFR2148,318213,72411 Jul 0411 Jul 04Yes

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Sunset's Shadow

Title: Sunset’s Shadow

Author: Sunfire


Rating: 21

Spoilers: Season 3- Doppelgangland & Enemies

Disclaimer: They aren’t mine, they’re Joss’ (lucky bastard)

Distribution: Anyone who has my other stuff.  If you want it, take it, but let me know
where it’s going.

Pairing: Starts out W/F then goes to W/F/Aus

Summary: Faith’s gonna bring Willow over to the fun, opps, I
mean dark side.  And our     favorite tall dark and evil vamp gets to
join in the fun.

Author’s Note: One minor adjustment to the show’s timeline-
Faith gets the new apartment from the mayor before Enemies.

Feedback: Gee, let me think...Hell Yes!  Please let me know how I’m doing, wicked
smutty             fic is new territory
for me.



Part One:


Willow Rosenberg had never exactly been thrilled with the
way her life had gone.  Sure, she was
happy, but there was always a little voice in the back of her mind that
constantly questioned the way she lived. 
Some nights the constant doubts would keep her awake and she would lie
in her bed wondering what it would be like to set aside her shy, obedient side,
to act on her impulses, to do what she wanted regardless of the rules.  To forget what was expected of her and just
do what _she_ wanted to do. 


No one who had ever met the hacker would guess exactly what
type of things her imagined rebellions entailed.  To look at her, one would think her darkest impulse was to ditch
a class or not do her homework, which was the exact reason she strove so hard
to be the perfectly innocent, good little girl that she was.  More often than the thoughts themselves, was
the fear that somehow, people would find out what devilish dreams really occupied
her mind. 


From the very beginning, she had realized the limitless
extent of her sinister musings.  For as
long as she could remember, she had forbidden herself even the smallest
indecency, afraid that just a little would lead to much more.  With this in mind, she had locked up all her
immoral yearnings, every aspect of her even slightly scandalous
disposition.  She forced herself to be
as perfect a daughter as she could be, only indulging in her fantasies in the
darkest recesses of her mind, never allowing any slivers of the other Willow Rosenberg,
the real Willow Rosenberg, to reach the surface.


She had succeeded, too. 
Until her vampire version had showed up.  After seeing her vampiric counterpart, fear had engulfed her
entire being; fear that everyone would discover the evil girl that hid beneath
the fluffy pink sweaters and flowered skirts. 
That one moment in the library, when Buffy had told her that a vampire
was nothing like the person it had been and Angel had started to correct her,
was one of the most terrifying of her life. 
The most difficult moment followed soon there after, when she had donned
her doppelganger’s clothing.  The feel
of the leather against her skin, the other vampires’ fear of her, the power she
felt; it was as if she were starving and a piece of rich chocolate cake had
been placed in front of her.  Everything
she had wanted to be was within her reach. 
The struggle for control had been overwhelming.  When she had gone into the Bronze, she had
had to force herself to poorly portray her double, for fear that once she let
that part of herself out, she wouldn’t be able to put it back away again. 


She had been right, too. 
Even that small taste had disturbed the fragile balance of control
within her.  A battle ragged inside the
petite red head, and at the present count, the good girl was barely holding
on.  It had always been a delicate
grasp, but the last two days, vital control had started slipping through her
fingers.  The hacker had no idea how she
was going to hold on and that scared the hell out of her.   The thing that terrified her, however was
that after living even that small part of her dream, she wasn’t sure if she
really wanted to hold on and continue the act she had played for so long.


She was only two blocks from her house when four large
vampires appeared in front of her. 
Cursing under her breath, she dropped the shopping bags she had been
carrying and withdrew the vile of holy water and stake she had stashed in her


“Well, lookie what we have here, little girl thinks she’s
gonna fight us.”  The female let out a
laugh as she looked down at the witch. 


Her precarious hold broke and rage boiled to the surface as
she looked up into the smirking faces. 
Willow had always been able to control her darker side while fighting,
but her control was wearing thin to start with and she threw caution to the
wind, letting her more fiendish instincts out to play. 


The largest vampire lunged at her and she stepped to her
left, using his own momentum to kick him several feet down the sidewalk.  Extending her arm in his direction, she shot
a bolt of magical energy at the demon. 
When the bolt hit him, he screamed loudly in pain.  Willow laughed loudly in response.  Anticipating the next vampire’s charge, she
threw the holy water into its face.  An
evil grin twisted her lips as she watched him desperately trying to wipe the
liquid out of his eyes.


The witch turned to face the female vampire that was running
at her.  Blocking her first punch,
Willow kicked out with her right foot, catching the bleach blonde directly
below the knee, dislocating it and causing her to loose her balance and fall to
the ground.  As she began to pull
herself up, the red head levitated a small can out of her bag, floating it to


Popping the top of the can open, she squeezed it as hard as
she could, sending the charcoal lighter fluid into the air to land on the
standing vampiress.   At the same time,
she floated a lighter into her hand and held the flame up to the liquid still
squirting from the can.  In a matter of
seconds the witch’s impromptu flame-thrower had incinerated the female vampire.  One of the three remaining vampires took
this opportunity to sneak up behind the red head.  Hearing his heavy boots approaching, she turned on her heal and
thrust the stake into the surprised vampire’s heart.


The dust hadn’t even settled when two strong arms wrapped
around her, pinning her hands to her sides. 
The arms were smoking slightly, identifying him as the one she had hit
with the bolt.  Her eyes moved from the
arms encircling her to the angry vampire running straight at her.  Quickly bringing up both of her feet in a
more she had often watched Buffy perform, she, kicked the charging vampire,
sending him to the ground.  The arms
around her tightened and her struggles did little against the punishing
grip.  All of a sudden, she was thrown
to the ground as the vampire turned and began fighting someone else.




