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Magical Love

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Summary: Dawn is sent to Hogwarts for protection from Glory 3 years later she meets Draco Malfroy and Harry Potter BtvsHP cross

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyHolyConFR18515,0290124,76812 Jul 0428 Dec 04No

Magical Love

Disclaimer: I dont own any of the copyrighted matirial but wish i did that would be cool

Warning: this is rated R/18 for sexual content and language and underage sex (not meaning a adult and a teenager or childed means two teenagers) and possable slash (undecided)


"Dawn, we've decided that to keep you safe you're going to have to leave Sunnydale," Buffy Summers was speaking gently but her tone made it clear to her little sister Dawn that there would be no arguing with the decision.

"But why can't you keep me safe?" Dawn asked distressed at the thought of leaving her sister.

Buffy smiled sadly, "It's for the best; where you are going there is no chance that Glory can get you. I need for you to be safe Dawn."

"Where am I being sent?" Dawn asked hoping that it wouldn’t be too far for Buffy to come to visit her.

"To Hogwarts, it's a school in Scotland that teaches magic, they've agreed to take you in," Buffy said trying hard not to cry in front of Dawn.

"I don't want to go! I don’t want to leave you!" Dawn yelled. “What about the others? You’re letting them stay!”

"I'm sorry Dawn, there is no choice in this for you. It's the only way to keep you safe,” Buffy said with her voice still walking the line between gentle tears and firm command. “I know this is pretty sudden but everyone has agreed that it would be best to get you to safety as soon as possible, you're leaving today Dawn. Everyone is on their way to come to say their goodbyes and I've already packed what you will need while you were at school today. The school are sending someone to collect you soon, one of the teachers, Hagrid,” Buffy told her just as Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya and Giles walked in the door.

"Goodbye Dawn we’ll miss you, I'll write all the time I promise," Willow said giving her a big hug as Tara did the same.

"Bye Dawnster, it won’t be the same without you around," Xander said wrapping her up in a bear hug, Dawn was crying so much she didn't even notice Spike’s entry.

"Now Dawn I will come and visit you regularly to see how you are getting along," Giles said also giving her a hug.

Then Dawn saw Spike standing appearing almost uncertain of the touchy-feely goodbyes of the rest of the Scooby gang, "’Bye Nibblet, see you soon," Spike mumbled not even looking at her. Dawn ran to him and hugged him tightly, crying into his chest, looking bewildered at the girl’s reaction he cautiously wrapped his arms around her, hugging her back.

"I'll miss you so much Nibblet" Spike whispered for only her to hear.

A loud knock on the door pulled what had turned into a group hug apart. When Dawn saw the knowing and resolute looks on the adults' faces she swallowed down the last of her tears and decided that she'd give this teacher the best first impression possible given the situation. Buffy opened the door, Slayer facade held in place by her will to be strong for Dawn.

The door opened to reveal a man who was much taller and had a bigger girth than was normal for a human, his face, although most of it was hidden behind a bushy beard and wild hair, was kindly and smiling, "Hello, I'm Hagrid," he introduced himself, "You must be Dawn."

"I... I am its nice to meet you Mr. Hagrid," Dawn said extending her small hand to where he held out his dinner-plate sized hand.

"It’s good to meet you too, Dawn. And it’s just Hagrid," Hagrid said. "Now my dear go and fetch your bags and we’ll get going to Hogwarts!"

"Okay," Dawn agreed morosely.

Dawn walked slowly up the stairs and into her room, she picked up the bags Buffy had packed for her and then went to her hidey hole and took out her photo album so that she could take pictures of her now deceased mother, her sister, and the rest of the Scooby’s, even Spike (she had drawn that picture herself as vampires couldn't be photographed anymore than they could have a reflection) with her to Hogwarts. She wiped her fresh tears away as she added the album and a few frames with her diary into one of the bags.

Dawn gave each of the rooms of her home a quick glance before rejoining the gang in the hall, she stood and looked at the sad group; Willow was crying into Xander and Tara had tears in her eyes, Spike was leaning against the wall looking at the floor and Giles cleaning his glasses and looking out of the window and Buffy was talking to Hagrid.

