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Things That Never Happened to Anya or did they?

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Summary: FFA176 - Anya/Roger ("I Dream of Jeannie") Drabble Challenge - Featuring Anya - Cheers, Cupid, Deep Space Nine, Stargate: SG-1, MacGyver, Highlander, Angel, Family Ties, Charmed, Greek Mythology (Herc/Xena Style), A-Team, & (New) I Dream of Jeannie

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Multiple Crossings > Anya-Centered(Moderator)TeriFR13132,1410186,25421 Jul 0419 Dec 04Yes

I Dream of Anya

Things that Never Happened to Anya . . . or Did They?

A Multi-fandom / Buffy: The Vampire Crossover

By Teri

Summary: Anya has had a long life and has done a lot of interesting things. Drabble collection featuring Cheers, Cupid, Star Trek: DS9, Stargate, MacGyver, Highlander, Angel, Family Ties, Charmed, Greek Mythology, A-Team, & NEW: I Dream of Jeannie.


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I still can't count so I present drabble 12 of 10 drabble collection :)

#176 in the FFA Christmas 2004 event, but by the time I was able to post it, someone else has answered the Roger/Anya challenge. However, I thought I would post it anyway.

Drabble #11: I Dream of Jeannie

PG – Word Count 215

I Dream of Anya . . .

"I just want a girl who is pretty and smart, very rich, and has the ability to change the world because I say ‘I wish,’" Roger shrugged. "Is that to much to ask for, Tony?"

"Rog, I told you before I am not going to let Jeannie set you up with anyone from her family and that’s final."

"But, its me loveable Roger, aw, come on Tony. Just this once. Please!"

"No," Tony shook his head Roger was always trying to get Jeannie to grant him some wish usually involving a girl. Some day all his scheming would get him into real trouble. Roger with a girl who could grant wishes, that had to be trouble. "Besides, don’t have that blind date tonight?"

"Yeah, told her to meet me here."

"Here?" Tony asked in surprise, "why here?"

"Well, I certainly don’t want her to know where I live if it doesn’t work out. Do I?"

"Of course, not," Tony muttered as the doorbell rang. "And I suppose you want me to answer the door for you too?"

"It is your house."

Tony was exasperated, but he went and answered the door. "May I help you?"

"I am here to see Roger Healey," the woman at the door answered with a big bright smile. "I’m Anya."

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I hope someone enjoyed this.

Teri 12/19/04

The End

You have reached the end of "Things That Never Happened to Anya or did they?". This story is complete.

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