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Rebirth: Family

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Summary: A chance meeting in London has consequences beyond anything they could have imagined. Completed.

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Chapter 1

Title: Rebirth: Family

Author: Arjen

Length: About 14.000 words

Summary: A chance meeting in
London has
consequences beyond anything they could have imagined.

Pairings: Nothing really. Like in Rebirth: Noir, there’s nothing that stands in
the way of a relationship between Kirika and Mireille but it isn’t important to
the story so you can read it anyway you like.

Rating: This story might not be suitable for young children.

Crossover: Noir

Disclaimer: All characters are property of Mutant Enemy,

ADV films and whoever else wants to lay claim to them. Everything that I
thought up is made using their property so I can’t really claim that either.

Feedback: Preferably constructive criticism, tell me what I’ve done
right and wrong and I’ll be happy. Flames I consider as written by five years
old who according to that ridiculous rating system aren’t allowed to read this.

Chronology: Rebirth: Noir, Rebirth: Family, Rebirth. The first chapter of
Rebirth will be posted simultaneously with the last chapter of this story.

Author’s Note: This story has nothing to do with the Black Sunrise
stories, except that I got the idea for that while writing this one. In case
you’re unfamiliar with Noir, I have posted a primer for the series in my story
The Day After.

Background: Post Season 7 for Buffy, she and Dawn are doing their
Europe thing but have been called to London. Kirika and Mireille from Noir are
there as well, in reaction to the events of Rebirth: Noir. That story isn’t
necessary to understand this one but can be found on

~~~~~~~~~~~~ indicates a change of POV


Chapter 1:


While the sun was doing its best to warm her, Dawn still felt cold and she
couldn’t believe the crazy people in this country called it autumn. Burrowing a
little more in her far too thin jacket she cursed the lack of a decent coat to
wear. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had felt so cooped up she would
never have gone out today.

Uttering a soft sigh she amended that statement. She would have gone out even
if it had been freezing, for the first time since she and Buffy had arrived in
London it had finally stopped raining and she really needed to get away from the
older girl. It was ridiculous how much the two of them were still at each others
throats but it was almost as if they couldn’t help it. So now she was walking
towards the one place in this dismal country, where people couldn’t even drive
on the right side of the road, that she had learned to love.

The city had a number of parks and after they had first come here several
months ago she had found one that she really liked. The place where she had been
able to think about everything that had happened to her during the last couple
of years. She had spent hours there, lying in the grass and enjoying the sun,
while trying to figure everything out. It had been there that she had tried to
deal with the loss of those who hadn’t made it out of Sunnydale and where she
had finally really faced down the insecurities about her own existence.

Of course, it wasn’t all as simple as that but at least she had started to
deal with those things then and now several months later she was returning to
the park having made a lot of progress. Halting her progress for a moment she
checked the streets before crossing the busy street to the coffee shop that told
her she was almost at her destination. The excitement of returning there was
greater than she had actually anticipated and with her heart in her throat she
sped up until she finally turned the corner, only to stop in wonder at the sight
before her.

Where the park had been beautiful during the summer, the way the leaves were
changing colors now was just incredible. She had half expected to be
disappointed by the sight that would great her, after all she had been pinning
some high expectations on it for the last couple of days, but this array of
colors was breathtaking. The cold forgotten and all her worries put aside Dawn
walked into the small park.

The wonderful aroma she always associated with trees assaulted her nose and
managed to drive out every other smell. Walking between the trees she enjoyed
the peace it brought and tried to shut out the sounds of civilization as she
moved towards the clearing she had spent so much of her time. Giddy with joy at
once again walking in this little peace of heaven she arrived at the tiny lake,
well she realized that realistically it should have been called a pond but that
didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

There however her good mood evaporated a little, it seemed that she hadn’t
been the only one who thought that now would be a nice time to visit here.
Looking around she tried to find a free seat on one of the benches but as she
had already half-expected there wasn’t one.

During the summer she had spent most of her time lying on the grass but she
didn’t even have to actually feel it in order to know that option was out today.
With the way it had been raining for the past week orso it wasn’t exactly dry
anymore and she refused to sit down on wet grass, especially in this cold.
Putting her hands in the pocket of her jacket she realized that once again she
was feeling the cold and Dawn didn’t like that anymore than she did the fact she
couldn’t sit down.

Walking over to the lake she took her time to look at the ducks and other