It had been less than two weeks since she had acquired her
new position under the mayor of Sunnydale. 
In that time, Mayor Wilkins had become more than just her boss.  The soon-to-be-demon was more of a parent to
her than her mother and whichever one of the woman’s cheap drunken fucks had
contributed to her conception, could ever have hoped to be.  The attention he gave her was new to the
brunette.  He acknowledged and
appreciated her contributions.  He
respected her abilities, never once comparing her to anyone else.  Overall, he generally cared for her well
being, often looking after her in a fatherly way. 


The only other person that had ever taken care of the slayer
was her first watcher; and the woman had been dead for almost a year.  She could still see it in her mind, still
hear the woman’s screams.  Out of all
the things she had done in her life, her failure to save the woman was the only
one she truly regretted.  Sure, she felt
bad about killing Finch, but that had been an accident.  Shaking her head to rid herself of her
melancholy thoughts, Faith turned down one of the small town’s dark streets.


As she made her way down the street, she felt the distinct
presence of vampires nearby.  Not sure
what to do, she continued down the street at a cautious pace.  She hadn’t made it a dozen feet when she
heard fighting, and within another couple steps, she could make out four
vampires about two blocks ahead of her. 
The vampires appeared to be fighting with a young woman.  It only took the brunette a second to figure
out who the girl was.  After all, there
were only three possibilities: Buffy, Cordelia, and Willow. 


She walked a few more feet towards the fight, now able to
see the witch and vampires clearly.  As
she watched, she was surprised with how well the girl fought.  She had seen the red head fight vampires
with the other slayer, but never like how she was fighting now.  The differences in fighting style were so
pronounced that Faith almost didn’t believe it was the same person. 


The girl in front of her was attacking with more courage and
determination than she had imagined the hacker possessing.  The first vampire screamed loudly as what
looked like lightening shot from the small girl’s hand and hit the vampire in
the back.  Faith’s eyebrows shot up as
she heard the witch’s laughter and watched Willow smirk as one of the demons
cried out in pain and tried to wipe holy water off his face.


The slayer shook her head in disbelief as the girl continued
kicking and punching her opponents quite viciously.  Faith let out a low whistle as she watched the hacker light one
of the vampires on fire. The slayer’s opinion of the shy girl improved greatly,
witnessing the fight.  But Willow was
not a slayer and although she'd already taken out two of her attackers, there
were still two more.  Faith could tell
that without help, she would lose. 
Rolling her eyes at her own behavior, the dark-haired slayer withdrew a
stake and ran over to the two remaining vampires. 


Punching the vampire in the back, the brunette waited for
him to turn around before launching a series of punches at his face and
chest.  Snapping out with her leg, she
executed a perfect roundhouse, catching him in the side of the head.


From the ground, Willow watched as the two exchanged blows
for a few more seconds before he was dusted. 
Scrambling back to her feet, the red head shouted a warning to the other
girl as the last vampire came up behind Faith. 
The slayer turned and quickly dispatched it.      


Dark brown met deep green, neither saying a word.  The brunette broke the eye contact first,
looking away from the surprised hacker. 
Raising her hand to push the dark locks from her face, she grimaced as
sharp pain sliced through the limb. 
Lifting the sleeve with her other hand, she found a long gash running
from her shoulder half way to her elbow. 
The wound was bleeding quite badly and she guessed it would take about
two days to heal.  She was drawn from
her thoughts as the witch approached, looking at her injured arm.


 Willow was trying
her best to push down the rage in her, to curb the impulse to let her dark
persona remain in control.  Shutting out
the sinister voice of her unknown half, she took a deep breath and looked the
brunette in the face.  She had seen the
gash, and knew the girl’s slayer healing would take care of it soon enough, but
also knew it would hurt quite badly if not treated.  Remembering what Buffy had told her about the motel room Faith
was staying in, she squared her shoulders and broke the silence.


“That looks pretty bad. 
Why don’t you come to my house and you can clean it up?”  Enough of her more forceful personality was
still in control to make the question sound more like an order than an
invitation.  She turned and headed to
her house without checking to see if the other girl was following.  The witch was finding it harder than she
expected to take back control, and glimpses never meant to be seen were showing
through her innocent exterior.  She had
always had more trouble around the dark-haired slayer, most likely due to the
similarities in their personalities. 
Being with the girl was like looking at the way she could be, causing
her to be somewhat jealous of the easy freedom the brunette found instead of
the constant struggle for control she endured everyday.


Faith followed the red head, slightly curious about the new
facets of the girl she had seen over the past ten minutes.  She had been surprised at the authoritative
quality of the normally shy girl’s tone. 
It seemed that there was more to the girl than she had always
thought.  Of course, the fight had more
than proved that already.  Her eyes fell
on the brown shopping bag the girl was carrying and she remembered how the
witch had used the can in it to incinerate the female vampire.  When she caught up to Willow she looked at
her.  The red head raised an eyebrow and
Faith gestured to the bag. “That was quite the trick there Red.”  When Willow only tilted her head to the
side, she rolled her eyes and elaborated. 
“The can of whatever you used to toast that vamp back there.”


Nodding her head in understanding, her lips formed a
surprisingly devilish grin.  “Charcoal
lighter fluid.  I was gonna have
bar-b-que tonight, though I kinda figured I’d get to actually eat the
results.  Oh well, she’d probably have
left a nasty aftertaste anyway.”  The
witch chuckled softly at her own joke, as Faith stared at her, stunned, before
laughing herself and catching back up with the red head.
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