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Right There All Along

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Summary: Series of ficlets spawned by challenge #232 (five song challenge). Renamed, condensed, and new part added.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomancensahdmdtoFR1545,064023,24913 Jul 0411 Sep 05No

Autumn Valentine (Ron/Pansy) *New

Title: Autumn Valentine
Series: Right There All Along
Rating: FR18 (Pansy + child birth)
Disclaimer: None of it's mine, except maybe for Val but she insists she's her own person.
Spoilers: OotP, BtVS season 7, AtS season 5, all previous stories in the Right There All Along series
Summary: Val Weasley decides Hermione and Xander's wedding is the perfect time to make her world debut.
Inspiration (and Val's name) from 'Valentine' as performed by Martina McBride and Jim Brickman

It started during the reception. Things had been . . . off, all day. It wasn't comfortable to sit. It wasn't comfortable to stand. The back pain was worse than yesterday. Pansy Parkinson-Weasley sighed and leaned back against the garden wall. That wasn't comfortable either, but her legs were tired. She surveyed the wedding party through slitted eyes and vowed to kill Ron as soon as she found him. OK, maybe not kill him, but torture was definitely not out of the question. This was, after all, his fault. She never should have believed any member of his family was good at contraceptive potions and charms.

A twinge low in her belly brought Pansy out of her daydreams of Ron-torture. Whatever that American muggle food had been certainly did not agree with her. Another stab of pain and she felt rather certain Val didn't much care for it either.


Oh . . . shit.


By the time Ron got to his wife's side, she was surrounded by various members of his family, most notably his mum. Hearing the steady flow of expletives from Pansy's mouth (Merlin, the woman could bellow), he swallowed hard. His mum had heard all of that. Everyone had heard it. He pushed his way through, ready to come between Pansy (poor dear, must be out of her mind with the pain) and his mother (no, she certainly would not take kindly to the sort of language Pansy was using). He stopped cold, however, when his mother's voice floated over the crowd. "There, there, dear. We understand. Just let it all out. Sometimes it helps." Ron glanced around, trying to determine whether he could get under that refreshment table and cut through the gardens before they saw him. Pansy ripped up a handful of grass and took Molly's advice and Ron decided it didn't really matter, he was going to take the dive no matter what.

"Get over here where I can reach you, bastard!"

Ron froze and turned reluctantly, his progress helped by a mighty shove from Malfoy. "Don't you ever fucking touch me again!" Pansy screamed in his ear, nails digging into his thigh. Ron decided the world had ended and he'd fallen into some sort of alternate universe when his mother gave Pansy an affectionate pat and sighed.

"Oh, good Ron, you're here," Molly said, wiping at misty eyes. "It's very important for a man to be there to offer his wife emotional support as she struggles to bear his children." It sounded rehearsed and he could have sworn there was an evil gleam in her eye. "Best be getting Pansy to St. Mungo's." One of the twins snickered from behind him. "Fred, George, help him get your sister-in-law to the car."

"I told you not to touch me!" Ron grimaced as his wife managed to land a few swift blows to his body when he bent to lift her from the ground. By the time he and his brothers (with help from a couple of the slayers in attendance) had managed to load Pansy in the car, he was fairly sure there was no part of him that wouldn't be sore and/or bruised come morning.



Ginny sighed and gave him the 'I always knew you were a moron look' before holding out her hand again. "Give. Me. Your. Keys."


"So I can drive you to the hospital. Really, Ron, I thought you understood a few things about this baby business."

"I can drive."

"You need to ride in back with your wife. She's in a lot of pain and she needs you."

"For what, target practice?"


The moaning after the scream was new and different enough to make Ron climb into the backseat without pausing to consider how dangerous that might be. Malfoy ‘accidentally’ slammed the door on his arse as Ginny climbed into the driver’s seat. Ron was dimly aware of the git telling Ginny he’d apparate ahead and begin the paperwork but really, he was probably only trying to avoid Ginny’s driving. She’d learned how from that slayer, Buffy Summers, and was an absolute terror behind the wheel. He felt sorry for the poor sod she was driv—“Oh, bugger me! Gin, really I can just was and carr-eeeeeeeeee--” The squeal of the tires as his sister pulled away from the curb drowned out the embarrassing squeaking that passed for his voice as he was thrown back against the seat.

“Oh, hush up, Ron. I’ll drive, you just take care of Pansy.”

Ron rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath. “That’s what I’m trying to do. After all, she needs to get there alive.” Then Pansy whimpered and gripped his hand and Ron forgot everything else.

The trip to St. Mungo’s passed in a blur of moans, expletives, and new bruises along Ron’s arms and legs, all in the shape of his wife’s fingers and she clutched at him with each new contraction and cursed at him in between.

Soon enough, various magical medical staff surrounded Pansy and Ron was pushed aside. He peered over shoulders, thankful for once that he was the tallest wizard in his year. A white-aproned mediwitch tried to pull him away and he jerked. “I’m staying.”

The young witch grinned a bit. “Yes sir, but you have to change into delivery robes first. We have to keep it clean and sterile after all.”

“Oh.” Ron turned but froze before his first step when Pansy whimpered again, crying his name. Decision made, Ron turned back to the nurse. “Banish my clothes and scourgify me if you have to, but I am NOT leaving.” If he had cared to think of anything but his wife and child, the look on her face might have been amusing. “It’s all right, Pans, I’m here.” Ron smoothed her hair off her sweaty brow and wondered when they’d give her a pain potion and, even more pressing, if they could reattach his arm after she pulled it off.

Nearly twelve hours later, Ron Weasley beamed and proudly showed off his brand new daughter, Molly Valentine Parkinson-Weasley. As Ginny and Molly cooed over the newest Weasley female, Pansy smirked at her husband. “I told you so.” Ron shook his head and silently thanked Merlin that she hadn’t told them he’d passed out cold when he caught a glimpse of Val’s head and one shoulder.

Pansy smiled and patted Ron’s hand as they watched Ginny thrust the squirming bundle of cotton-candy pink blankets at a horrified Draco. She leaned on his shoulder and whispered “Don’t worry about the Incident. I’m not going to tell them . . .” Pansy’s words trailed off into a yawn.

“I appreciate that.”

Pansy blinked up at him and finished with a very Slytherin smirk. “Yet.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Right There All Along" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Sep 05.

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