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Ten Things that Oz Never Did

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Summary: A response to the '10 Things That Never Happened' challenge.

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Multiple Crossings > Oz-CenteredPaBurkeFR7101,24901112,50224 Jul 0424 Jul 04Yes


Title: Never Worked with the Dead Dead
Author: PaBurke
Series/Challenge: 10 Things That Oz Never Did
Rating: G

Oz followed the directions his high school friend had given him, but once he was close, all he had to do was follow his nose. The Body Farm reeked of decaying flesh. Oz found the front gate, gave his name and identification. The guard waved him through.

Tall Rob McCarty was waiting on the office steps. “Thanks for coming, Oz.”


Both men turned to the voice.

“Ah. Oz, this is Gil Grissom. He’s a wiz with bugs. Gil, Oz’s helping me set up my computer program and sift through data.”

“You don’t mind working with the dead?”

“Hometown pastime.”

Disclaimer: Oz goes to Whedon, Grissom goes to CBS, the concept of the Body Farm belongs to the University of Tennessee.
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