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Harry Potter and the Paternity Puzzle

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Father of Mine". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What do you do when your town implodes? Why, go teach at Hogwarts. Giles returns to the school of his youth, and is in for a few surprises. Sequel to Lily and The Right Thing. Read those first.

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Harry Potter > Giles-CenteredNicolaFR15813,58734426,18413 Jul 0424 Jan 06No


Chapter 6: Hogsmeade
Chapter Rating: FR15- For violence and deaths
Disclaimer: Still Not Mine

Author’s Note: I’m incorporating some of the events from HBP, but this story is definitely not canon. I wrote and thought out far too much of it before the book was written. Also, Tracey Davis is a wizard in this story. If this bothers you for any reason, I would recommend that you find another story to read.

A/N2-To make up for going so long without posting, I'm writing shorter chapters so that I can post more often. Feel free to review and give me an opinion as to whether I should continue to do so, and get a short chapter out once or twice a week or so, or get longer chapters out every few weeks.


Harry Potter practically skipped down the road to Hogsmeade.

Life was getting better by the minute.

He had a family.

Not just a dad, but a whole family. A gaggle of big brothers and sisters, and 1 younger sister. Dawn was only a year younger than him, but he was already starting to feel over-protective of her.

He’d have to talk to Ron about some proper big brother intimidating skills. It looked like he might need them for Neville.

Giles and Buffy had allowed Dawn to come to Hogsmeade with them. She was currently walking alongside Ron, who was trying to explain quidditch to her. She seemed excited at the idea of witches and wizards flying on brooms, but confused about the particulars of the game. Mione and Ginny were whispering about something or other, and Neville was a bit behind, talking to Luna about the Yeti or some such nonsense.

And Harry was floating on cloud nine.

He had a father.

Who cared.

Which wasn’t to say that he wasn’t still bitter over the past 16 years, and he certainly hadn’t forgiven Giles for leaving him, but, as he had said earlier to his father, Giles had come back. And people didn’t do that for Harry Potter. They left to protect him, but they never came back.

Maybe Rupert Giles would start a trend.

The afternoon passed in a flurry of activity. They took Dawn to the Three Broomsticks for Butterbeer, which she loved. She talked of bringing the Scoobies here before they left, sure that her family would love the fizzy beverage.

Next was the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes Hogsmeade store. The twins, who had hired Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet to run this store while they stayed in Diagon Alley, had come out to oversee their shop for its first Hogwarts weekend. They had taken quite the liking to Dawn, helped by the fact that she had merely laughed when she walked in and her hair had immediately turned purple. The twins explained that the 10 minute color change was caused by a device much like a muggle sensor for counting the number of customers in a store. Every 7th person to enter their shop had his or her hair change to a violently bright color. She also had an uncanny ability to tell the twins apart, after they initially introduced themselves, and Ginny had pointed out who was actually who. She had continued to call them Gred and Forge, though. She said it was more unique, and suited the troublemakers better. Harry had to agree with her. Fred and George had also insisted that Harry pick out whatever he wanted, free of charge, since he had provided the money to start up the business.

They also went to Gladrags, where Dawn picked out 2 pairs of robes, one in a vibrant purple, the color her hair was slowly fading out of, and one in the requisite black so that she would fit in a little better in the halls. They sampled each shop, until the sun was dipping in the sky. Dawn had especially enjoyed Honeydukes, and had bought a blood-pop, apparently to send home to a friend who would enjoy it immensely.

Hermione finally reluctantly pointed out that they had to be back before dark after they visited the Shrieking Shack, and Harry had told the actually history of the building, so they rushed down the road towards the school.

Everyone was supposed to meet at the Three Broomsticks, where staff members would walk them up to the school. It was one of the many new rules and precautions that had been implemented since the return of Voldemort, such as aurors being stationed at the school, third years being required to stay with an older student while in Hogsmeade, and other such rules.

The road was strangely quiet as they rushed towards the assigned meeting place. The group attributed it to their tardiness and moved faster.

“Buffy is going to kill me if we’re late getting Dawn back to Hogwarts.” Harry moaned.

Hermione stopped in her tracks. “She might not have to.” Her voice was flat, her tone deadened.

The group pulled their wands from their robes at the sight of a group of black-robed individuals throwing curses at a chaotic crowd of students running in every which direction while a few staff members alternately tried to calm the children and throw stunners at the attackers.

The members of the DA pulled out their wands. Dawn looked around, then quickly ran to the nearest house and grabbed a walking stick leaning against the wall next to the door.

Wordlessly, they ran into the fray. Dawn took it upon herself to gather the third and fourth years out of the way, herding them away from the fray and using her makeshift staff to knock a Death Eater down and out of the way. The large man fell as if he was stunned, and probably was, in the muggle sense. No doubt he had thought the girl without a wand as an easy mark. Neville joined her, his normally bumbling personality gone as he urged the students to stay together and stay low. Harry, Ron, and Ginny rushed in screaming, trying to create a disturbance and distract the Death Eaters from the rescue of the younger students. The older students, seeing their fellows fighting, came out of their shock and joined in. Those who had attended DA meetings did better than those who hadn’t, but all present did their best. Hermione and Luna started trying to get the injured away from the fighting, and sending off stunners when a Death Eater was ignorant enough to turn his or her back on the two girls.

