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In the End...

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Summary: A Scooby has come home after 8 months of being missing... and all the forces of hell are following in his footsteps. Btvs/Devilman Xover

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In the End…

Author: Nu_Klear <nu_klear[at]>

Disclaimer: All characters are property of their respective creators…
meaning that B:TVS is owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy, Devilman by Go Nagai
and any OC are mine

A/N: This idea has been playing in my mind for awhile now… hope you like
it! If you do some feedback would be appreciated

A/N 2: Sorry about the title, it’s the best I could come up with…

A/N 3: okay just so no one gets confused ‘˜…˜’ indicates telepathic communication,
‘<…>’ indicates thoughts and ‘//…//’ indicates

Timeline: After Buffy’s Graduation, eight months after Xander left on
his road trip… for Devilman after his battle with Siren but before the events
of Amon: apocalypse of the Devilman.
Latest addition

“This world is older then any of you know. Contrary to popular mythology
it did not begin as a paradise; for untold eons demons walked the earth they
made it their home, their hell; but in time they lost their purchase on this
reality and the way was made of for mortal animals, fo-for man. Now all that
remains of the old ones are vestiges… certain magics, certain creatures.”
– Rupert Giles, B:TVS: the Harvest

“As you have seen demons are very aggressive; they delight in destruction;
however their fighting among themselves serves a purpose. It’s a sort of
perverse version of Darwin’s theory of evolution; when one demon consumes
another it gains the others special abilities and power, making it a stronger
composite of the two.” – Ryo Asuka, Devilman: Genesis

“Dante wrote that in the lowest level of hell he saw demons frozen in
ice and in the very coldest ice very coldest ice he was the king of the demons.
Now it’s only an old story, but then again…”

What you mean that maybe Dante really saw these things? That perhaps the
demons have been entombed in the ice caps since the last ice age?” – Ryo
Asuka and Akira Fudo, Devilman: Genesis

“Because of global warming the ice packs are receding, allowing more and
more demons to escape the ice every day. If that wasn’t bad enough you and
I have other problems to contend with, Akira; my father’s work has brought
me, and now you, into close proximity with demonic influences; we know their
secret we are no longer safe from them… they know about us!” – Ryo Asuka,
Devilman: Genesis

“Amon was known as the Beast of hell, commander of fire infernal legions;
he was feared by all. Now that he’s combined with this Akira Fudo he is said
to have become even stronger, even more dangerous…” – Siren, Devilman: The
Demon bird


Sunnydale, Café

March 2000

Giles sat at the table in his kitchen reading a book that he had recently
received from an unknown source. It had been delivered by courier, no return
address on the package, and when he called the delivery service they found
no record of any packages delivered to him, period.

As he read he felt an increasing sinking feeling in his stomach. He shook
his head in amazement at what he was reading in the small handwritten book.
Although it was interspersed with incorrect conclusions, it contained information
he thought that only the council possessed, and some it would dearly love
to have in its possession. He was just finishing a truly frighteningly section
on the killing of the type of demon it focused on when a voice startled him,
breaking him out of his engrossed study.

“Hello Giles, I see you got my package. I’d thought you would be through
with it by now!”

Standing and turning quickly he searched his apartment for the source
of the voice. His eyes finally settled on a figure standing in the shadows
of his living room. It appeared to be human shaped, stood about five foot
eight, and that was all he could tell about the intruder.

“Who are you? How did you…?” Giles trailed off as his mind finally processed
what it had said, “You sent me this book? May I ask why, and what you had
hoped to receive in return?”

“Geez, paranoid much, Giles?” the shadowy figure appeared to shift uncomfortably.
“I thought you deserved a warning about them. Also, I figured you would need
time to prepare Bu - the Slayer.”

“What are you are talking about?” Giles asked in his best attempt at a
confused tone, as he slowly moved closer to the counter and the knife holder.
“I’m afraid I don’t know anything about any Slayer.”

“Try it on someone else Giles, I know about the Slayers… and that you
happen to be the current Slayer’s watcher.” The shadow shook its head and
continued in the same calm even tone it had been using throughout the conversation.
“By the way, you can go for the knives if you want… but I could kill you
in the time it took you to blink, so I wouldn’t if I was you.”

Giles stiffened at the implied threat, his eyes narrowed in anger at the
situation. “I’m afraid that I must insist that you identify yourself before
this conversation goes any farther… or it won’t!”

A weary sigh came from the person in his living room.

“Okay, but you won’t like it.” The figure slowly approached Giles, each
step revealing more of itself. First a set of black sneakers came into view,
then a set of black leather pants, then a dark gray leather vest on a shirtless
chest, finally ending with a familiar but unexpected smirking face. “I told
you that you wouldn’t like it, G-man.”

“Xander?!” Giles said in stunned disbelief, the young man before him was
the last person he had been expecting to see. As Giles stared at him the
young man walked quietly to the table, flopped into a chair leaned it back
on to its back legs, and put his feet on the table.

“Mind if I sit, G-man?” Not hearing any objection, Xander leaned his head
back against the chair and closed his eyes. As he sat motionless Giles looked
him over, taking in the changes in the young man. His eyes were rimmed with
black markings almost like he was wearing make-up, his hair was longer and
scruffier than Giles remembered it. However, the biggest change was in his
body language; it screamed of confidence and at the same time weariness.
Even with his eyes closed his face showed exhaustion that had nothing to
do with lack of sleep.

“Damn, it’s good to be called Xander again, G-man!” Xander said, opening
his eyes. He looked up at Giles with eyes that were much older then they
had any right to be. “So are you going to ask or what?”

