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Things That Never Happened to Anya or did they?

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Summary: FFA176 - Anya/Roger ("I Dream of Jeannie") Drabble Challenge - Featuring Anya - Cheers, Cupid, Deep Space Nine, Stargate: SG-1, MacGyver, Highlander, Angel, Family Ties, Charmed, Greek Mythology (Herc/Xena Style), A-Team, & (New) I Dream of Jeannie

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Multiple Crossings > Anya-Centered(Moderator)TeriFR13132,1410186,25421 Jul 0419 Dec 04Yes


Things that Never Happened to Anya or Did They?
by Teri

(I can't count . . . so I present Drabble #11)

11. A-Team – PG - Word Count 158

Circa: Vietnam War

“I am so tied of them all hitting on me and chasing me like I am some sort of prize.” A pretty young Army nurse complained to her friend.

Anya grinned at her. “Don’t you sometimes wish they all would just go away?”

“Well . . . “

“Hey Suzie,” A handsome young Lieutenant interrupted. “You want to see the film with me tonight?”

“No, I don’t. Just like I didn’t want to go last time either.” The girl turned to Anya. “Do you see what I mean? They don’t leave me alone. I just wish that he knew what it was like to be chased like some kind of prize.”

Anyanka showed her true face. “Done.”

Suzie looked on shock, but the Lieutenant never saw it. Instead he heard his commander’s voice.

“Kid, change in plans. We got a mission from Morrison tonight.”

“Sure, coming Hannibal.” Face answered before leaving on the now infamous Hanoi Bank Job.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking