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Dragon Vacation

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Summary: This is a sequel to "Animagius" After "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" Willow got a new job – bodyguard of Harry during the summer vacation

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Dragon Vacation

Dragon Vacation 1/?

Author: Patrizia (aka PattyBa)


Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things HP belong to JK Rowling, et al.

Summary: This is a sequel to "Animagius"
After "Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire" Willow got a new job – bodyguard of Harry during the summer vacation.

Distribution: If someone wants it, just tell me were it goes

Rated: PG 13

Pairing: Willow/Charlie Weasley (romance) Willow/Harry(frienship)

Feedback: Yes, please

Author’s Note: To Arina, Carol, MsLessa, Jessi, Rockson, Warsslave and all the others who gave me feedback after "Animagius"

Notes: Willows thoughts * * emphasis


"I've got it."

"Sleeping bag"

"Is here."

"Hiking boots"


Willow Rosenberg, last school-years TA of Minerva McGonagall and mow assigned bodyguard of Harry Potter was looking over the small pile of equipment in front of her while Harry was sitting cross-legged on his four-poster bed and made little ticks on his list.

"That was very generous and intelligent of Charlie Weasley to ask you to spend the summer on his Dragon reserve in Romania." Willow stated, leaning over an open box to grab for a pair of sun-glasses.
"Yeah, that's great. A summer without the Dursleys are a gift straight from heaven. But Charlie's offer could have something to do with you coming with me too, you know." Harry made a tick after the Word sun-glasses on his list and flashed his now blushed bodyguard a knowing grin. "He had Ron and Ginny pestered about you after your first meeting."

After the whole *Triwizard Tournament fiasco*, how Willow liked to name it, had been a meeting between Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Harry and Willow. They had agreed that it was too dangerous for Harry and his related muggles to spend the summer with them. Voldemort would be more than willing to kill the obnoxious trio to get to Harry. And they would be more than willing to get rid of Harry by letting Voldemort have his revange.

It was also agreed that it was not a good idea to let Harry spend his whole vacation in Hogwarts. He had a right to have a real vacation from school too. Just when nobody knew what to suggest next an owl send by Mrs. Weasley tapped against the headmasters window and offered Harry to spend his free time with them. After a little more brainstorming, now with Mrs. Weasley's head bobbing in the Headmaster's fireplace via floopowder, they agreed that it was much saver for Harry to spend his summer with wizards or witches who could defend him. Willow had offered her services immediately and with her history in fighting against the dark arts and her knowledge of the dark arts itself her offer was warmly accepted. But the Burrow was to obvious to hide out.

And so after a little more floopowder-traveling of Mrs. Weasley's head Charlie had offered, via his mother, a whole hiking-vacation in Romania's Dragon reserve.

"Willow are you ready yet?"

"Do we really have to travel by floo, huh?" Willow looked skeptically into the small drawstring bag.

"You have traveled with it before. And I'm so not into portkeys in the moment." Harry mentioned with a grimace when he thought about the last time he had used one – with poor Cedric Diggory's wrist firmly clasped in his hand. He took a deep breath.

"It's only there will be a lot of fireplaces between Hogwarts and Romania. What if we get lost? Or we could become unconscious because of all the spinning and spinning and spinning and …" Willow started to look sick only by thinking of traveling by floo.

Harry gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Charlie said it wouldn't take longer than a minute or two. Much shorter than a fly with one of those muggle airplanes you suggested."

When Willow looked into the face of the much younger student she saw how much the incidents had gotten on his nerve. "OK, lets get the show on the road."

Charlie Weasly was nervous to say the least. He had spend most of the last 24 hours with cleaning his cabin, adding two more bedrooms magically so that they would have enough space before they would start with their hiking-vacation.

Would Voldemort seek Harry here in Romania? Would Willow like to spend time with Harry and himself? Would she be able to see in him more than some crazy kind of wizard veterinarian who was falling for dragons. After those experience when he had learned that those small dragon has in reality been Willow Rosenberg transfigurated he had tried to speak with her. But there had been barely time for it and then he and his fellow keepers had to leave immediately after the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.

He had planed to come back for the Yule Ball. He and the other wizards and witches who had helped with the Dragons, had been invited by Dumbledore – but then the Chinese Fireball's had caught some kind of cold in the reserve and he had to stay in Romania to cure them.

Charlie's attention turned back to the present when he heard some kind rush out of the clean fireplace.

Suddenly Harry Potter appeared and stumbled out of it.

"Hi Harry. Everything's ok?" Charlie gave a short once-over. He didn't looked as bad as Charlie had feared even when he had to lean onto the wall beside the fireplace for support . "Where's Willow?"

Right then some really dusty and half-unconscious redhead tumbled out of said fireplace before Charlie or Harry had the chance to catch her. Her nose and forehead made contact to the dark wooden floor of the cabin. When she rolled onto her back Charlie could see a couple of scratches on her cheeks and her nose has started to bleed. He rushed to her help.

"She looked quite all right when we left. But it was a hard ride. Can someone can get *floo-sick*?" That was all Harry managed to say before Willows misgivings came true. Willow Rosenberg *wandless-witch extraordinaire* puked right onto Charlie Weasley's boots.

End part 1
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