“Ask you what, Xander? I have so many questions I’m afraid I don’t have
any idea where to begin…” Giles said as he removed his glasses and began
polishing them. After a moment of this he looked up at Xander with a frown.
“Where in the *Hell* have you been for the last *eight months*?
We… Buffy and Willow that is, have been going out of their minds with worry.
I was beginning to think the police where correct in their assumption of
your demise.”

“Here and there…” Xander said with a smirk, which he dropped with a sigh
at the glare Giles gave him. “Mostly I’ve been in Japan though, and I’ve
got to get back soon. I only came because I thought you would have finished
the book so I could return it.”

Giles stared at the young man in disbelief as his body stiffened. “I see…
tell me if I have this right, you… *disappear* from the face of
the earth for eight months, only to appear in my living room like nothing
happened. Now you’re planning to just disappear again. Am I correct?”

Xander’s expression went blank as he watched Giles’ reaction to his statement.
Dropping his eyes to the floor, he lowered the chair legs and leaned forward,
resting his elbows on the table and meeting the Watcher’s eyes with a look
that made him take a step back.

“Sit down, Giles.” He waited as Giles cautiously sat in the chair across
from him; when he was seated Xander slid the book back to him. “Yes, I plan
to leave ASAP, and before you ask, no, I’m not going to tell you how to reach
me. Why? Because every second I’m here increases the danger to you … Hell,
the main reason I’m here now is because I didn’t want you guys to be blindsided
by these fuckers.” Xander reached out and tapped the cover of the book. “Now,
how long will it take you to finish this?”

Giles swallowed hard as Xander crossed his arms with an air of impatience
and frustration. Licking lips that had suddenly gone dry he felt the skin
on the back of his neck crawl at what he saw in the youth’s eyes. “To read
it… a few hours. But for it to be of any use I will need to make a copy of
it so that I can have the exact information on hand and don’t have to risk
forgetting something that we will need, and that will take at least a day…
maybe two.”

Xander rolled his eyes with a frustrated sigh. “Can’t you just photocopy
it or scan it into a computer now and read it later?” Seeing the horrified
and repulsed look on Giles’ face, Xander growled in annoyance. “Okay, other
than your dislike of anything that was invented within my lifetime, is there
any reason?”

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose with a pained expression. “Yes, there
is, Xander! While I do read Japanese…I’m afraid that I’m a bit rusty and
the fact that the book is handwritten is making it a little difficult to
read. Even the best copy machine could blur the kanji, making the translation
even more difficult.”

“Giles, I think you’re missing the dang…” Xander went rigid, then stood
and moved to the window so quickly Giles almost didn’t see him move. He pulled
the blinds open slightly. “Shit! God fucking damn it! Why does this shit
always happen to me?” Giles spun out of his seat at the exclamation behind
him, quickly looking from the upturned chair to Xander’s new position. Watching
the tension build in the young man as his language got steadily worse caused
the crawling on the back of Giles’ neck to increase.

Giles walked up behind Xander to see what was inspiring this outburst.
Looking out himself he nervously searched the area he could see through the
opening Xander was looking out. Seeing nothing he closed his eyes with a
sigh, tension flowing from his body. Frowning,, he opened his eyes intent
on expressing how much he *‘enjoyed’* Xander’s new sense of humor
when he heard the sound of breaking glass and felt himself thrown bodily
out of the kitchen and against the far wall.


Giles pushed himself into a sitting position against the wall and desperately
tried to regain his bearings before whatever had broken into his home came
to finish him off. <Why am I still alive? Whatever It was had the
perfect opportunity to do me in, so what kept it from… Where’s Xander?>


“AAAaaa…” Giles struggled to his feet at the painful cry, expecting to
find the young man injured or worse… However he didn’t expect to find three
very obviously dead demons littering his kitchen, or Xander to have something
in a headlock with his knee pressing its lower back into the flooring. The
creature was humanoid, about six feet tall, had pale blond fur, ram-like
horns, a lion-like tail, and clawed hands and feet.

As he watched, Xander slowly twisted its head. “Don’t worry bitch, it’s
almost over… Just a little more and I’ll break that pretty neck of yours!
Too bad you’re such a stupid *shit*… I might have let you live if
you had run when I gave you the chance!” Ignoring the whimpering cries, flailing
limbs, and the presence of one shocked watcher, Xander tightened his arms
and started chuckling.

Giles watched in shock as Xander’s captive’s frantic struggling slowed
and finally stopped. As its body went limp it started changing until Xander
was strangling a nude young woman. Xander looked down at the unconscious
form, grinned darkly, and shifted his grip on her head. Realizing what the
young man was about to do her, Giles stumbled to his side grabbed and yanked
his vest. “Xander! *Stop!*”

Xander growled low in his throat as he spun to face Giles. His pointed
teeth bared in a snarl of rage and hair whipping as if it was being tossed
by the wind combined to give the young man a predatory look as frightening
as any demon Giles had faced. Fighting down the instinctive urge to run and
hide, Giles stared into the enraged semi-human face of the young man he thought
he knew. After a few moments of silence Xander grabbed his wrist, squeezed
hard enough to force Giles’ hand to open, and pulled it off his vest.

“Xander, I won’t let you kill her!” Xander snorted as he turned back to
the unconscious woman, reached to place a hand around her throat, and felt
Giles hand grab his upper arm. “Xander, she is obviously possessed. Willow
and I can cast a spell to drive whatever is controlling her out!”

“No you can’t, G-man,” Xander said quietly as he looked back at the watcher
with haunted eyes. “I know you don’t want to believe this, but it *can’t*
be exorcised. Better magic-users then you have tried! Now go finish that
damn book and let me do what has to be done.”