"Are you ready Dawn?" Hagrid asked.

“Yes sir, I am," Dawn answered then she turned to Buffy and embraced her tightly.

"I know you don't understand but it’s for the best. I swear I love you, Dawn, I would do anything to make sure that you’re safe, even if that means loosing your presence for a while," Buffy said still hugging her little sister, when they finally released each other Dawn could see tears in Buffy’s eyes.

"I know, Buffy, I know," Dawn said and then followed Hagrid out of the front door and onto the porch. He pulled out a long stick and waved it saying some words that Dawn didn’t understand; she turned around to ask Hagrid and noticed that they weren't on her porch anymore they were on a busy street.

"Now stay close, we don't want you to get lost!" Hagrid said with a slight chuckle as she followed him down the winding street. Fairly quickly they came to a place that called Flourish and Blotts and sold books, there they purchased the books Dawn would need for her studies at Hogwarts. None of the titles or subjects were familiar to Dawn who had been forbidden to look through the books at the Magic Box. The next shop they went to was called Ollivander and its sign proclaimed that they were makers of fine wands since 382 BC. An old man with wild white hair appeared from between two huge shelves lined with small boxes, almost startling Dawn.

"Hello Hagrid," the old man said.

"Hello, Mr. Ollivander," Hagrid told him as they walked up to the service desk with the man. “We’re here to get Miss Summers her first wand.”

"Of course,” Mr. Ollivander said with a knowing smile. “Ahhh I think I have just the one," he went back in to the shelves and when he came back he had with him one of the long skinny boxes. He instructed her to remove the wand from within and give it a wave. Nothing happened. Nothing happened with the next twelve wands Dawn tried.

"Wait, I know which one is for you!" he bent down and opened a drawer behind the desk and brought out another box. This box was different to the others, it was made from a pale wood that had intricate designs carved over its surface.

"This is a special wand; the only one of its kind. It was formed with a core of blood, the blood of a Vampire and the blood of a Slayer. A rare core indeed. Though this is even rarer for the Vampire who gave his blood had been cursed with a soul and the Slayer's Watcher was the one who made this wand and left it in my care," Mr. Ollivander looked at the wand as if he were almost enraptured at the mere sight of it. “Give it a wave so we can be sure that it is the wand for you,” he handed her the beautiful wand.

Dawn knew it was the wand for her the moment it touched her palm, it just felt right, the fact that it glowed and produced bright blue sparkles when she waved it was mere confirmation of a fact Dawn knew.

"Well I'll be… you are the one it is meant for, how curious," the old man said.

"Do you know the name of the Watcher that made the wand?" Dawn asked him.

"Rupert Giles," he answered simply seeming sad that he was to give the wand over.

Dawn looked at the wand and she knew that it had been made from Buffy and Angel’s blood. She looked at the carvings on the box; there were a set of angel wings on it confirming her assumption, she smiled a little, now she would always feel she had a little of Buffy with her.

"Thank you," Dawn said as she grabbed the beautiful box the Mr Olivander handded her adn followed Hagrid out of the wand shop.

There were a few other items they had to purchase but they soon went through the process of Hagrid waving his wand and transporting them. They arrived on a lawn before a set of gates that blocked a path up to a massive castle. The castle looked like it had been repeatedly expanded and built onto, with towers of various shapes and sizes all over it. Hagrid and Dawn went through the gates and up to the stone steps leading into the castle where they were met by several men and women, the staff of the school.

"Welcome Miss Summers, Dawn if I may, I am Headmaster Dumbledore," a tall man with long white hair, an equally long and white beard and blue eyes that looked full of sparkle and life greeted her, stepping out from the group.

"Hi," Dawn said nervously.

“Dawn, it is an honour to have you here with us at Hogwarts. We have been informed of who you are and we will do our best to keep you safe within our walls," the Headmaster said indicating the castle. "I am sorry to say that because our world is unsettled at present until the danger lessens it would be too risky for you to join the rest of our students, instead I have arranged for the Professors to give you private instruction, and have had private rooms prepared."

Dawn stood in stunned, scared silence while the Headmaster spoke.

