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What friends mean

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Summary: sequel for "whay family means"

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Harry Potter > Connor-CenteredDawnieFR131599021,18923 Jul 0423 Jul 04Yes
Hi. I don’t own Ange(belongs to josh whendon) nor Harry Potter(belongs to j.k. rowlling).

This is a sequel to my story “What family means” because some people had asked me to continue it.

I hope it sums the story up quite well.


Connor POV

Love kills. I learned it the minute I was born. You see my mother sacrificed herself so I could live. Not my only mother. The other one , the one which for some time I believed was my mother due to some spell, did the same thing. I realize it now, love brings only death. And then there is more… It’s easier to kill if you don’t care about a person, but killing the one you care about makes you stronger. Now my father, my REAL father, the vampire with a soul called Angel, is standing in front of me. I have just killed my worst enemy, no it was Harry Potter’s worst enemy, and I feel nothing. I wonder what would it feel like to kill my worst enemy. My father.

You see, it’s his fault I am the way I am now. If he hadn’t turned me into this…this boy full of goodness, courage and love. Even worse hope… if he hadn’t done that I wouldn’t hate him so much. I wouldn’t hate him for showing what real love was, for showing me how much I care about him. Lucius bows to me and leaves, the Death Eaters follows, no one stops them, I guess they are too surprised to do anything.

“ Son.” You come closer to me, your hand reaching mine, eyes searching for something familiar.

“ Go away.” I can’t recognize my own voice. It’s so weak and scared. This moment I wish I were James Potter’s son. This moment I wish I were anything but Connor, Angel's son, but I am not.

“ Son, I want to help you.” I know you do, you always did and even when I put you into that damn box and dropped you into the ocean you still did. Talk about unconditional love. No one ever loved me like that. I am wrong again. Sirius did, Weasleys love me too. But Sirius is dead and Weasleys are looking at me with fear so you are the only one that’s left.

“ Connor.” You reach for me and I step back. I can’t do this, I must be strong.

“ Ron…” My friend answers my plea even when he doubts me. Ron stands next to me ignoring Molly’s shouts and points his wand at you.

“ I don’t know who you are, but leave my friend alone.” He is so brave, I can smell his fear, you must too, but he is still here. Someone stands next to me. It’s Hermione, my sweet innocent Hermione. She points her wand too and takes my hand.

“ Son…” Your voice is so desperate and I can feel you will cry soon.

When you kill someone you love you become stronger. I have my friends who will stand by me no matter what, I have love of people who had seen me at my worst, I don’t want to be the next Dark lord. I don’t want power, I just want to be me. Maybe I don’t need to be strong. Maybe I just need my family.

“ Dad.” I smile, let go of Hermione’s hand and hug you. You catch your breath. It’s funny knowing you don’t breath and take me into bone crushing hug.

Love kills. I learned it the minute I was born. Love heals, I am starting to learn it.

The End

You have reached the end of "What friends mean". This story is complete.

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