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Ms. Rosenberg Goes to Washington

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Summary: After an incident with Spike, Willow goes to work at the White House.

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Television > West Wing > Willow-Centered(Moderator)MalanaFR151119,5500817,2623 Jan 0324 Feb 03Yes

Chapter 11

7 months later-February

    "What the hell are you doing here, Willow?"  Toby asked as soon as he saw the VERY pregnant young woman enter the Communications Bullpen.

    Willow rolled her eyes, "Nice to see you too, Toby."

    Toby just looked at her. "You're not supposed to be here. You're due any day now.  Go home."

    Willow put her hands on her hips, and stared back at her boss. "Tonight's the State of the Union.  Which, in case you've forgotten, isn't locked down yet.  I'm here to work, Toby."

    Toby almost smiled, "While I appreciate you're dedication, you could go into labor at any minute.  Does Sam know you're here?"

    "Sam is not the boss of me!"  Willow paused. "Well, yes, actually he is the boss of me.  But I'm not going any where.  I've worked hard on this speech, and I want to see it to the finish."

    Toby raised his hands in surrender. "Fine, but I'm not defending you once Sam finds out. You really should be at home, relaxing.  You should watch the speech from your apartment."

    Willow scoffed, "Even if I was a home, you know there is no way I could relax. It's the State of the Union for god's sake.  I'm not going to miss it."  She flashed Toby a smile, "I'll be in my office.  Please don't' go out of your way to tell Sam that I'm here.  The longer it takes him to find out, the more work I can get done.  He'll totally freak out, and I'd really like to put that off as long as possible...."  Willow trailed off as she noticed Toby was staring past her.  "He's right behind me, isn't he?"  Willow turned and saw Sam standing there, his arms crossed, a frown on his face. "Ummm, hi, Sweetie.  How's it going?"

    Sam just looked at her, eyebrows raised.  "Go home. Now."  He said firmly.

    Willow glared at him, hard, "Excuse me?"

        Sam cleared his throat nervously, "Um, I mean, you should probably go home. Please."

    "Sam, I'm staying.  I want to be here for everything today.  I'm not going to miss the State of the Union."

    Knowing that there was no way he would convince her to go home, and not wanting to piss her off, Sam decided not to press the issue.

"Okay, but be careful.  Try to take is as easy as you can."

    Toby had had enough. "Okay everybody.  Enough of this.  We have work to do.  Sections 8, 15, and 17 need to be repolished, and the President isn't happy with section 5.  Sam take 8, Willow take 15.  I'll work on 17 and 5.  Be in my office in a hour with ideas.  I want this done before lunch.  Let's do this people.

*That Night*

    Willow was both extremely happy, and extremely nervous.  The speech was done.  In fact, the President would be delivering it in about half an hour.  Willow couldn't wait to see it.  She still couldn't quite believe that she had helped to write a State of the Union address.  Willow pulled the dress she was going to wear off its hanger.  It had taken her forever to find one that she could wear pregnant.  But she had finally managed to find a beautiful, but simple, blue dress.  She had just finished changing into it, when there was a knock on her office door.

    "Willow, it's me. Are you ready to go?"

    "Yeah, just give me a second."  Willow called.  That's when it happened. "Oh, God."

    "Willow, what is it?  What's wrong?"  Sam asked.  He tried the knob, but the door was locked. "Willow!"  The door opened, and Willow stood there, ashen faced.

    "Sam, my water just broke."  Willow smiled nervously.  "I think I need to get to the hospital."

*Several Hours Later*

    Willow had never felt pain like the pain of giving birth.  But all thoughts of that disappeared the moment she held her triplets in her arms.  Two girls, and a boy: Joyce, Jenny, and Jesse.  Named after the important people whom she had lost in her years on the hellmouth:  The woman who had been more of a mother to her than her real mother ever was, the woman who had been an idol and mentor, and the boy who had been one of her best friends.

    For now the triplets had been taken to the nursery.  Willow was relaxing in her hospital bed. Waiting for her friends to arrive.  From what Sam had been told over the phone, the speech had gone very well.  C.J. was bringing over a tape of it, so that Willow and Sam could watch it.  Sam had also called the Sunnydale gang to tell them the good news.  They would be visiting as soon as they could, probably in shifts, so they wouldn't leave the hellmouth unprotected.

    Willow looked up as Sam reentered the room, a cup of tea in his hand.  He looked tried, but happy.  The two smiled at each other, and Sam walked over, seating on the edge of Willow's bed.  He set his tea aside, and just gazed at Willow for a moment, brushing a strand of hair gently out of her eyes.

    "Willow," Sam started, "I've been thinking..."

    "Yeah?"  Willow asked a little sleepily.

    "I want you to marry me."

    "What?"  Suddenly, Willow felt wide awake.

    "I love you, Willow.  Will you marry me?"
    Willow's face lit up in a brilliant smile.  "Yes, Sam.  I'll marry you."

    Sam leaned over and place a gentle kiss on her lips.  Willow couldn't image ever being happier than she was at that moment.  She had three beautiful children, and now she would have a husband.   For the first time since the incident with Spike, Willow was completely happy.  No doubts, no fears, just happiness.  She knew that the feeling would last forever. But she would enjoy it while it lasted, and she knew that more moments like this lay in her future.

The End

You have reached the end of "Ms. Rosenberg Goes to Washington". This story is complete.

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