"I know this is difficult for you Dawn, and may be for quite some time, but your safety and the safety of my students must come first. You are strong, Dawn." The group followed the Headmaster inside as he spoke. He explained further what was expected of Dawn as they made their way into a long hall with an enchanted ceiling that appeared as the sky above it, the group stopped in front of a small three-legged stool with a ragged looking hat perched on it.

A stern looking woman who had identified herself as Professor McGonagall in a thick Scottish accent came to the front of the group, “This is the Sorting Hat, it will choose which of our school houses you will be identified with; Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. The hat looks within you and chooses by your characteristics, for example, Hufflepuff is the home of the loyal, Gryffindor the brave, Ravenclaw the clever and Slytherin the ambitious. Being in one house does not mean that you do not have the traits of the other houses though. Go ahead and put it on.”

Dawn sat down where she was told to and was startled once more when a voice sounded in her head, "Well, it is clear from what's here that you are no Ravenclaw," the voice said and Dawn felt a bit offended until she remembered what McGonagall had said about it not meaning she wasn't able to have that houses characteristics as well.

"You aren't cut out for Hufflepuff either," the voice told her.

"So it's between Gryffindor and Slytherin," Dawn thought.

"It appears that you are brave, but that it is your ambition to prove yourself that drives your courage, SLYTHERIN!" The last word rang in Dawn's ears as she removed the hat and stood, it had been shouted for everyone to hear.

"Ah, the house of the ambitious, we can expect great things from you then. As a Slytherin you are under Professor Snape’s pastoral care, he is the member of staff you should go to first should the need to seek one of us out occur," the headmaster said pointing to a tall sneering man with shoulder length black hair that didn't look washed, the irises of his eyes appeared to be black more than anything else and he was also wearing long black robes. The presence of all that black against both his pale skin and all the colour the other teachers, Dumbledore in particular, were wearing made him appear really washed out.

"Come," he said and she followed him out of the hall. They walked through a maze of corridors until they came to a wall with a large painting of a woman and a small dragon. The professor spoke a few words to the woman and the painting vanished. After they had walked through there was a slight scraping noise and Dawn turned around to see that there was a plain but heavy looking wooden door and wall where the back of the canvas for the painting should have been.

Dawn turned back to look at her surroundings, they were in a beautiful room, the walls were painted maroon, there was a flagstone floor with a rug placed in the middle. A four poster bed stood by the window it had a maroon and black patchwork comforter on it, a coat of arms was stitched into the middle patch, the pillows were an assortment of maroon, black and charcoal, each with the coat of arms in the lower right corner. There was a desk in the far corner of the room. Dawn looked back at professor Snape who was looking intently at her.

"I hope you will be comfortable here," Snape said, his tone bland as if he were saying it out of expected courtesy than any real hope.

"I'm sure I will," Dawn said quietly.

"Your lessons will start tomorrow. You will be supplied with Slytherin uniforms and you are to wear your Slytherin attire at all times except for the weekends and obviously at night. You are a member of my house now, while the Headmaster may expect great things from you, I will demand them, you will apply yourself to your studies and not make trouble," with one final stern look he turned around and left.

Dawn began unpacking immediately to distract herself from the fact that she was now entirely alone. She had completed that task when she realised that she wasn’t alone, not completely, as a loud squawk emanated from the corner of her room with the desk. There was a cage sat beneath the desk with a black owl sat in it, the cage had a label tied to it, Dawn took the label and read it aloud to the mostly empty room,


I thought you might like to have a pet to keep you company, so I bought this owl, she can be used to send letters too. I named her Dusk, but if that does not suit then you can change it. Study well and keep safe,


She had to wipe a few tears away from her cheeks when she finished reading the label. She untied it from the cage and tucked it carefully between the pages of her diary. Then petting the owl gently she introduced herself, "hello Dusk I'm Dawn. Dawn and Dusk, how funny, well I like it. We will be good friends you and I."

Dawn stayed by the owl, occasionally petting it until it had been dark for many hours before she changed into her pyjamas and crawled into her bed where she fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of her family and friends back home.
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