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Summary: Alternate season 7 Buffy, Faith returns, and the world changes radically

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Television > X-Files, The
norgcoFR15854,9355811,15813 Jul 0413 Jul 04Yes

2 months to Armageddon

Kent Farm, morning.

"Do you love her?" Jonathan Kent asked.

"As often as possible." His wife responded. She knew perfectly well
what he meant, but the response had been automatic. The subject was
Dana Katherine Scully, the birth mother of their youngest adopted son
and the only woman Martha Kent had ever loved. They had lost track of
each other years before either had met the man in her life, and due
to various factors not found each other again until recently.

"Do you love me?" Which was the heart of the matter from the farmer's

"Yes, I love both of you, no, I will not choose between you." It was
not the first time this subject had been broached in he past couple
of months. But he had not asked her directly before, or, to be fare,
asked Martha to stop `seeing' Katherine. Who now went by Scully, she
hastened to remind herself again. "Jonathan, I know it's a lot to ask
of you, but I lost twenty years with her, and I don't see her every
day, so when she is here I focus on her, that doesn't mean I am going
to leave you for her."

That was the heart of the matter from the viewpoint of both males
involved, Mulder had never been threatened by Scully's bisexuality
because none of the women she took to bed – admittedly normally THEIR
bed, which helped – meant much to her. Martha, on the other hand, on
the other hand, represented true love lost and found, and neither man
was comfortable with it for that reason. It meant sharing a place in
their respective woman's hearts, and neither had ever done that, or
seriously thought they would have to.

"Showers' free." Dana Scully said, as she stepped into the Kent's
bedroom, drying herself as she talked. She made no attempt to hide
her nudity from her girlfriend's husband, after making love to his
wife on the kitchen floor at the first meeting it would be odd. She
was careful not to walk in on him in the shower, etc, because she
thought it basic politeness, and because it would trigger Mulder's
paranoia. "Mr Kent, I have no intention of taking anyone from you,
but I will never consent to not telling them I love them either."

Thus neatly bringing the whole William Scully/Jeff Kent issue, which
they had been trying to tread carefully around. The adoption was
legal, Mulder and Scully had no way of contesting it, but here they
were, a major part of the Kent's lives now, and the eldest male Kent
could not get the question `who is he going to call daddy?' out of
his head. The women had settled on Mom, and `Your Mother' which they
see seemed to think workable, but he had grave doubts about it.
Therefore the `dad' and `your father' distinction seemed a problem.

On the other hand he was way beyond the limits of his social
flexibility. He had grown up in a small town environment where
marrying a divorcee was classed as daring, and unwed mothers left
town never to be seen or heard from again. So he was proud of not
breaking down entirely when his wife took a lesbian lover who was
married AFTER the birth of her part genetically engineered/part alien
son, who had telekinetic powers and the ability to drive off demons
and Super Solders just by being alive and could open sealed UFO's by
being brought into their immediate vicinity.

Of course, the fact that Jeff was only part alien and part some other
kind of genetic engineering, while his oldest son was entirely alien,
but, apparently, a different breed of alien, further confused
matters. With the menagerie thing Clark was in with Chloe and Lana,
and the werewolves and demon hunters who had befriended him, well,
Jonathan was just falling back on his fund of cliché's and dealing
one day at a time.

"Martha, have you mentioned that thing we talked about last night?"
Scully asked, quietly.

"What thing?" Jonathan asked. Scully seemed to be prompting her lover
to speak about something without saying it outright. She seemed

"Mrs Hagarty."

"Mrs Hagarty, the High School Librarian, what about her?" the male of
the group asked. Martha was giving Scully a look; clearly she was not
totally happy with raising this subject.

"Well there's this prophecy, and it seems to apply to …"

White Knight Construction, the manager's office.

"The world ends in two months, you and I know that but almost no one
else does. And that's the way it stays." They had been discussing
this since the time, two months ago, when they had learned that the
entire Scooby gang would be in Smallville for Armageddon, with a
large group so Oz's werewolves. And that prophecy said they would
grieve at their losses after. "We can't avoid this, we have to be
there, it's all up to us, AGAIN. But I do plan to get Jake out of the
fight, he is going to be grieving us, not us him."

And that was the bottom line, from Xander's perspective. That there
be survivors to do the grieving, preferably people who knew them, but
at least human people. Faith was more optimistic, hoping to see her
son graduate, hoping to be called grandma. The construction manager
was glad for a prophecy that there would be members of the gang alive
to grieve him, but he had beaten prophecies before, they could be
slippery bastards. They were never, ever to be totally trusted.

"We could warn them, tell them what was coming."

"And we will, I've warned Lex, he has evacuation planned, all the non-
combatants will be moved to a safe house outside Metropolis, guarded
by some of Oz's werewolves." And that was the best they could do, it
had to be someplace not known to be owned by Lex or the Karnak, just
in case, and the werewolves were not used to fighting together as a
unit, so defending the wounded and non combatants was the best use
for them. "But whatever is going down, it's in Smallville, and
everyone in town knows all of us are due for the party, so everyone
they might know has to show up."

"Why would they suddenly show that kind of planning ability, for
Christ's sake they still haven't learned to bring guns?"

"They stole some kind of ultra secret power plant, straight out of
Area 51. Supposedly the plane carrying it crashed in the Bermuda
triangle, but I don't believe that for a second, and the Karnak
Chroniclers agree with me." He was pensive, trying to keep his mind
clear and focused, it was too important to allow emotions to cloud
his judgement. "The big fight is still going to be elsewhere, but
apparently the plant can send power to anywhere, Willow tried to
explain it to me but… Something big is going to happen in Smallville,
something crucial."

University of California, Sunnydale, quantum physics lab.

"Stolen, what do you mean, stolen?" Willow asked. The power plant had
been moved to `a secure location' specifically because it had turned
out to be something no one sane would ever use. "Don't they know how
dangerous it is?"

"Maybe they don't care."

"They can't win if they're all dead."

"We're winning, we're destroying the army Satan was expecting to have
waiting for him. So he has to bring one, which means opening and
keeping open a gateway between the dimensions, that needs more energy
than can be supplied any other way. So if they don't take the risk,
the Evil One has to give up."

"So they decide to use a power plant that explodes if you look at it
funny, hundreds of Megatons at the minimum, rather than give up the
plan.' The red head thought about it for a minute, then added. "Greed
that knows no bounds, that does not care about consequences, even to
your allies, well he is the source of all evil, isn't he?"

Two months to Armageddon
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