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Dragon Vacation

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Summary: This is a sequel to "Animagius" After "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" Willow got a new job – bodyguard of Harry during the summer vacation

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Charlie WeasleyPatriziaFR1333,1340125,4608 Feb 034 Mar 03No

part 3

Notes: Willows thoughts * * emphasis ^Dragon thoughts^

Part 3

The warm morning sun was shining down on her while Willow was practicing Thai Chi. She had had a little trouble to clear her mind because there was so much to think about. First of all there was the whole *Voldemort* -problem. She hasn't forgotten about him and his death eaters. She was sure that he would try to get his hands on Harry first thing after he had knowledge about Harry's whereabouts. And she wanted to be prepared. Late last evening after Harry had retired to write some letters, Charlie and she had talked about it. He had some suggestions to make it difficult for the death eaters to find Harry, suggestions including a lot of hiking and outdoor activities.

Charlie – He was so full of life when he had described the landscape and the viewing points last evening. She could remember the shine of the campfire on his happy face when they had grilled sausages, vegetables and bread on sticks. She remembered his laugh when they had listened to Harry's description of Draco Malfoy as a ferret and when he told them anecdotes from Hogwarts. Willow liked the way Charlie encouraged Harry to be more open and carefree, knowing very good what the teenager had to go through during the last months at Hogwarts. He treaded him not like a childe or the teenager Harry was, but like a good friend, a buddy. Charlie and Harry had made plans for flying with their brooms this morning – an activity Willow wasn't well enough trained to join. After all she had her first flying lessons with Madame Hooch this spring and not enough time to practice after that. Willow was sure that Harry was in good hand when he was with Charlie. So she made her way to the mountain lake they had visited the previous afternoon after the both males had left.

And here she was, sitting cross-legged, feeling all of her troubles and thoughts leaving her like water evaporates when the sun shines on it. That was when she noticed that a presence touched her mind. It was like a soft warm breeze in the early spring. Soft. Gentle. The presence remind Willow on a small childe, a toddler, hiding half behind her mothers legs to have a look at a stranger. Shy. A little bit frightened. Curios. Willing to hide fully again if necessary. There was no harm in this presence.

When Willow opened her eyes slowly she could see the little Dragon, the Chinese Fireball up on the cliff. It was at the same place it had been the afternoon before. It was looking down on her, lowering it snout every now and than to drink of the clear water.

The presence in her mind tried to find something – an image, feelings or words. Willow didn't know. And she didn't mind. It was a nice feeling to have someone being interested in her thought and to be so careful with her. She felt like a book someone was leafing through. Slowly, carefully, inexperienced but tender. She could feel astonishment sometimes and awe at other times washing from the Dragons presence over her. That it was the small Dragon who inspected her – that wasn't something willow questioned. The searching stopped suddenly. The Dragon must have found something important or surprising.

^You too?^

Willow was startled when she heard the small voice in her head.

^My kin^

Willow understood. The little Dragon must have found her memory of being a Dragon.



Willow concentrated on the image of a Dragon she had inside her mind. She felt her skin and bone structure changing, felt her wings and her weight and length growing.


Willow changed back. She was surprised that the Dragon approved.


^You like?^

^Don't know. Can't fly yet. Wait^

And with those final thoughts the small Dragon had left Willows mind and the cliff right over the small waterfall too.

Willow couldn't help herself but had to smile. The Dragons behavior was in all important point that of a child. She did almost know what would happen next and so she wasn't surprised to see the small Dragon coming back with it's mother in tow.

Another presence touched her mind. It was more mature and so was it's request

^May I?^

There was no way that Willow didn't understand what the Dragon wanted. After she gave permission she felt gentle but strong finger leaving through her memories. She knew instantly that the adult Dragon could have read her mind without asking her like the child-Dragon had done before. But there was a kind of politeness in it's behavior she hadn't expected.

Image after image, experience after experience was shown in her inner cinema starting by the time she could not have been older than 5 or 6 years old. After the Dragon had found the tenth or fifteens set of images from Willow's parents waving her goodbye leaving yet to another congress, or vacation, or whatever and Willow taking the offered hand of a nanny or later of Jesse's mum Willow heard for the first time a commentary.

^I'm sorry.^

That was when Willow noticed that her cheeks were moisten by tears.


And another set of images flit through Willows inner eye.

Willow cursing Angel with his soul.


Willow comforting Spike after he was dumped by Dru and wanted a Love spell.


The day when Willow attacked Glory with her dark power because of Tara.

The day Tara was killed.

The day Willow tried to end the world.

^So much Darkness and sorrow?^

And after all the morning when Willow tried to be a Dragon, all wobbly on her feet, her wings hanging down like wet spaghetti and was feed by Charlie – not with meat, but with strawberry marmalade sandwich.

That was when Willow heard a sound in her mind she never thought was possible.

The large Dragon was laughing.

Willow opened her eyes. She had shut them about an hour before because being the personal DVD-Player to a Dragon was tiring her out.

And now she could see the mother Dragon on the opposite side of the lake. Lying there like some kind of living rock. Small smoke-rings were leaving the Dragons mouth while the entire body was shaking with silent laughter.

^You are really cute for a human Dragon.^

Willow didn't know if she should be offended by the Dragons amusement but settled for not.

After the Dragon calmed down and was making intentions to leave Willow spoke for the first time since she had met the Dragons this morning.

"Could you tell me how to use my limbs and wings when I'm in Dragon form. I'll promise that I'll not harm someone."

The Dragon turned back to Willow. Eyes the color of sunflowers looked deep into Willow's soul, again. There was silence not more than five minutes but it made Willow asking herself if she had offended the Dragon with her request. She was just about do start with an apology when she heard the telltale voice in her head again.

^Permitted. I'll call you when the time is right.^

And than the Dragons were gone.

End part 3

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dragon Vacation" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Mar 03.

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