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10 Things That Never Happened to Oz

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Summary: Answer to the challenge

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Family Tradition

Title: Family Tradition
Author: Tabitha
Series/Challenge: 10 things that never happened to Oz.
Rating: G

Willow rummaged through his drawer, looking for sleepwear, and pulled out a set of old photos. “Who are they?”

Oz looked up. “My great-grandparents.” His girlfriend sat down beside him on the bed and held them out. “He was a sailor. She went to medical school. Started a school for the blind and deaf.” He traced calloused fingers over their faces. “Gus. Felicity.” Papa Gus had told wonderful stories. He had died at 95; Nana Lissie followed a month later, saying she’d already been widowed. Oz resolved to tell Willow the story, starting with, “He died at sea in 1910.”

Disclaimer: Felicity, Gus and Road to Avonlea belong to Kevin Sullivan. Oz to Joss.
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