birds still inhabiting the bit of water. After all, she needed to do something
until a seat opened up for her. Luckily she hadn’t come totally unprepared for
this event and took out the bread she had smuggled out of Giles’ apartment.
Feeding the birds she wondered if they shouldn’t be moving south or something.
She had never really paid attention to what birds actually did when it got cold
but she didn’t think they could like this weather anymore then she did.

Now she was thinking of the cold again! She knew that was stupid since it
only made her feel colder but she couldn’t help it. Out of the corner of her eye
she then noticed something she had been waiting for. A blonde woman was saying
goodbye to her friend, opening up a place she could sit down, and Dawn
immediately started walking to the bench. After all, it wouldn’t do if someone
else was going to sit in what she now deemed to be her spot.

* * *

“Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” Dawn asked the Japanese girl who already
occupied the bench.

A slight shake of the head was all the answer she received but that was
enough for her. Sitting down she let out a sigh of relief before she introduced
herself to the other. “I’m Dawn, what’s your name?”

The answer didn’t come immediately and when it came it was spoken so softly
she almost missed it. “Nice to meet you, Kirika. So what brings you here? Are
you on vacation or do you live in London?”

For the first time she got a good look at the other’s face as she turned to
face Dawn. She had already noticed the girl was short and unlike her didn’t
appear to even notice the cold. Nobody should be able to wear only a thin jacket
in that cold and then not even have the decency to close it! But now that she
could see in her face the thing that most surprised her was how innocent the
girl’s eyes looked. She had no idea anyone could actually be that innocent but
then most people she had met knew about vampires and stuff.

“Business.” Huh? Oh the girl had answered her.

“Really? What kind of business?” Hey, it couldn’t hurt to ask, could it?
Although the short flash in the girl’s eyes showed her that no matter how
innocent she appeared there were things she didn’t want to talk about. “Okay,
sorry I asked. Anyway I am on vacation myself, well sort of. My sister has a
meeting with someone and I was dragged along, all the way from Napels! I mean it
was hot there not this ridiculous weather.”

She had expected the other to say something by now in reply and when no
answer came she frowned a little in surprise. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

Once again she was answered only by the girl shaking her head.

“Okay, do you mind if I talk then? I’ve been cooped up with Giles and Buffy
for the past days with all this rain and they’re driving me mad.” After Kirika
had once again, silently, indicated she didn’t mind Dawn started talking. The
only time she noticed Kirika was paying any attention to her was when she had
mentioned Sunnydale. And despite everything she had no intention of diving into
that cesspool of memories so she quickly diverted the talk once more to the
things she had seen and done for the past months.

After dinner the two of them had hardly spoken a word as they checked their
weapons and went over the blueprints again. Both had been focused on their
target, because tonight they would finish what had started with the bomb they
found in their apartment. As Kirika walked alongside Mireille through the
streets of London she was thinking about why it had taken them so long to reach
this point. After they had received the information from that strange shopkeeper
it would have been best if they’d gone after Billings right away but that hadn’t
been possible.

The wounds she had received during their fight with that cult had been severe
enough that she wouldn’t have been able to perform as well as this mission
required. That didn’t mean they had spent the idle time uselessly, there had
been the whole mess with the Parisian police that had needed to be straightened
out and several other things had cropped up as well. But now they were finally
on their way and she was more than happy to see this particular target go down.
After all, he had ordered people to kill Mireille and in her opinion that meant
this particular member of Soldats was suicidal.

However, none of that mattered now that they were standing here in the gentle
moonlight. As she looked over the mansion in the middle of London that housed
their target Kirika could already feel her emotions being shuffled to the
background as a preparation for what she was about to do. It wasn’t that the
killing bothered her, after all the people in there were all killers themselves
and even if they hadn’t been it wouldn’t have stopped her. In her life she had
killed quite a few innocents, not that all of them had been completely innocent
but a target was a target whether it was five years old or seventy. However this
time the fighting would be in revenge and she didn’t want to run the risk that
her emotions would interfere and thereby endanger Mireille or even herself.

“It’s time.” The words drifted through the night until they reached her and
Kirika looked at her partner who had spoken them. Mireille looked back at her
and without another word being spoken they both knew what had to happen.
Remaining silent they moved out of the light in the streets, put on their
gloves, screwed the silencers on their guns and split up.

* * *

Walking along the left side of the wall enclosing their target Kirika looked
for the tree she had selected as her point of entry during an earlier scouting.
