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Winter Times

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Summary: QCP# 22, Part of Visions Series, Willow/Ron

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Ron WeasleyEenaAngelFR1511,304011,3959 Feb 039 Feb 03Yes
Title: Winter Times

Author: eena_angel2001

Email: or

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Ron

Summary: Response to the Quickie Challenge, Pairing # 22.

Notes: I'm changing a few things, making Willow the same age as Ron
and having her at Hogwarts since she was sixteen.

Notes2: Part of a series, starting with Visions

It was winter time at Hogwarts. And what a lovely time it was.

Ron Weasley watched his girlfriend in amusement, wondering if she would hold it against him if he laughed at her behaviour. But then again, if she did, he wouldn't really have anything to worry about. Fighting with Willow was just as much fun as getting along with Willow. And the snogging was more heated. He sometimes went out of his way to fight with her. He think she knew it, and didn't mind. She herself mentioned the better quality of snogging when they were fighting.

As if she seemed to know what he was thinking, Willow turned around and gave him a stern look.

"What?" she demanded. He only smiled and shrugged, pointing to the scene outside.

"You just seem a bit excited," he revealed. "It's kind of funny."

"No it's not," she protested, eyebrows knitting together in indignation. It was one of her more common quirks, one he happened to love. She looked so cute when she was indignant, trying to stare him down even though he towered over her small frame.

"I'm just not used to snow," she continued, going back to look out the window. "It doesn't snow in California, you know."

"Horrid place," he shuddered. "What the bloody Hell is the point of winter is there isn't snow?"

She gave him a tiny smirk, shaking her head. Her eyes went back to being glued to the Hogwarts grounds, watching mesmerized as the flakes continued to descend on the school. He shrugged, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her head.

"I wish you would spend Christmas with us," he sighed suddenly. She went slightly tense, but then relaxed.

"Well, if you're that worried about being without me, why don't you come with me?" she asked in return.

"You know Mum said I couldn't," he protested. "Besides the fact that we've got relatives coming in for the holidays, she won't let me go unsupervised to the Hellmouth. It would make sense if you just came with me."

"Fine," she laughed. "But then you can tell the angry Slayer back in Sunnydale why her best friend won't be coming to see her during the holidays."

He blanched, remembering a few stories Willow had told him about her best friend.

"All right, you won," he huffed. "I can see that you've got responsibilities of your own and the such. But it doesn't mean I have to like it. In fact, I plan on not liking it to the best of my ability."

She giggled, turning in his embrace and smiling up at him.

"It's not going to be the end of the world," she admonished him. "Trust me, I know what that is like. And this does not even come close. Besides, it's not like we're going to be separated for that long. I'm coming to your house for the last half of the break. Your mother was quite insistent that I do."

"I know," he muttered, pouting down at her. "But that's still a good two weeks without seeing you. I don't think I can live that long with Willowy kisses."

That time she laughed outright, going to her tiptoes to kiss him on the nose. He tensed at that, remembering to that damn Divination class so many months ago. This sounded a lot like what Trelawny had described to him in her vision. Willow laughing her sweet laugh before straining to her tiptoes to peck his nose. Maybe it was a thing that they would develop as the years went by.

And at that thought, he only hugged her closer. He understood that he wasn't going to lose Willow, that they would be together for a long time to come. No matter what he thought of Trelawny, that one vision of hers he had faith in. He would be with Willow, and they would get married and have a kid, fulfilling a prophecy somewhere down the line. So it stood to reason that he would be okay with her going home, knowing full and well that she would return to him.

But he didn't want her going THERE. That horrible place she had told him so much about. That awful school, that awful town, where dead bodies and missing people were a popular trend. He didn't want her going to that place where monsters roamed freely and inflicted pain on the humans surrounding them.

And he especially didn't want her going there and going patrolling with Buffy, like she said she was known to do back in the day. Call him crazy, but the idea of his girlfriend roaming a graveyard, looking for a fight with a vampire, didn't sit well with him.

He wonder if he could kidnap her and trap her at the Burrow for all of winter break. Probably not, but it was worth looking into. Worse comes to worse, she would be slightly angry with him, and like he said before, fighting with Willow was not an unpleasant thing.

"Where'd you go?" she asked suddenly, tugging on the front of his robes. He looked down at her, startled, and then grinned widely.

"Off to the Astronomy tower," he told her, teasing in his voice. "Care to join me?"

She grinned slyly up at him, giving him a quick peck before turning back to look at the snow.

"Not just yet," she answered, leaning back against him. "First, I want to watch the snow for a while. And then I want to grab our friends and go play in it. And when we're freezing and such, we can cuddle in front of the fireplace and 'snog' to our heart's content."

"But everyone will be there," he whined. "I hate it when people snicker while we kiss. Breaks my concentration."

"Well, then I guess you're going to have to do without kisses then," she smirked. "Because that is the plan for the day. No exceptions."

He growled at her playfully.

"Is that so?" he murmured. She giggled and then nodded, clasping his hand in her own.

"Let's go get the others," she laughed. "I want to play in the snow. And then I'm going home and telling Buffy and Xander all about it so they can be jealous. It'll be great!"

He laughed along with her, jogging to catch up with her
pace. She led the way, happily babbling and waving her hands. She really was excited about this. It was endearing, he loved it. He loved her. Every little thing about her, it was just so perfectly Willow. He didn't ever want to be without her, not even for two hours let alone two weeks. Her absence would chip away at him, he knew that. Whatever was between them, it was so much deeper than they had discovered so far. He wasn't sure he could survive the time without her.

But he knew he would have to try. Because she was going home for the holidays, no matter how much he didn't want her to go. There wasn't much he could do to stop her, knew that it would be childish to try to stop her. He was just going to have to learn to be apart from her sometimes. Hell, he had gone sixteen years without her, he could manage two weeks.

Oh, who was he kidding? He was going to die without her, it was going to be pure torture. He knew it and just had to accept it. They both would, no matter how unappealing the idea was. But they could enjoy each other right now, and prayed it would hold them over.

So for now, they were going to play in the snow. Winter time never looked so good.


The End

You have reached the end of "Winter Times". This story is complete.

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