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What does this have to do with a canned meat produ

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Summary: Spam Challenge Response Stargate/BtVS crossover

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Title: What does this have to do with a canned meat product?

Author: bridges2 (

Pairing: None

Summary: Stargate/BtVS crossover in answer to challenge #336 at TtH.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or shows belongs to me. I am just borrowing them for a bit.

“Alexander Harris, I have a question for you.” Teal’c says as he sees Xander moving passed his table in the mess hall.

Xander stops grabs a chair and siting on it backward says “Sure Teal’c buddy, what’s seems to be the problem today? Are you wondering why different types of Kryptonite do different things to Superman today? I saw you with those comic books yesterday that I gave you last week. Need to keep you up to date on Earth culture don’t you know. I can’t believe that you hadn’t had jelly doughnuts or Twinkies before I got here man.”

Teal’c raises his eyebrow at his companion and intones “No, that is not the item that I need assistance with today. I however think that it is extremely odd that rocks from his homeworld would harm him. How did his people live there if these effects were present? What I needed assistance with was an email that I received. It was for something called a mortgage. It offered me a new mortgage for what appeared to be large amount of United States currency for another amount monthly. I am confused as I do not believe that I have a mortgage so how could I get a new one. I would normally to ask Major Samantha Carter or Doctor Daniel Jackson but they are currently off base.”

“Well Teal’c, it appears that you’ve been spammed.” Xander replied.

“Spammed, what does this mortgage have to do with a canned meat product?” inquired Teal’c.

Laughing Xander replies “Not a thing my friend, not a thing. You would need to ask Wills why its called spam, I don’t know. Its junk mail for your computer. You don’t need to have a mortgage to get an offer for a new one. A mortgage is borrowing money from the bank to pay for your house and then you paying the bank back for it. I would just forward it to tech support here on the base so they can add it to the base filter. If you respond to it your inbox will be full of the junk.”

Teal’c sat there for a moment as he thought of what Xander had told him. “That information would have been greatly appreciated earlier. I did not realize that it would lead to more and did respond to this missive asking for more information.”

“Well, at least you’ll have another hobby.” Xander said.

“A new hobby Alexander Harris?”

“Yah, digging through all that junk email looking for things from your friends.”

“Indeed Alexander Harris, indeed.” says Teal’c with a defeated look on his face.

The End

You have reached the end of "What does this have to do with a canned meat produ". This story is complete.

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