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Summary: A witches daughter discovers shes a mutant. She goes to a new school. Just a fic for fun. And first fic ever witten by me.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralinsanityFR712,854011,24719 Jul 0419 Jul 04No
Disclaimer: I own no part of Buffy Or X-men. this is purely for fun.
Authors Note: Total AU. Post End of Days and X2. Pyro never left.
Wolverine looked up as the door to the tavern opened, and the room went quiet. In walked two women, both with flaming red hair. The one on the left had short orange-red hair, spiky and framing her face. She had tanned skin, and blue eyes that were scanning the room silently as she walked to the bar. Her outfit was skimpy, what he saw on most of the college kids back in New York, a short jean skirt and and stomach revealing top that hung to reveal a lacy bra and meager cleavage on a tanned chest. She made him think slightly of what Jean used to look like.

The girl on her other side looked like she belonged in a fairy tale. Crimson hair that hung in waves to her waist, pale skin and green eyes. Her forest-green skirt hung past her feet, trailing the floor, and her shirt clung to her curves like a second skin. He could just see her dark bra through the white cotton. She looked around and her eyes landed on the last two seats open in the bar, right next to him. She walked over, and he turned away before she could catch him staring at them. He felt the light tap on his arm, and turned around.

"Excuse me, but is this seat taken?" the girl with the short hair asked, and he shook his head, returning to his beer. The long haired girl took the seat next to him, spike-y taking the other. He could hear snatches of their hushed conversation.

"So Spike decided to fight, and now he's regrowing his foot. Didn't his sire ever tell him not to play with long, pointy objects in the middle of a fight?"

"It really wasn't his fault. If Dad hadn't tossed it to him so late, I'd still have a brother-figure with two WHOLE feet and less battle scars. You think my back's bad, you should see him. Anyway, Gunn said that it wouldn't be more thana month untill all the bones and skin are back."

"Yah, Yah. So, Ma said somethin' weird happened during the fight. Spill!"

"Nothing big. I turned the polgara in to chopped liver. It was weird because metal blades came outta my damned hands and hit it, kinda like built in knives, but really thin and ultimately sharp. Only word that comes to mind is a kibina."

That sentence caught him, and he inhaled sharply. it had been the long haired one who'd spoken that comment. He whispered mutant tohimself, knowing that had to be the truth. his thoughts were cut off by the spiked haired girl tapping him.

"You know Xavier, dontcha?" she said with a slight smile. He just widened his eyes at her remark and nodded.

"Our father told us about him. Ran into him in Prague in the forties. Tried to make him stake himself, but it didn't work. Oh, and I know you know him because his scent is wafting off of you like a scented candle."long haired girl remarked. She extended her slender hand,"Im Lily Angel, this is my sister, Luna. We're from L.A, we're Slayer's, we're freaks of nature, and we're college students." she paused slightly and sniffed, nodding to her sister. "You're Wolverine, have no remembrance of your past, are on a search for it, real name is Logan, and are a mutant with the power to extend blades from his hands like i disccovered I can do. Anything I missed?" She asked, and he shook his head while pulling a cigar out of his jacket pocket and wondering how she knew all this.

"Can I ask what the Hell a Slayer is?" he asked, and they smiled slightly.

"A slayer is a girl chosen to figth Vampires, Demons, and the forces of Darkness. Pretty much a cliche considering our father is a vampire, our mum is a witch who almost ended the world, and we each resemble the opposites chosen guardian." Luna said.

"Aha. Maybe I should take you two back to Westchester with me. Just to have Chuck check you out. And Holy Hell, how can you breathe?" he added as an afterthought to her ramble.

"Our mum rambles alot longer with no breath.Lil just got that talent as a default to my serious gift of hearing." Luna replied, and sipped at her drink, then looked around again."Damn. There's James. I gotta go, sis. You decide where we go tomorrow!" she called, and that left Lily and Wolverine at the bar.

"Professor Xavier must be a brilliant man, and obviously not a pouf as my uncle calls my father for his saving-li-ness." she said quietly.

"He'sa telepath. He started the school for mutants," he responded.

"Could ya name some for me? I mean, i grew up around demons, and vamires, and wicca. Not mutants. Sorry."

"Well, Rogue is around your age, a little younger. Seh takes peoples life force from them. Jean was a telepath like the professor. Pyro is, well, a pyro, and Bobby controls ice. Scott has laser-vision,and Kurt," he was cut off by the voice behind him.

"Is vright Ere, Vlogan." he turned around to see the unmistakable blue mutant behind him.