“*I will not stand by and watch you kill a helple…!*” as the
enraged man trailed off Xander felt something moist brush his hand. He looked
down at the prone demon below him; he found it had regained consciousness
and transformed back into her non-human form. When she noticed she had his
attention she tilted her head so her neck was totally exposed and began licking
and nuzzling the hand that was almost touching her throat. ˜ You didn’t
kill me… so food is not what you’re in need of. Per-perhaps I can fulfill
your need in exchange for my life? ˜

Giles’ eyes widened as the female began to slowly rub Xander’s groin with
the back of her hand, keeping the claws pointed away from him. Giles eyes
went from the look on Xander’s face to her hand and back in confusion “Xander,

Xander smiled cruelly at the helpless demoness before looking up at Giles
with a smirk. “She’s taking a gamble, G-man! She’s not strong enough to beat
me, but I didn’t kill her so she’s hoping I will accept her body in exchange
for her life! Only option she has left. Can’t win, can’t run…but she can
fuck me and hope I either let her live or wear myself out enough that she
can kill me.”

Turning back to her he leaned forward looking her right in the eye. “Too
bad I don’t do demons!”

Xander suddenly stiffened as she quickly grabbed his thumb in her mouth,
pressed her teeth into a spot near the base and sucked gently. The reaction
was almost instant. Xander’s eyes rolled back as he took a huge intake of
breath. His mouth hung open as his back arched. Energy began to crackle across
his skin like small bolts of lightening as his breathing came in rapidly
increasing gasps.


Giles watched in perverse fascination as the taboo act unfolded before
him. As he watched he became increasingly worried about Xander. He had just
decided the young man was in need of assistance when, in a move too fast
for his eyes to follow, Xander slammed his fist through the flooring beside
her head, which caused her to jerk away with a cry, releasing him.

“No… way… I… am… giving… into… a… weakling… like… you,” Xander growled
out between clenched teeth, his breath coming in heaving gasps as he pulled
back his arm with all fingers held rigidly straight. “NOW DIE!” Xander drove
his hand at her chest as she cried out pitifully and curled into a ball,
her arms covering her head.

For a few seconds she held that position, trembling, obviously waiting
for the pain to hit When it didn’t she slowly moved her arms to see why she
wasn’t experiencing a horrific death. Xander was frozen, his fingers only
inches from her body. His body shook slightly, his eyes were unfocused and
his expression showed his confusion.

Seeing that she had a chance of escape she slowly started to push herself
away from him only to feel a sharp sting on her shoulder. She only had time
to glance at the dart before the world went black.


Giles cursed as the dart jammed in the feeder. He glanced at Xander who
was slowly getting to his feet, and began fumbling with the air-rifle, trying
to get the dart to load properly so he could hit Xander with another dart
before the young man could reach him.

The dart had just slid into the chamber when a hand was laid gently over
the action effectively blocking the bolt from closing. Giles swallowed hard,
trying to get the lump out of his throat as he slowly looked up.


Xander calmly took the weapon from Giles, handed back the empty dart to
Giles, and then leaned the dart gun against the nearest wall. “G-man, finish
the damn journal, any questions you still have after that… I’ll handle then?

**Bang Bang Bang**

“Mr. Giles, this is the police. We received a report of a disturbance.
Could you please open the door?” Giles stared at the door in surprise. <Sunnydale
police responding to a call after dark? I will have to double-check for any
upcoming Apocalypses!>

“Xander, I think…”Giles trailed off as he found himself alone in his apartment,
except for the three dead demons. “What the bloody hell?!”


Xander dropped the unconscious demon on the floor and looked around the
cave. <Well, it’s not the Ritz, but I’ve seen worse places to sleep.
Hell, I’ve slept in most of them!> Xander frowned as his eyes came
to rest on the sleeping demon. <What the fuck should I do with you?>

Xander flinched at the scenes that played across his mind at that thought.
<Not on your LIFE!>

˜Please˜ a whispery voice echoed through his head.

<NO!> Xander groaned at the extreme feelings of longing
and frustration that came from the back of his mind. <Look, I have
no desire to, okay? It’s bad enough I have to stay in this goddamn sandbox,
but I’m not screwing one of those things!> 

The chuckle of amusement that came from the back of his mind made him
rub his temple in annoyance, as he lay down in a nest like structure against
the wall. <Oh, shut up!>


“‘I’m sorry Professor Walsh, but a demon destroyed my homework?’ Why can’t
anything be easy…?” Buffy muttered darkly as she walked down the street toward
her watcher’s apartment carrying the remains of her backpack in one hand.

She stopped short, seeing the police car in the parking lot of Giles’
apartment building. As she watched, the police got into their car and drove
away. She hurried to her watcher’s door, knocking hard enough to rattle its
frame, only to have the door ripped open to reveal a rumpled Giles. “*What
do you bloody well WANT!*”


Giles stared at her for a moment before recognition seemed to set in,
causing him to wilt. “I am sorry, Buffy,” Giles removed his glasses, rubbed
the bridge of his nose and waved her inside. “This has been a very trying
evening and it would appear to only be beginning.”

“Giles why were the police…”

Giles shut the door, knowing that he didn’t need the rest of the complex
to hear what was coming. When he turned he found Buffy staring at the damage
to his apartment… the broken window, the gouges in the walls and floor, the
gaping holes in the walls, and finally came to rest on the demon bodies lying
in the kitchen.

“What happened here, Giles?” Buffy turned and stared at him in confusion.

Giles shook his head trying to come up with an answer to her question.
“I don’t know. According to the police my apartment was broken into and vandalized
by ‘gang members on PCP’!”

Buffy frowned at him then started inspecting the bodies. “What are these
things and what happened to them? Almost looks like something tried to eat

When Giles didn’t answer Buffy turned to find him staring at a book lying
on the table, an unreadable expression on his face. “Giles?!”

