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Dead Slayers don't talk

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Summary: An attack at the lupanar ends up with an angry Executioner. no pairings

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Anita Blake > General > DarkStardustFR1811,140032,65821 Jul 0421 Jul 04Yes
Dead Slayer's Don't Talk...

Rated R and for language and well lots of it.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anita Blake Characters nor do I own the Buffy characters, they belong to Laurell K. Hamilton and Joss Whedon.

A/N: post season 7 of Buffy and after Cerulean sins when Anita, Asher, and Jean-Claude get all couply.

Summary: When an attack on the lupanar has bad results, what is the Executioner's reaction.

Anita stared in shock at Jean-Claude before returning her attention to the older gentlemen who seemed to have been hitting the brandy bottle quite a bit already. “What happened? I can tell that there was a big assed fight. But what the fuck happened to them?”

“The best that we can guess Miss Blake is that since Buffy and Willow wanted to make sure that the lupanar was as secure as Mister Zeeman believed it to be, they went in with a few of the wolves to double check. Unfortunately there was an attack and losses were high.” Rupert Giles responded sarcastically, “The attackers felt that the two girls were too large a threat to their existence and just attacked.”

“She promised to tell me how she managed to cope with all the shit that life through at her.” Anita screamed at the inebriated Rupert, “isn’t there anything we can do to bring her back to life.”

“Well if you really want to risk trying to animate all the pieces of her body that was left… well except for the heart, that is missing.” Rupert looked thoughtful for a few moments, “But I’d really suggest against it.”

“And why is that? I’m a fucking Necromancer, I can do it if I so wish.” Anita’s ire and rage against everything that she had been informed of thus far was really starting to rub on Jean-Claude and Rupert.

“Because ma petite, she was brought back to life once before. I rather think she’d prefer to stay dead this time. Perhaps she has written down the secret to coping with life’s stressors.” Jean-Claude commented, trying to keep his human servant at least fifty percent calm.

“Don’t try using that Zen technique on me Jean-Claude, its bad enough I’m going to have to deal with Richard’s pissiness about the attack at the lupanar and the fact I wasn’t there to help. I’m the pack’s fucking Bolverk. I’m supposed to be there for them.” Anita spat coldly as she moved into his comforting embrace, a few tears trickling down her cheek.

“How many others were injured or worse yet killed?” This question came from the blonde vampire hiding in the shadows trying to keep from being noticed.

Rupert glanced around dazedly, “Oh let’s see. Some fellow named Jason was injured, but he’s being looked over by Lillian. One of the candidates for lupa was injured badly; they think she won’t make it through the night. A few of the leopards and two rats.” He paused, trying to think through the rest of the details that had been thrown at him when he went to examine the bodies. “And Xander was there with his new girlfriend.”

Anita looked up in shock, “oh god, Jessica… are they… is she?” The executioner couldn’t even finish her sentence. “Tell me they aren’t…”

“I’m afraid to say that both are dead, they haven’t found Xander’s head yet. The detective’s family has agreed to cremate the body and perhaps scatter the ashes.” Rupert shrugged and looked around for something else to dull his pain.

“Damian… could you see that Mr. Giles gets back to his home safely. I am worried that his method for dulling his pain may have severely impacted his ability to drive safely.” Jean-Claude requested as he tried to comfort Anita even more. “We are very sorry for your loss Monsieur Giles.”

“I should have known that when one went, they would all leave at the same time. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be for a while yet.” Giles sighed, “I really should head home and let the rest of the extended ‘family’ know what happened.”

After Giles left, Anita wiped her eyes bitterly and then sat down on a nearby chair, “Richard was getting down to a few candidates for Lupa, I was almost certain he’d made a decision and was preparing to announce it to the entire pack. The girl was a sweet little thing with a taste for life that was unrivaled by most of the pack.” Anita sniffled slightly, “Jason’s going to be pissed as hell when he finds out he lost a close friend in the fight.”

“Monsieur Giles said that two of the leopards had been hurt in the fight. I truly hope it was not your Micah, he made you smile and gave you something I never really could.” Jean-Claude murmured as he moved to massage Anita’s shoulders.

“I think it was Gregory and Nathaniel, they’d gotten to be on good terms with Jason and the lupa candidate that Jason was friends with.” Anita gave a very tired sigh as she relaxed slowly, “I hate having to find out second hand that someone who I had grown close to is dead for good. It’s just wrong.”

“At least you did not have to identify bodies this night ma petite. I have heard from Meng-die that it was not a pleasant sight to behold.” Jean-Claude stated softly as he nodded to Asher briefly, knowing that the rest of the news he had to share was not going to be pleasant for anyone in the Circus.

Buffy glanced at Willow before speaking, “do you think we should visit her, tell her that it wasn’t her fault?” the blonde asked, voice echoing softly in the wide open space.

“Don’t you think that would freak her out even more? You saw how pissed off she got when she heard you were torn apart, literally in this case, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to reanimate your body. Remember the mess we went through before.” The red haired witch whispered as she watched the scene below and winced at some of the language, “wow, she’s got a worse vocabulary then Spike… and that’s saying a lot.”

“I guess we should go then. Can’t keep them waiting, and besides processing me should be easy… or at least I hope so, they only did it twice before and started to a third time. It may take a while to get all of your paperwork in order.” Buffy stated with a tiny hint of a giggle in her voice as she linked arms with Willow and headed off towards where Xander was waiting with his girlfriend.

“You’d think they would have gotten with the times and done things electronically now-a -days.” Willow grumbled good-naturedly as she followed the faint path towards their new home.

“Quit whining, I think it’s cool that they process people the old fashioned way and require signatures and dates and such. Makes it so much easier to keep track of lives that way. Can you picture trying to keep track of everyone’s life electronically with out the computer crashing?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Dead Slayers don't talk". This story is complete.

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