"That's Hebrew. The Angel, The god, The lord,"Lily was studying Kurt's arm and naming off the symbols. Kurt was obviously surprised.

"You spveak the Language? But you arve so vyoung!" he said, and she smiled.

"My mother taught me. I think the one on your left hand is Gaelic, though. Often thought to be Hebrew. Yeah, it means *Protected.*" she said after double checking.

"How did you find time for language's like that? Don't they teach Spanish anymore?" Wolverine asked.

"Si, Senoir." she said lightly, then grinned. "My dad is over 250. He has time to spare, so he sang to me in Gaelic when i was little.I picked it up. He taught me what the words meant, and taught me the symbols that were used when he was little. "

"Ah, yes. So, should I take you and you're sister to the professor?" Logan asked, and she looked around.

"if you don't mind, I'll just come. I probably won't see Luna for a cupla weeks, since she got herself a beau. When do you want to leave?" she asked, and he grinned.

"We can leave now, if you don't mind. Kurt can come back later and get your things, if you need them," he explained, and she nodded.

"Kay, lets go." She stood, and looked around again." There is a small clearing in the woods out back. I use it for meditation. We can use that to teleport."

The small trio walked out back, Kurt staring in awe at the young girl in front of them, Logan studying her backside with slight interest until Kurt smacked him. She stopped in the center of a heavily wooded clearing. Kurt grabbed onto Logan's shoulder and Lily's wrist, whispering a prayer, Lily joining in. When they reached the grounds of the school Lily was extremely pale.

"I thought bites were bad. Eugh." she said while she reached into her pocket and took out a small vial of purple liquid. She gulped it down quickly, and to Logan's questioning look she said "Aspirin, holy water,and vodka. Personal cure for dizziness" and walked off with Kurt to the double doors that led into the school.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Holy Shit, who is that?" Pyro asked Bobby and Rogue who were sitting on the couch across from him. They were all watching as Logan walked in with Kurt and a small-ish redhead. Kurt and said redhead were talking anmatedly. They were all headed to the professor's office when they saw him appear in the hallway to the left, from the classrooms. They ll stood as one and walked into the hallway where the group stood. The redhead looked over and smiled at them, before returning her attention back to the professor.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The next day Lily had been assigned as a teacher, called her family, told her sister, and had all of her possessions transferred to the school. Today she was to be introduced to the students and other teachers. All she knew was she was going to be taking the teaching spot of Jean Grey, and that she had been a Telepath, and had died in the 'fight' against William Stryker. She looked around her room, and spotted her bag that held all of her books for her class. She grabbed it and brushed her hair back over her shoulder. She eyed her choice of clothing, deciding it was okay for her first class, a black and grey swirled skirt that trailed the floor, grey long sleeve shirt, and her combat boots that were always worn.

After deciding her outfit was good, Lily Charles Alexander Angel walked out of her safe, secluded room, and down to the office of Charles Xavier.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Xavier sat in his wheelchair in his office, his thoughts on his new young teacher.She was like Logan, but had more powers. he had discovered she could levitate objects, create fire and ice in any form, and healed rather quickly. She was amazingly strong, and had a sister rather similar to her, weaker slightly, but like her. This girl was truly amazing. And now she stood in front of him grinning slghtly.

"Thank you professor. But you wanted to see me?" she said sweetly, and he had to smie at the child.

"Yes, my dear. I wanted to introduce you to the other teachers." he said. "They should arrive," the door opened,"just now." In walked Logan followed by a black woman with a shock of white hair. The woman eyed her suspiciously, and she suddenly felt like she was a lab rat. It was the same with every one lese who walked in except for Kurt. When there were about twenty or so people in the room, the man in red glasses spoke.

"So, we have a new student? Why do all of us need to be here if she'll be in our..." he was cut off by the Professor speaking.

"My friends, this is Lily ANgel, our newest teacher.She will be taking over Jean's classes. She Is a mutant, but also something else. She will elaborate." he finished with a flourish to the girl, who widened her eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.

" uhm, yeah hi. I'm Lily. I'm one of a thousand,fifty slayers discovered. I was born to fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Things that go bump in the night are real. My mom is a witch, my dad is a vamire with a soul, my uncle is a demon with green skin and runs a karaoke bar. We accept anyone, and then i found out i was a mutant after Logan had a nice little foray in to a conversation I held. i have a gift identical to his, but I can do many more things. Levitation,element control, just small things I've done since i was little." she finished and let out her remaining breath. Everyone just looked at her like she was insane.