Giles started looking up at Buffy’s worried expression. “Umm, oh, I don’t
exactly know. I’ll have to do some research to know for certain.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Buffy asked incredulously as he opened the book
he had been looking at, sat down and started reading. “These things were
obviously after you, so you can’t stay here!”

“I seriously doubt that Buffy,” Giles said distractedly. “They appeared
to be after Xander.”



//The music beat against his chest like a heartbeat, the flashing
colored lights giving the club an eerie other- worldly appearance. The liquor
made his head spin as the beautiful lady pressed against him made any thoughts
of danger disappear before they were formed. Suddenly, a scream from the
far side of the room caught his attention. His blood ran cold at what he
saw. Towering over the club patrons, a demon stood watching the people in
the club. As he continued to watch he nearly lost bodily control; everywhere
around the club, people who had been running in terror for the exits were
doubling over, screaming in pain, as they twisted and changed until a demon
stood in their place.//

//Turning to run, he found himself looking into the face of a large
demon. It bared its mouth full of sharp, pointed teeth at him with a hiss
and then backhanded him, sending him flying into a wall. Watching as several
demons came closer he pushed himself to his feet and with his back pressed
against the wall determined to at least make them work for it.//

//Then everything went dark and he felt as if he was falling. He couldn’t
see, hear or feel anything. With an electrifying jolt, he hit bottom and
sensation returned. Pain, unlike anything he had felt before came in flashes
as something forced its way inside him, trying to force him farther down
into the darkness. He could feel himself being pushed slowly down, then an
image of the Scoobs appeared in his mind. Focusing on that image he felt
himself stop moving. When that happened the force seemed to stop; he could
feel it just floating in its position. Without hesitation he leaped at it,
intent on destroying it before it could continue its assault. However, when
he came in contact with it, it welcomed the embrace, flowing into him, accepting
the confines he allowed it filling him to overflowing with pleasure, exhilaration,
and power.//

//He opened his eyes and found that everything looked slightly different.
A manic laugh built up inside him then burst from his mouth. Grabbing the
closest thing he saw moving and shredding it in seconds, he grabbed at another;
as he struck it turned, revealing his own face.//

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Xander sat up screaming, eyes wide, sweat sticking
his clothes to his body, eyes scanning his surroundings. After a moment he
relaxed. <I hate that dream!>

Feeling a wave of comfort and reassurance come from the back of his mind
Xander shook his head in amusement. <Thanks… it’s nice to know someone
cares!> At that it rubbed happily against him like a cat wanting
attention. ˜ All has been forgiven. ˜

Xander chuckled at the on-going joke between them and at its behavior.
<I’m still not interested!>

It rubbed against him again, chuckling. Xander felt his eyes narrow suspiciously.
<What are you up to now?>

A movement near him brought him back to reality. Turning in the direction
from which it had come, he groaned at the sight of the smile on the demoness
sleeping beside him. <I HATE YOU!>

The amusement at this situation coming from the back of his mind said
more than any words could.


“…and then you arrived.” Giles said glanced up from the book, hoping she
hadn’t noticed the omissions he had made regarding Xander’s behavior and

Buffy’s glare could have melted titanium but her watcher met it calmly
before going back to his book. Her expression went from anger to confusion
as she watched him seemingly engross himself in what he was reading. “What
is it, Giles?”


“What aren’t you telling me?” Buffy crossed her arms with an annoyed expression
at the blank look he gave her. “Last time you acted like this; I found out
the council had you drugging me.”

“Buffy…” Giles took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes and sighed wearily.
“I’m sorry, but until I’m sure that I am correct I cannot tell you. If I’m
right the delay will not matter. However, if I’m wrong telling you could
cause a great deal more harm then good!”

“Giles, you’re beginning to freak me out.” Buffy said with a worried expression.

Giles looked at her for a moment before giving her a warm smile. “It is
most likely nothing; however it is my responsibility to verify that it *is*
nothing! I should know by morning if it, as they say, ‘pans out’. I will
be able to tell you more then.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and shook her head in exasperation. <Why
does this stuff keep happening?! Oh, yeah… I’m a Slayer that lives on the
Mouth of Hell!> “Whatever. Now where did Xander say he was staying?”

“He didn’t,” Giles frowned, his voice full of annoyance. “I’m afraid that
he disappeared when the police arrived.”

Buffy glared at her Watcher. “Well, what did he say? I mean you don’t
just disappear for most of a year then not say anything about where you were
and what you where doing!”

Giles set the book gently on the table, stood and faced Buffy with a stern

“Buffy, I am afraid that I just don’t know anything about what he has
been doing! Our discussion was somewhat brief and was interrupted before
I could learn anything of substance. I *know* you want answers,
as do I, but I do not have them and am not about to make idle speculations
based on what little information I do have!” Giles took a deep breath and
set his hand on her shoulder. “Now go home. As soon as I know anything substantial
I will call you.”

Buffy’s expression hardened at his comment. “Giles, I’m not just going
to sit around if something’s hunting Xander! He’s one of my best friends.
You tell me he’s in trouble, and then expect me to sit around just waiting
for you to be certain about what’s going on! Sorry, I don’t work that way!”

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose with a pained expression. “Buffy…
if you absolutely must do something you could check the hotels and such for

“Good idea,” Buffy muttered sarcastically as she turned to leave “Why
don’t I check his house, too!” <I could but I bet I know someone who
knows a faster way to find him…> 



“Ryo, *what* do you think you’re doing?”

The blond, blue-eyed, seventeen year old in question looked at the young
man standing in the doorway frowning at him, then went back to packing his
bag. “That back-stabbing insect must have taken my father’s journal. I’m
going to get it back!”

The black haired young man sighed and entered the room.

“This is insane! I can’t believe that Raiser would turn on us!” Watching
Ryo pack he saw him wince as he reached for some clothing in his bottom drawer
of his dresser. “Are you positive it was Xander?”

