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Willow Tree and Blackie

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Summary: Willow meets a lost dog and finds a new companion. mid year fic for Shannon

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackStardustFR1311,502012,13825 Jul 0425 Jul 04Yes
Name: Shannon

Author's Request

Genre: Harry Potter, Anita Blake

Max Rating: NC-17

Characters: Willow, Snape, Sirius, Lupin, Hermione, Dawn, Draco

Type: Fluff, Romance, PwP

Want To See: Happy ending

Not Want To See: slash

Therefore I have written this:

Author: Trina

Genre: Harry Potter

Rating: PG-13 for a teensy bit of language

Pairing: Willow/Sirius

Type: Fluffy

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter or Buffy, those belong to J.K. Rowling and Joss Whedon and their respective companies who make a profit from the items. I am not one of them, therefore to sue is fruitless.

A/N: for Shannon because her original writer flaked on her.

Willow Tree and Blackie

The tree had been there for as long as he could remember, but he knew it was a new addition to the terrain which he called home. The feel of magic was fairly thick in the air, it felt like home, but at the same time not. Sirius Black didn’t have a clue as to where he was. He only knew that he’d been there for at least two years and it felt like the time had been so much shorter.

Willow closed her eyes and concentrated on her inner peace, knowing that if she wanted to be able to track down the rest of the activated slayers she’d have to know faces and names and locations for each of the girls. The last time she’d visited her peaceful little spot there had been a large black dog sleeping underneath the tree that had sprung up as her marker the first time she’d visited after the destruction of Sunnydale. She didn’t know who he belonged to or even if he was just a figment of her imagination, a wish for a pet that Angelus wouldn’t have killed. But having the dog nearby was more so of a comfort then anything else she could have thought of.

Sirius looked up as the red-haired witch approached the tree where he was napping, she looked a little tired and sad, which saddened him because he had grown to enjoy her company and listening to her talk about what she was doing. What the heck was a Slayer? And why was she looking for them.

“Hello Blackie, how have you been the past few days?” Willow greeted affectionately as she knelt beside Sirius and scratched him behind the ears. “Do you feel up to making a bit of a trip with me boy?”

Sirius looked up at Willow mournfully, tilting his head just slightly as though asking about the trip.

“We’re going to visit the Ghostly Plain briefly. I heard the most atrocious rumor that an old friend of mine had died because Buffy was being a stuck up brat about the whole evil law firm thing.” Willow rubbed the tip of her nose slightly, “maybe we can find someone there who will know who your owner is.” A weak smile passed over her face, not staying long enough to really show emotion. “Ready boy?”

The trip wasn’t too bad, not as bad as falling through the veil in the first place. But the first thing Sirius noticed after the temperature change was that he wasn’t in dog form anymore.

“Blackie?” Willow asked as she turned and then let out this little gasp, “Who are you? What have you done with the black dog that was with me?” She glared as Sirius shuffled his feet a bit. “Answer me before I get all medieval on your ass.”

“Funny you should ask about that…” Sirius began, “I am or rather I was an animagus, my form was a black dog.” He cleared his throat awkwardly, “My name is Sirius Black… and I’ve gotten to know a lot about you, but since I went through this veil in the Department of Mysteries back in Scotland I’ve not been able to get back home.”

“Holy cow, you are so British. And a wizard, double the cow holiness. Did you know Giles?” Willow was shocked and a little intrigued by the British hotness that was standing before her. “I’m not sure but it is possible that you could be from a totally different dimension or something. It’s happened before… except I’d really rather not meet my vampire doppelganger again, she was a prude.”

“Who is this Giles? I don’t think I’ve known anyone by that first name.” Sirius stated as he thought over the last bit of information that the pretty redhead had tossed out, hopefully she hadn’t been aware of the ending of the babble. “There are vampires where you come from?”

Willow blushed, “yeah, I was kind of hoping you would miss that part of the mini-babble. There are also vampire slayer’s which are girls chosen from around the world to protect the world from the demons, vampires and other assorted Hellmouth baddies. They are the Slayers, and once they fought alone but now we encourage them to have a support group set up to help them through their fights and battles.”

“And here I thought that such things were legends and tales told by parents to frighten children into behaving.” Sirius shook his head briefly and looked out over the misty and fairly gray area where he saw three figures approaching, one he recognized as James, but the other two were completely unknown. “I think we have company.” He murmured to his petite companion.

“Cordy. Wes!” Willow was torn between being happy to see her friends and at the same time saddened that the rumors of their deaths had been true. “What happened to you guy’s?”

“Cordy was possessed by Jasmine and then she slipped into a coma, came out of it briefly to help Angel against Lindsey and then she died. I died when Angel and the team went against The Black Thorns, a knife in the stomach is far more painful that I ever though it would be.” Wesley explained, “James here was just telling us that since Sirius went through the veil and ended up elsewhere that his son has been a lot more vengeful and determined to do some damage to the local evil lord.”

“That’s good… I guess. Now that I know both of you are up here and out of trouble I think I’ll head back home. There’s so much work I have yet to do before I can take time off.” Willow gave a watery smile as she hugged the former Seer and Watcher, “take care of yourselves up here.”

“You mean to tell me that you’re still doing that dumb slut’s grunt work?” Cordy asked as she stomped her foot, “No, I won’t hear it. I want you to take a nice vacation with dog boy here. You deserve it. You’ve been searching for slayers for the past year and haven’t even taken the time to enjoy the sites.”

“Normally I would disagree but you have earned some time to yourself, go find a nice little vacation spot away from Buffy so she can’t call and harass you about work she should be doing instead of doing that fellow she met in Rome.” Wesley nodded to Sirius briefly, “have fun you two. Don’t let Buffy get you down.”

Willow watched as the three walked away laughing at something Cordelia had said. “Since they seem so gung-ho on me taking time off from work… How would you feel about coming home with me?”

“Is that even possible, I don’t even know where you live.” Sirius paused, “then again, I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of being in that empty place for the next several years alone.”

“So, that does mean you’re coming home with me right?” Willow paused, a slightly happier smile on her face as she thought about taking someone home to alleviate her own loneliness. “I currently have this apartment in Italy, the lease will be up on it soon and we can head to France next, I think it will be nice to not be alone anymore.”

“Why are you alone? I would have thought that you would have a boyfriend or something.” Sirius tilted his head at Willow, examining her for any sign of a lie.

“Well my girlfriend left me when I began searching for Slayer’s; she said I wasn’t nearly exciting enough for her. It is for the best though. I don’t have to worry too much about being prepared for unexpected company when I’m checking for new information on girls I’m searching for.”

“Well, you won’t have to be alone anymore. I sort of like you. You’re funny, have a unique sense of humor. You know how to use magic, although I’m not used to wandless magic yet, but I’ll adjust. And you made me feel at home when you were working there. I think I can help you with your work when you’re not taking time off to just enjoy life. I plan to spoil you a bit because I don’t think you were often spoiled.”

Willow smiled slightly, “Nope, I was usually left alone as a child, growing up I was on my own more often then not until Giles took me in as part of his hodge podge family in Sunnydale. We still keep close, but he’s been hinting that I shouldn’t be so by myself anymore. He’ll be surprised to hear that I met someone and am no longer alone.” She paused, “Let’s go home Sirius.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Willow Tree and Blackie". This story is complete.

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