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10 Things that Never Happened to a Wyndham-Price

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Summary: 10 things that never happened to Wesley Wyndham-Price, written in 10 100-word drabbles. A multi-crossover with Harry Potter, Star Trek:Voyager, That 70s Show, Cat Woman, Charmed, Minority Report, NCIS, Artemis Fowl, and Lonestar State of Mind.

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Multiple Crossings > Wesley-CenteredpariFR1391,266084,64923 Jul 0426 Jul 04No

You Just Have to Know Where to Look

You Just Have to Know Where to Look

series: 10 Things that Never Happened to a Wyndham-Price

by pari

[ A response to the 10 Things that Never Happened challenge at TtH (#389) ]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Wesley and co. belong to Joss; Lonestar State of Mind was written by Trevor Munson and produced by Marshall Herskovitz, Richard Solomon, and Edward Zwick.

Summary: 10 things that never happened to Wesley Wyndham-Price. This part: Wesley never… met a “Savior” from Bennett, Texas.



“Yes, and thank you again. For all your… help.”

Wesley exchanged looks with Fred and Gunn, as they said goodbye to the two young men who had unexpectedly come to their aid. One of them was a P.I. here in Los Angeles, he’d said. Named Jesus Earl Crest.

After the dust had settled (and the ashes) and those folks from Wolfram and Hart had gone back to their office building… Jimbo turned to Earl.

“Hey, Earl. You know that guy back there with the glasses? You think he might be gay? ‘Coz he’s kinda cute.”

“I have my doubts, Jimbo.”



[ A/N: this will undoubtedly make no sense to you if you haven’t seen this movie. which is just hilarious. it’s a weird choice for a crossover with AtS, I know - but I wanted to write something different than usual for each of these, and I was watching this movie the other day (Joshua Jackson in a cowboy hat) and decided to go with it. so there is the method in my madness. such as it is ;p ]





The End?

You have reached the end of "10 Things that Never Happened to a Wyndham-Price" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jul 04.

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