“It’s hard to forget someone when they shove half their arm through your
chest!” Ryo turned and glared at his friend, only to soften his expression
at the hurt look on the other’s face. “Look, Akira, I know how much this
must bother you … but he must have finally lost the fight. Why else would
he call me a demon?”

Akira shook his head slowly and then looked over his best friend. After
a moment of taking in the bandages and bruises, he sighed in defeat. “Ryo,
get your ass back in bed!”

Akira met the glare Ryo bestowed on him with a calm stare as he pulled
the plane tickets from his bag. “I’ll take care of this… *I* brought
him in so if he’s switched sides then *I* will be the one to deal
with it! Either way, that journal is too dangerous to leave it out of our
control. Besides, as fucked up as you are at the moment you’d just get yourself

Ryo glared at him for another moment longer then muttered a curse and
crossed the room to lay down in a large bed. “Watch your back, Akira! *I*
didn’t even know he was there until he attacked. If he *has* changed

Akira stopped halfway to the doorway and looked back over his shoulder.
“I know… but we both know he won’t stand a chance against me once a fight
starts. So with any luck I’ll be back in a few days with the journal.”

Ryo watched him go with a pained expression and mixed emotions. <Why?
I don’t get it, I thought Xander was loyal to the human race… so why in the
hell did he attack me? Akira… Please be careful, I do not know what’s happening…>


Sunnydale, Ca

Buffy ran up the steps to her dorm and nearly threw the door to her room
off the hinges opening it. “Will…” she froze mid-word, turned bright red
and slammed the door closed. A few moments later a blushing Willow reopened
the door.

“I’m so, so sorry Wills. I wasn’t thinking…” Buffy babbled in embarrassment
at the red-headed witch.

“No, it was my fault, I should have locked the door…” Willow babbled back
at her in greater embarrassment.

After a few moments of this a pillow bounced off Buffy. “Shut the *Hell*
up! People are trying to sleep!” They watched silently as their neighbor
went back into the room and shut the door.

Both girls looked blankly at each other for a moment then started when
someone hesitantly cleared their throat. “Ma-maybe you guys should come in…?”

Buffy and Willow both blushed again as they looked at a red-faced Tara
then entered the room.


The streets were all but empty as the civilian-dressed commandos walked
their patrol. Riley shook his head at the readings his scanner was giving
him. “Damn…!”

“What is it boss man?” Graham asked.

Riley showed him the display as he was adjusting the settings.

“What the hell, you think this thing’s busted?”

“I don’t know! “ Riley replied in frustration, looking at the readings
again he made a decision. “Graham, break out the backup scanner; everyone
else, full alert. If this isn’t an equipment malfunction we need to be ready!”

Graham pulled another device from one of the pockets on his bag, while
the others slid hands into their bags, gripping blasters and nightclubs.
A moment later a beeping from both devices caused them all too tense, eyes
searching the darkness for any possible threat.

A young man turned the corner at the end of the block. He paused for a
moment, looking over the group of young men before shaking his head. He chuckled
and continued towards them.

Turning slowly, trying to get a direction on the signal it had picked
up, Riley and Graham flinched and jumped back as both devices sparked and
burst into flames. The rest of the team looked at the burning devices in

A throat clearing caught all of their attention. Standing casually just
outside their group a young man waited. He had black hair and brown eyes.
He was dressed in a dark gray vest, leather pants, and had his hands in his
vest pockets.

“Can I get by?” he asked in a sarcastic tone.

The group of soldiers looked the unknown young man over, glanced at Riley
and then parted, allowing him to pass. He looked at the melted plastic on
the sidewalk as he passed and shook his head with a deep chuckle. “There
are laws against littering, ya know.”


Giles stared unseeing out of the remains of his window at the quickly
approaching dawn, lost in thought. A bottle of Scotch sitting on the table
next to a half empty glass was the only outward sign of the conflict within
him. The journal sat forgotten on the kitchen counter opened to the final

“You seem to be taking this well.”

Giles didn’t even flinch as the unexpected comment knocked him back to
the reality. Picking up his glass he drained most of its remaining contents
before looking at the young man. He just stared at him, trying to find something
that would indicate the last twelve hours had been a dream.

Xander sat on the counter casually flipping through the journal, and was
obviously trying to avoid looking at Giles. He was dressed exactly the same
as the previous night, only having added a set of sunglasses.

Finally Xander sighed, set the journal down, and favored Giles with a
smirk. “I’m guessing from glazed eyes and choice of drink that you’ve finished.
I warned you that you wouldn’t like it.”

Giles closed his eyes, nodded with a sigh. “Yes I have… however before
I can take any action I will need to verify the information.”

Sensing Xander move closer, Giles opened his eyes and watched as the young
man picked up the mostly full bottle of scotch and took a long drink from
it. Lowering the bottle, Xander pulled out a chair and sat in it backwards,
resting his chin on the chair’s backrest. He sat for a moment face impassive,
eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, before smirking and taking another drink.

“Alright, G-man,” Xander said crossing his arms around the back of the
chair. “I promised… so it’s Q&A time. What do you need for proof? Just
ask away!”

“Well… I guess I will need to check other sources for information that
collaborate this one,” Giles shook his head. “The only other way would be
to actually capture one of them alive to test. May I inquire as to where
you acquired ‘it’?”

Xander sighed, took a pull on the bottle and shook his head before answering.
“I… ummm, ‘borrowed’ it from a guy named Ryo Asuka!” Xander stared into space
for a moment before continuing in a much quieter tone. “His father wrote
it, then he doused himself in gas and lit a match. He had… been possessed
by one of the demons, so he wasn’t just killing himself, he took it with
him. So asking him for help isn’t an option!”