"Lily, could you demonstrate for them? I am afraid they may not understand completely." the professor asked, and she nodded. She stretched out her hand and three long slender blades came out of her skin with a slicing noise. Everyone gasped, and Logan looked like he wanted to pout, becasue her blades were almost twice the length of his. She then retracted them and waved her hand, causing the heavy mahogany desk to float in front of Professor Xavier. She let it float down then waved her hand again, making a small ball of blue and red energy.

"Is that what I think it is?" Ororo asked quietly, and Lily nodded with a smile.

"Fire essence, the red energy, mixed with essence of water, the blue. If they merge, then I have myself a pretty hefty piece of fireworks in my hand." Lily explained to those in the room who loked confused.

"I think that she may have met Pyro already the way she talks." Logan said with all seriousness, and Lily cocked her head.

"The only Pyro I've met is my uncle, who loves fire and whiskey more than life, which may be why he's dead." Everyone grinned at her,even Scott. Then the morning bells rang, and they all rushed off, Kurt leading Lily to her classroom.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"We have the red-head as a teacher. Miss Angel," Bobby said to Rogue as she sat next to him at lunch. he looked at Remy and Jubilee. Remy looked ecstatic. He'd taken an interestin the woman. And now, in several minutes, they'd all meet her.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Scott looked around his bare room, thinking about the girl that had come to teach. She looked just like Jean had, but completely different. Long hair, that was darker than Jean's had been, paler skin, greener eyes, and fuller lips. He shookhimself out of the daze as there was a knock on the door. He walked over and opened it, finding himself face to face (Or realy her face to his chest) with Lily Angel. She was holding a book to him that he recognized.

"The professor said to give this to you. It was in the classroom." she explained. She didn't seem intimidated by him, so he smiled slightly.

"Thank You. Uhm, don't you have a class?" he asked. She widened her eyes and looked at her watch.

"Shit. Sorry, but I have to go now. I'm, like, two minutes late!" she ran off faster than he'd ever seen anyone run before, escpecially in a long skirt that kept catching at one's ankles. She waved behind her back and smiled slightly before speeding up and turning down the hall.

` *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Kay, guys. Today is a Q&A day. I wanna get to know you. I ask a question, you answer, and then you can ask me a question." Lily explained to her class, who had all been waiting in their desks when she walked in. A boy with slightly long hair in the back sitting between a boy with blonde hair and a girl with dark copper hair raised his hand slightly.

'What are your powers?" he asked,and she smiled , before flashing out her hand to reveal the claws. She retracted them and made the ball of elements in her hand, rolling slightly. She made everything vanish, and grinned at him, before bursting into laughter with the rest of the class. "Whoa! Put me down!" he called, and she levitated him back to the floor.

"That explain it? I have freaky claws, not so freaky elemental control, and levitation. Now, You are John, what is your power?" she said boredly.

"I control fire. can't make it, but can twist it and configure it." he explained. She nodded. Rogue raised her hand, and Lily smiled.

"Rogue, is it? Okay, what is your power?" she asked, and Rogue grimaced.

"I take the life force out of people with instant contact. How old are you?" she sadi rapidly.

"I am nineteen. I went to the University of McKerganiscalville in Ireland. Now, just tell me you're gifts, and ask a question." She learned about all the children's powers that half hour, and was asked every thing from what she was to if she was dating.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"So, Professor Angel isn't dating, is a year older than us, and made me look like a fool," Pyro said after classes had ended. Bobby looked at him pointedly.

"What, a bigger fool than you already are?" he said, and Rogue grinned while Pyro looked at him threateningly, flicking open his lighter. He went to grab the flame and was stopped by the lighter hovering out of his hand and to a figure behind them. lily Angel grabbed the lighter and smirked evilly.

"Now, I thought You were supposed to be role models for the little people here! Hurumph." she said while studying the lighter with vague interest.

"Hey! Give it back bit....Er, sorry Professor," Pyro said angrily. Lily just smirked.

"No you aren't. That's the beauty of it." she said cryptically. They gave her lost looks, and she tossed the lighter back before walking away to the teacher's quarters.

"She is so scaryshe rocks." Pyro said softly.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Scott looked at Lily who had just held an interesting conversation with Pyro, Bobby and Rogue. She was incredibly cryptic, and sexy, he had to admit. She threw hima grin and walked over.

"I had to do that. I pull an Angel trick every so often, and this was one of those days." she said through a rather large smile.

"That was the first time I have ever seen him speechless." scott said smoothly.

"Wow. Normally my dad is the only one i can make speechless." She looked at him and smiled. Glancing down at her watched, she paled. "I have to go. I'll talk to you later, Scott."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Red" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jul 04.

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