Professor McGonagall was hit with something, and fell to the ground, but Harry was able to stun her attacker.

The fray continued for a few more chaotic minutes that seemed like hours before a noise startled Luna, causing a curse to hit her arm, producing a large gash.

The noise was Dumbledore and a group of Aurors, professors, and Scoobies, running for the battle.

It was over after that. The conscious Death Eaters apparated before the reinforcements got close enough to do damage. Dawn and Neville quickly led their 3rd and 4th years back and deposited them with Hagrid before running to help with the injured.

Willow grabbed Neville. She showed him how to evaluate the wounded, leaving a floating marker in the air above each victim. Yellow for slightly injured, orange for pretty hurt, and red for critical. Willow also sent up a few black ones, causing everyone to stop in their tracks.

“Keep going. We need to help the living.” She ordered, in a voice very much not her own.

Hermione and Luna caught on to the system and helped. Harry and Rona searched out the alleys for hiding students. The aurors rushed for the unconscious Death Eaters, binding them, gathering them up and leaving two of the eight to guard, should anyone awake. Five of the others spread out to search the town. Tonks apparated, calling that she was going for medi-witches and reinforcements. Madame Pomfrey, accompanied by the students in her advanced wizarding medicine class, Susan Bones, Padma Patil, Hannah Abbot, and Daphne Greengrass, rushed to the students with floating red dots, loaded with potions, her wand in her free hand.

The Scoobies helped where they were needed, after ensuring Dawn, Harry, and his friends were all still alive.

Xander and Buffy helped Hagrid heard all the unhurt students back to the castle, along with McGonagall, who had merely been stunned, nothing Professor Dumbledore’s Enervate spell couldn’t handle. The Assistant Headmistress promised to take over the school while Dumbledore stayed to oversee the healing and reports.

Faith had gone with the aurors to patrol the streets. Dawn rushed to check on Luna, who was bleeding profusely. Tracey Davis had reached her first. He knelt down next to the bleeding girl, and handed Dawn a roll of bandage, scissors, and tape.

“My mum’s a medi-witch. She taught me the basics,” he explained, before running his wand over her arm. He muttered something, and the breathing slowed. He pulled a crisp white handkerchief out of his pocket and began to gently wipe the blood away, ignoring the hissing of the embroidered snake and the piece of linen was gradually dyed red. When the residual blood was gone, he used the bandage to wrap her arm, then slipped off first his robes, then his shirt. Luna gasped at his carved chest. He looked like a statue. He put his robes back on, then tore his shirt to make her a sling.

“Your arm is broken, though not badly. When Pomfrey gets a moment, or the medi-witches get here, one of them can heal it. I’m no Lockhart, I know when I’m out of my league.” He pushed Luna’s hair out of her face, and helped her to stand.

“Should you be expending so much effort on a Ravenclaw? You might ruin your Slytherin reputation” snarled Ginny, coming over.

“Look around, Weaslette. See many Slytherins? Those of us who are here have already made our choice. Might as well be useful.”

Ginny gasped as she realized he was right. Every other house was almost fully represented in 5th, 6th, and 7th years helping the wounded, or were the wounded.

Tracey, Greengrass, and Blaise Zabini were the only Slytherins represented. Blaise was unconscious.

“I didn’t…”

“Think? Maybe you should try it some time.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“No arguing.” Ordered Luna, being uncharacteristically firm. “More people need help.”

She was right. The students did what they could, adopting muggle forms of care for cuts, scrapes, and breaks.

The medi-witches finally showed up, with a cadre of aurors in tow, and the questioning began in earnest.

Professors McGonagall and Flitwick had been in charge of the outing, and had remained at the Three Broomsticks the entire day. When the appointed time had come for everyone to meet, they had gone outside to gather the students. Most had arrived, and it was a few minutes until sunset when a series of pops had sounded, and they had found themselves surrounded by Death Eaters.

Harry and the others told their side of the story, and were questioned intensely about the eerie stillness of the town.

After much questioning of the townspeople, who were only now coming out of the homes and stores, as well as students who had been running late and had no idea what was going on, it was concluded that some sort of spell had been placed on all of the buildings, making the inhabitants unaware of the chaos outside, and unwilling to exit the buildings, but not knowing why.

Finally, with the help of carriages pulled by thestrals, as well as many floating stretchers, the students, teachers, medi-witches, and aurors made their way back to school.

The students, with the exception of Harry, were told to go immediately to their common rooms until further notice. Harry and Dawn were ushered by Willow and Faith straight to the Scoobies’ Common Room, then left there as the girls joined the others in an adults only meeting.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and the Paternity Puzzle" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jan 06.

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