Giles looked out the window for a moment before turning his chair to face
Xander. <Here goes nothing… I only hope that I’m alive in the morning
for someone to tell me how crazy this was!> Giving Xander a stern
expression. “Why didn’t you ever tell us you were a demon, Alexander?”

Xander sprayed the mouthful of scotch he had just taken across the table
and began coughing. After a moment he had gotten control of himself, wiped
the liquid from around his mouth, crossed his arms over his chest and shook
his head. <The truth or what he wants to believe…>

˜ Neither ˜ The voice whispered from the back of his mind, with
in a wave of caution. 

<He’s no fool, after what he saw I have to tell him something or
he will think I’m an enemy!> Looking at the glowering watcher, Xander
sighed in defeat. <I’ll let him keep his beliefs. He will need them
if this gets as bad as I think it will!>

“You never asked… and to be quite honest, telling the *Slayer*
and her watcher that you’re not human does not rank high on the list of positive
survival traits!” Xander shrugged at the look on the watcher’s face, took
off his sunglasses and set them on the table beside the journal.

Giles felt his jaw clench as closed his eyes and he rubbed the bridge
of his nose in aggravation. “I don’t suppose that after the last few years
we might consider you a friend ever entered your reasoning?”

Xander smirked, shook his head and chuckled. <Glad alcohol doesn’t
do as much for me anymore or this would be really interesting!> “Wouldn’t
have mattered; by the time I knew I could tell you, it had been too long
for you not to feel betrayed by my not telling you.”

Giles shook his head in exasperation at the flawed logic. “What type of
demon are you, Xander?”

After a few moments of silence Giles opened his eyes and looked at Xander,
who seemed to have found something very interesting to study on the floor.

“Next question.” Xander said barely loud enough for the watcher to hear.
“You don’t want to know… just trust me Giles you *DON’T* want to
know!” <And wouldn’t believe me if I told ya!>

Giles looked at the young man in shock as he suddenly drained half the
remaining Scotch in one long drink. <What could he be? I can think
of dozens of demons and non-humans that could easily pass for human, but
none of those would inspire this level of hesitance of exposure!>
“Be that as it may Xander, I still need to know… if for no other reason as
to assure that in future endeavors we do not accidentally use anything harmful
to you.”

Xander set the bottle on the table with a sigh. “Okay… But you’re gonna
have a hard time believing or accepting this part!”

Xander stood up and walked into the living room. He returned a moment
later with a book, sitting down he flipped through the pages, finally stopping
at one with a grin. “You know what really sucks about being immortal, Giles?
Trying to keep from laughing at some of the things mortals come up with!”

Giles glared at Xander as he laid the book on the table, and pointed at
a picture. “Now take that for example, they didn’t look like that! It should
have a lot more muscle on the front shoulders and torso, not to mention that
the coloration is way off. It should be grayish green with darker blotches.”

Giles stared at the picture for a moment before shaking his head and chuckling.
“Xander, that is a Stegosaurus; there is no possible way that you could know
that! They have been extinct for about sixty-five million years I believe!”

Xander frowned, shook his head and sighed dejectedly. “I know! Really
sucks too, I’ve been craving one for about five months!” Xander rubbed his
belly absently as his eyes got a far away look. “They were great; haven’t
found anything else like ‘em, tangy, sweet, with kind of a smoky gamy aftertaste…”

“Xander…?” Giles voice snapped Xander back to himself and the present,
looking at Giles he noticed how pale the ex-watcher looked. Giles swallowed
hard and when he spoke his voice was little more than a begging whisper.
“You were joking… weren’t you?”

Xander smirked and handed Giles the Scotch bottle without answering. Giles
took a long pull on the bottle, not taking his eyes off the young man, before
speaking again. “That would make you a…” Giles fell silent when Xander held
his finger to his own lips.

“Shhhh…” Xander’s smirk suddenly changed to a friendly smile. Squatting
so he was at eye level with the watcher he tilted his head questioningly
before standing as he held out his hand. “Come on Giles; let’s go have some

Giles looked at the extended hand for a moment before taking it and letting
Xander pull him to his feet. “May I ask where we are going and what you had
planned on doing?”

Xander clapped him on the shoulder hard enough to make him stumble with
a chuckle. “Willy’s bar, I figure we could both use a good stiff drink… and
that’s the only place around here that might have something strong enough
I can get smashed on!”

Giles face showed his uncertainty as Xander shook his head, which quickly
turned to shock as his apartment faded out around them. “Good…”


Buffy frowned as she lay in her dorm trying to get to sleep, but her mind
just kept racing over the events of the last few hours. <What is going
on? Giles wouldn’t lie about Xander being there… so why couldn’t Willow’s
spell find him!> Buffy opened her eyes with a sigh. <Well
this is pointless, if I don’t get some answers, I’m never going to get… what
the Hell!!> 

Buffy stared wide-eyed at her surroundings. Her room was gone, her bed
sat in the middle of a city street. Around her the buildings were cracked
and crumbling, many having caved in on themselves. Skyscrapers in the distance
sported huge areas of damage. The streets were deserted, human bodies littering
them; blood ran down the streets like a stream. Hearing a noise behind her,
Buffy looked to find a demon devouring one of the bodies. As she watched
another demon broke away from the shadows of the ally behind the demon grabbed
it and as she watched in horror began devouring the first demon alive. Flinching
away from the screams of pain, Buffy felt a breeze ruffled her hair and the
screaming stopped.

When she opened her eyes she found herself in a new city as deserted as
the first had been. As she searched the area for life she became aware of
movement in the distance. She got out of her bed and walked in that direction.
When she reached the end of the street she was on she found herself overlooking
a war zone. Everywhere she looked there was fighting--humans and demon. Watching
the battle she noticed that some of the demons were helping the humans and
many times were attacked by them for it, after a few more minutes none of
the humans were standing.

