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Things That Never Happened to Anya or did they?

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Summary: FFA176 - Anya/Roger ("I Dream of Jeannie") Drabble Challenge - Featuring Anya - Cheers, Cupid, Deep Space Nine, Stargate: SG-1, MacGyver, Highlander, Angel, Family Ties, Charmed, Greek Mythology (Herc/Xena Style), A-Team, & (New) I Dream of Jeannie

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Multiple Crossings > Anya-Centered(Moderator)TeriFR13132,1410186,25421 Jul 0419 Dec 04Yes


10 Things That Never Happened to Anya
by Teri

5. MacGyver – PG – Word Count 111

“He doesn’t love me.” A woman sat talking with Anya.

“And what do you wish would happen?”

“I don’t know Mac is so handsome and smart. Maybe if he weren’t so smart, such a free spirit, he could love me. Yeah, maybe if he were dumber . . . . yeah that is what I wish. I wish MacGyver would be dumber, less of a free spirit, and maybe even get a hair cut.”

The girl felt a hundred times better, even if she only knew MacGyver in passing. He should lover her.

Anyanka smiled, “Done.”

Elsewhere, Angus MacGyver had a sudden urge to join the Air Force. . . .

(I am sorry, I know that is an implied Stargate: SG-1 ending and the “Smart Jack” people are all going to kill me, but I couldn’t resist this one.)
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking