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Freaks and Geeks and Vampires

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Summary: As if high school wasn’t bad enough already, Lindsay Weir becomes the Chosen and has to deal with the gravest threat a pre-Buffy Slayer can face. A Buffy and Freaks and Geeks crossover with guest appearances from Spike and Dru and other Sunnydalians

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Chapter 1

Freaks and Geeks and Vampires

This story has random bits of spoilers for little parts of pretty much all the seasons of Buffy and
Angel and major spoilers for the entire run (one season-18 episodes) of Freaks and Geeks. If
you are thinking about buying the Freaks and Geeks DVD set (the best DVD value for the money
I've ever seen) then I recommend you watch all the episodes before reading this story. If you
haven't done so or don't plan to, this story has enough background info on Freaks and Geeks so
that hopefully you won't feel lost. has pictures of
all the main characters from Freaks and Geeks.

All characters are the intellectual property of their respective creators, film companies, etc.; this
story may not be sold or distributed on a profit-making basis. I welcome free distribution of the
story, but please let me know if you are going to do it. trinfaneb at yahoo dot com.

This story is dedicated to Miss Kitty and Mickey-two cats that I dearly miss.

Excerpts from the Diary of Lindsay Weir

Chapter 1--July 1st, 1981

Welcome to the first page of my new diary and hopefully the beginning of my new life. My old
diary wasn't quite full yet, but I've decided to start this new one to symbolize the start of my new
existence. For those of you who can't be bothered to read about my old, boring life in my old
diary, I'll give you some background information on me, my friends, and my family. Who am I
kidding-- no one is ever gonna want to read this thing, but here goes:

My name is Lindsay Weir. I'm a rising junior at McKinley High School and live in a small
suburb of Detroit. I'm five foot five with an average build and longish brunette hair. My father
Harold owns a small sporting goods store and my mother Jean is a homemaker. They love me
and are nowhere near as bad as some of my friend's parents (especially Kim Kelly's) but they
still have a hard time adjusting to the course my life is taking. My brother Sam is a rising
sophomore at McKinley. He and his friends Neal Schweiber and Bill Haverchuck are geeks, but
they're okay. Sam can be a hyper little pest sometimes, but we don't really pick on each other
and we can talk to one another, which is a lot better than most brothers and sisters I know.

Growing up, my best friend was Millie Kentner, who lives across the street from me. Millie is a
sweet girl and really religious. We used to dress and talk alike, but now we aren't as close. We
were mathletes together our freshman year, but I quit the Academic Decathlon team this past year
except for the couple of weeks after I wrecked the family station wagon and reverted to my old,
boring self. I studied like crazy and clawed my way up to the top spot on the team and kicked
butt in a scrimmage, but I didn't like who I had become and went back to the freaks. The girls on
the team could only accept me as one of them, but the freaks ended up liking me both as a
mathlete and a fellow freak.

My friends the freaks are Daniel Desario, who's going out with Kim Kelly, and Nick Andopolis
and Ken Miller. Kim and I had rocky start to our friendship, but now we're pretty close. Nick
and I went out for awhile, but now we're just buds. We started going out mostly because I felt so
sorry for him after he totally bombed his audition for drummer with the local rock group
Dimension that I kissed him to try and make him feel better. Things kind of progressed from
there until he got way too intense for me and my mom broke up with him (long story). I'm actually more attracted to Daniel, but
he's with Kim (at least when they're not having some kind of fight). Ken's a sarcastic guy, but
basically not that bad. He's going out with a girl who's in the marching band. They had some
kind of trouble at the end of this past school year and almost split up, but they made up. And I'm
glad they did because I think they make a good couple.

A little more than a year ago I was happy to be lumped with Millie and others as one of the "safe
girls." But then I started having these really violent dreams. It was always some young girl
fighting some kind of monster. The girls beat the monsters most of the time, but eventually
every one of them got killed. I was already depressed with this when my grandmother became
gravelly ill. She and I had a close relationship and I was alone with her when she died. She was
such a good person and so scared. Moments before she died, she told me she couldn't see any
heavenly light or anything like that. She just ended.

All of this threw me for a loop. I stopped hanging out with my old friends and started socializing
with the freaks in the smoking patios at school and under the bleachers on the football field. I
remember that right before one of the last times I tried to get up the courage to hang with the
freaks under the bleachers last year, I stopped Sam from getting beat up by a bully from around
the neighborhood. It's a good thing that Alan White backed off because I wasn't bluffing. I
would have torn him apart. Would have felt bad about it afterwards, but still would have done it.
Sam forgave me for causing him to lose face in front of the bully and his friends and I later told
him about what happened with grandma. I didn't mention the dreams though. Even he might
think I was going psycho.

Enough about my depressing old life. Today I started out on a bus trip to Ann Arbor where I was
supposed to spend two weeks at an Academic Summit at the University. It was supposed to be
for the top one percent of students across the state, but to me it was just another competitive
prison cell. I got off the bus before it got to the station and met Kim and my two new friends
Laurie and Victor. They're deadheads and are following the band during the "Grateful Dead's"
summer tour this year and Kim and I are tagging along in their hand-painted, hippie VW van.
My parents are gonna freak, but this is what I want to do. I'll send them a postcard in the next
day or so to let them know what I'm doing so they won't worry when they call my dorm at the
University and find out I never checked in. I'll catch hell for awhile, but I don't believe in hiding
from the consequences of my actions.

Hanging out with Nick and Daniel this year has really broadened my musical horizons. I've
started to get into bands like "Led Zeppelin," "Rush," and "Pink Floyd." I even almost went to a
"The Who" concert (against the express wishes of my parents, who freaked when they listened to
the lyrics of "Squeeze Box"), but bailed at the last minute to stay home and hang out with Millie.
She was going to go with me because she was trying so hard to fit in with the freaks and be my
best friend again. I felt she was losing track of the person she really was. Luckily Kim Kelly
stepped up and admitted that she had accidentally run over Millie's dog a few days earlier, which
led to Millie staying home. Kim can be annoying and thoughtless sometimes, but she did a good
thing then.

I didn't start getting into the "Grateful Dead" until a month or so ago when my high school
guidance counselor Mr. Rosso let me borrow his copy of "American Beauty." I was depressed
over having to go the Academic Summit this summer and he told me the album had helped him
through some tough times. I listened to it over and over again and it gave me a measure of peace.
Dancing around in my bedroom, I felt freer than I had in a long time. Then I started talking with
Laurie and Victor and it wasn't too great a stretch to choose touring with the Dead over the
Academic Summit. Especially when I realized Kim had never really been outside of the Detroit
area and she was going to be stuck in town all summer with her deadbeat family. This would be
our big adventure.

It was a big deal for me to get off that bus today. It must be my imagination, but when I took that
last step to the pavement, it felt like I suddenly had the strength of five women. I practically
floated to where Kim and the others were waiting with the van. It's already ten o'clock now and
I'm writing this by flashlight. It'll be my turn to drive soon. I know I won't get sleepy and I'll
drive all night to get us to Houston in time for the show. I'm seeing the Dead tomorrow-how
cool is that?
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