In fact, the only thing from their side left standing were a handful of
the demons that had been helping the humans, standing in a rough circle behind
two of the larger members. The first was nearly ten feet tall, it was humanoid,
had purple furry legs, the classic devil tail, small horn-like protrusions
on each wrist, bat- like wings, and a reddish black double axe blade shaped
headpiece. The other was humanoid, around twelve feet tall; it was almost
covered in dull black insect-like armor and what looked like several red
jewels were inset in the armor on its head, which flowed into what looked
like three armored Dreadlocks.

As she watched the group was slowly surrounded; she noticed the surrounded
group and many of the surrounding demons look up. Following their gaze she
saw a blond young man dressed in a tailored suit, standing on the roof of
one of the surrounding buildings. As she watched, his body changed; he began
glowing with an Inner Light, his clothes vanished, and wings grew from his
back, head, and ankles.

When the transformation was complete it stared down at the gathered demons,
its face a mask of sorrow. ˜ It’s over, Devilman! The humans are finished,
the world is as it was always meant to be… ours once again. Surrender. I
give you my word that your lives will be spared… I will even spare the lives
of your remaining followers as well if that is your wish, Akira; just surrender!

Buffy shivered as the words rang through her mind, looking back at the
demons she saw the axe-headed one looking at its companion. Looking closer
herself she could see cracks covering it’s armor, several seeping fluid and
realized the wet sheen of the armor wasn’t completely from its opponents
but from its own blood as well.

˜ I never thought I’d see the day YOU were writhing at someone’s feet
begging like a bitch in heat! ˜ The dull black demon’s eyes never left
the golden form above them ˜ Don’t you even fucking think about it, D-man!
As long as we’re still fighting the world still has a chance… And if after
all this fuck has done, all the pain and death he caused, after I’ve lost
everything, if he thinks I’d ever surrender… HE’S FUCKING NUTS! ˜ 

As she watched the injured demon brought its hand up, green light radiating
from it. The golden being was enveloped in a green glow, which was almost
instantly shattered by a golden energy blast aimed at the black demon. The
impact sent dust and debris into the air obscuring the scene; as the dust
began to settle it revealed that the demons were frozen in place, causing
the scene to resemble a grotesque art exhibit.

Buffy felt herself slowly walk forward passing the frozen demons until
she was standing at the edge of the crater the blast had made and looked
down trying to see through the dust still hiding its depths from view. Hearing
the crunch of gravel Buffy looked up and found the First Slayer standing
on the opposite side of the crater looking up at the being surrounded by
golden light. After a moment she turned to Buffy and shook her head. ˜ It’s
over, the end has begun. ˜

“Huh?” Buffy stared the first slayer in confusion. “What’s over?”

The first slayer shook her head again and slowly started around the crater
towards Buffy. ˜ They have returned. ˜

“What has returned?” Buffy scowled, slowly turned so she always facing
the spirit. “And could we please dispense with the cryptic dialogue?!”

“One is now many. The many have been deceived. ˜

“I guess not.” Buffy rolled her eyes and sighed.

˜ The many will fail without all, all will fall without the many. One
knows the truth to save all. ˜

“What are you talking about?” Buffy growled. “Why can’t I ever get a straight

The first slayer cocked her head then looked into the crater. Buffy slowly
looked as well, gasping in shock when she saw what lay on the bottom. There
was no sign of the demon or its remains, only a human body lying motionless
amidst the bloodstained rubble.

Buffy examined the body in silence, noting the many wounds covering the
body; finally her eyes settled on its face and felt her eyes go wide at the
sight of the very familiar face of Xander. ˜ All must work as one or all
will die ˜

Buffy sat up with a cry her eyes wide, covered in sweat and franticly
looked around the room. <What the hell was that about?>


“… Lord!” Giles sat down heavily on the bar stool as a wave of vertigo
passed over him. After a moment he looked around, blinked in surprise and
then shivered as he found himself the center of attention in the bar full
of demons.

“Wh-what can I d-do you for f-fellas?” Willie the snitch asked nervously
as he edged slowly up to the customers that had just appeared in his bar.

Giles turned to snap at the unsavory man, but stopped at the sight of
Willie’s chalky face and shaking frame. As Giles watched Willie, Xander shifted
on his stool so he could look over his shoulder at the man behind the bar
and the barkeep did a full body flinch away from the young man.

Xander smirked at the trembling man then turned back to examining occupants
of the bar. “I’ll take a bottle of the strongest stuff you have and give
my friend whatever’s the best Scotch ya got.”

Willie scurried away, returning a moment later with an unmarked bottle,
setting it and the Scotch on the bar he looked between them nervously. “W-who’s

“You know… on second thought, maybe I’ll just grab a bite to eat instead!”
Xander licked his lips as his gaze passed over the bar again.

Giles swallowed at the sight of several individuals heading towards their
position at the bar, then blinked in shock as each set money on the bar beside
Xander and nodded at him; most of them then left the building rather quickly
although a few returned to their seats. Giles looked around the room, then
frowned at the young man as he pull a few bills from the pile and gave them
to Willie before pocketing the remainder. “Xander, did you just extort money
from those demons?”

Xander looked at him with a pointedly false hurt look. “‘Extort’ is such
an ugly word, Giles. I prefer to think of it as requesting a security investment.”

“You know that happens to be illegal; the police call it a ‘protection
racket’, I believe.” Giles shook his head when he saw Xander roll his eyes.
“Xander, forcing people to give you things because you’re more powerful then
they are is the behavior I’d expect from a demon or vampire, not what I would
expect from…” Giles trailed off at the expression Xander was giving him and
then opened and closed his mouth a few times without speaking.

