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Between the Candle and the Wall

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Summary: Xander as been rejected again, and this time he decides to leave the Soobies for good. There is only one place he can go, Hogwarts School. It time to become whole and to see his biological father. Slash story.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: SpikejudeFR181331,08114136100,97813 Jul 0421 Dec 06No
CoA Winner

Between the candle and the wall!

Disclaimer: Buffy the vampire slayer is Joss Wedon's baby, Harry Potter is J. K. Rowlings's baby,
Anita Blake is Lauren K. Hamilton's baby, and all the original charactere are my babies,
beside that i don't make profite with others babies its yeurkkkk, and i only write for fun.
Enjoy the story now.

Prologue: no more!

//Rejected again!

It's always the same.

Your useless Xander!

Always getting hurt!

I'm tired, I don’t want to save your ass again, Xander!

Go fetch the donuts, Xander!

Oh, sorry we forgot to tell you about the last meeting!

Whelp, droopy, pet, donut-boy, zeppo……………

That's all i am to them!

They look at me and don't really see me anymore.

It's too much to take; i've always been there, the joker one, the comforting one, the Xander-shaped friend, the one you can always count on.

They always cry and complain about their losses, but what about mine?

I’ve given Buffy everything. My friendship, my trust, my love, my devotion, every damn spare moment of my time since I was fifteen!

Even Anya’s life was given to her goddamned cause.

Now, though, she looks at me and I can see her complete disgust.

I can't take it anymore, no more mister nice guy, no more Scooby, i pack my things and i'm gone. NO MORE! //

Xander had been in that state of mind since the last meeting with the Scooby and the fang gang in the Hyperion hall. Sunnyhell had been a big hole in the ground for three weeks now. It was time for him to go, time to change. Everything was packed; he just had to finish setting up a fire in his fireplace. Xander took a leather pouch from the bed side table, stepped into the fire with his baggage, threw a little bit of powder, which had been in the pouch, into the fire. And shouted, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Severus Snape’s dungeon!" and vanished. Only a white letter stayed behind, lying on the bed, when Dawn came to see him. Two days later.
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