Xander chuckled, took a sip from his drinks and arched an eyebrow at the
watcher. “Need some help getting that foot out of your mouth?”

Giles scowled at the young man. “You bloody well know what I meant!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know ‘bad demon; bad, bad demon’,” Xander suddenly looked
a little embarrassed and slightly annoyed. “But do you honestly think any
of them got the cash by working a nine to five?”

“Maybe not, however that does not justify strong-arming the money from
them.” Giles frowned looking over the now nearly empty club and shook his
head. “Two wrongs never make a right.”

“Giles, are you gonna preach or drink?” Xander growled; then went stiff
and paled his head snapping around as his eyes took on a faraway look. “Oh,


Sunnydale Park

The fledgling couldn’t believe its luck as it watched the gothic oriental
teen walking through the park alone. It fell into pace behind the teen and
shifted into its game face as it began stalking its prey. Suddenly the teen
stopped and turned looking right at the vampire with an amused expression.
“You’re not very bright, are you?”

The vampire stared as blue energy surrounded the teen’s hand as he held
it towards the vampire. The vampire had just enough time to feel the heat
and scream before bursting into flames as a blue energy field engulfed him.

Akira blinked in confusion as the demon that had been following him turned
to ashes almost the instant he attacked it. <Okay, now that was different…
I’ve never seen a demon so weak that it could be defeated that easily and
that turning-to-dust thing is just plain fucked up.> Akira sniffed
the air, rubbed his nose and frowned as he started down the path again. <Damn
town must be infested! I almost can’t smell anything but god- damned demons,
so finding him that way isn’t an option; not that it ever was. Never thought
I would be cursing Xander’s gift at stealth…>

Akira’s muscles twitched as he felt something like the static shock you’d
get from a metal doorknob; looking around he saw a group of young men pointing
weapons at him that looked like they belonged on the set of an old B science
fiction movie. As Akira stared at them in disbelief, one of them fired their
weapon causing the same stinging sensation as before.

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” Akira muttered as the young men glanced
at each other nervously.

A tall blond frowned as their weapon gave off a high pitched whine. “Go
to nightsticks.”

Akira smiled, watching them start to pull the weapons from their bags
before reaching out, grabbing a nearby light post with his left hand and
casually tearing it out of the ground. Akira chuckled darkly, rested the
post on his shoulder like a baseball bat and gave the men a ‘bring it on’

Two of the men charged forward to attack Akira. The one on the right went
high, slamming his nightstick into Akira’s head while the other went low,
snapping a kick into his knee in an attempt to take him off his feet so it
would be easier to subdue him. The soldier on the right started to pull back
for another swing and blinked as he found he couldn’t.

Akira’s smile only got bigger when he saw the panic on the man’s face
as he noticed the antenna wrapped around his nightstick and wrist; then he
lifted the post off his shoulder and swung it into the gut of the other commando
hard enough to throw him into two other commandos standing five meters away.
Akira’s free hand snapped out, catching the commando before he could use
a knife on the antenna wrapped around his wrist.

“You know, I really gotta hand it to you…” Akira said with a chuckle and
meeting the commando’s eyes tightened his grip on the man hand.

The commando screamed like a little girl before passing out as enough
pressure was applied to his hand to crush granite.

Akira rolled his eyes and used his antenna to lift the man throwing him
towards his companions before turning to go. He had only taken a few steps
when he felt a pain in his chest and heard an explosion behind him. Akira
glanced down at his chest; saw the nearly healed wound, spun around and seeing
one of the commandos aiming pistols at him fired a thin beam of energy.

As the blond commando watched, the demon spun on the soldier that had
just shot him in the back and fired what looked a like a laser beam running
it from the man’s crotch up. The other commando just stood there for a second,
then the two halves of his body fell in opposite directions. The demon looked
over the remaining commandos obviously waiting for their next move.

The blond commando looked over his remaining men then looked Akira over
with an expression like he had bitten into a lemon. “Fall back!”

“Are you tripping, Riley? That thing just killed…” one of the others began.

“That’s an order, soldier!” The blond turned on him with an outraged expression.
“Now move it!”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, sir.”

Riley turned and looked at the speaker, who just pointed. When Riley looked
where he was pointing he was just in time to see the demon go out of sight
around a bend in the path. “Call it in; get a medi-vac and cleanup team here

A short time later found Riley watching as a group of medics worked over
his injured men while another group of men carried the bagged remains of
the one he had lost.

“Hey Riley, ya got a minute?”

Riley glanced at the soldier, shrugged and walked a few feet away from
the other soldiers. “What is it, Graham?”

“Riley, you know I’d never question you in front of the men,” Graham looked
around then glared at his superior, “but I gotta know; what were you thinking
ordering a retreat after losing a man?”

“What I was thinking?” Riley frowned, shook his head and glared at his
friend. “That I didn’t feel like losing all of my men, especially when it
wouldn’t have gained us anything in the process. Whatever the hell that thing
was, it shrugged off the blasters like they were cap guns and barely seemed
to notice when it took a 9mm round through the chest! It was playing with
us, at least it was until it was shot and then it killed the only one of
the squad that attempted to use lethal force on it. If we had kept pushing
it might have turned whatever it used on Williams on the rest of the squad.
I don’t know about you but I never agreed to lead my men on pointless suicide
missions. Now if I’ve answered your question soldier…”

“Yes, sir!” Graham growled snapping to attention and giving a salute.


As the sun finally rose above the edge of the horizon, driving the darkness
back into the shadows as the world began to awaken for another day. Only
a select few realized that the shadows where growing much larger and that
soon not even the light will provide safety…

After thousands of years of captivity within the artic ice, the demons
are free and the war for survival has begun.

To be continued…?

The End?

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