Her mind fully concentrated on the mission she wasn’t even capable of wondering
about the strange state her mind was in now. Instead she just accepted the way
she was so much more aware of everything around her, it wasn’t that her senses
were sharpened although the result was the same. No, instead of sharpened they
were focused. Focused in a way that could only come with years of training where
she had learned to distinguish between the relevant and the irrelevant.

Right now she still heard, saw and even smelled everything like she had
before but she was completely focused on the important things. Everything that
she didn’t see as such was shunted away while the others were brought to the
foreground. That wasn’t all that different from how anyone else saw the world
but, unlike anyone else, she didn’t have any emotions interfering with the
decisions on the importance of things.

Seeing the world through these emotionless eyes had been a little
disconcerting when she had purposely done so for again at the clinic but it had
paid of and now she was capable of doing it without any feelings of guilt. Guilt
that had overridden her emotionless state that first time. Guilt that had been
caused by remembering the last time she had been in a similar state. And since
she had tried to kill her partner then it wasn’t a time she recalled with
anything resembling fondness.

When she reached the tree she looked around carefully to ensure nobody was
watching before, with a running leap, she used the wall to launch herself high
enough to grab onto the branch that extended over the wall. Holding onto the
rough surface she hung still for a moment while she tried to detect any
surveillance devices. This was not the time for the occupants of the mansion to
know of her arrival, yet.

When she didn’t see anything that might warn anyone she was there Kirika
swung herself on top of the wall where she crouched more comfortably in an
attempt to locate the camera’s she knew were there. According to the information
they had received their target mainly relied on human protection inside the
mansion but in the surrounding garden it was a totally different story. However,
experience had taught her that every surveillance system, human or otherwise,
had exploitable weaknesses. And once she had determined the safest route to the
door it wasn’t difficult for her to get there undetected.

In this case timing was the greatest issue, so she had to wait for the chosen
moment before she entered the building. Once that time had come however she took
out her silenced gun and tried to open the door. It opened easily enough but she
had no doubt that in some room warning lights had started flashing. Throwing the
door completely open she dove through the opening while searching out the
camera. The moment she spotted it was the same moment the camera was destroyed
and her entrance was known to the security detail.

That however had been the plan, with the amount of security this place held
it would have been impossible for the two of them to enter undetected. But now
it was likely that they would be focusing on her, leaving her partner’s entrance
undetected. It hadn’t been easy to convince the blonde that she should be the
one to run this risk even though they both knew she was the better fighter of
the two. But in the end she had succeeded in doing so. And now while she was
drawing attention to herself Mireille would be coming up from behind the guards
and take out as many as she could without giving away her presence as well.

Kirika didn’t think about that however as she already knew what she had to
do. Moving silently through the hallway leading away from the door she knew it
was only a matter of time before someone would finally appear. However she kept
shooting every camera she found and knew therefore that the guards wouldn’t have
any more of an idea of what to expect than she did. Which naturally gave her the

The sound of hurrying footsteps almost came as a relief as she knew her part
of the plan had indeed worked. Quickly hiding inside one of the rooms she waited
until the men had passed her door before she came out of it. Pulling the trigger
twice caused her to smell the familiar scent of cordite while she was also
certain these guards would never again be a problem.

* * *

According to the blueprints she had studied the most dangerous part of the
house was right before her. It was a large room containing one of the two
staircases that led upstairs, offering a lot of possibilities for the defenders.
The room was one that she couldn’t ignore since it not only led upstairs to her
target but was also the only route to where they had decided the security
station was most likely located.

However, knowing she had to go through it and actually doing so were
unfortunately two completely different things. As she reached the half-open door
to the room she only needed a single glance to know the situation was worse than
expected. The room itself was completely lit up by a large number of lamps,
while the balustrade that encircled the staircase was completely dark. That
wasn’t something she was happy about, besides having the advantage of height the
guards now also had the advantage that they could see her while she couldn’t see

There was no doubt in her mind that it didn’t really matter where she’d stand
inside the room, at least one guard would be able to carefully aim at her.
Getting through this alive would not be easy but she didn’t have the time to
wait until her partner would get here to take care of this threat. With her back
to the wall she sat down on the carpeted floor before she closed her eyes and
focused her senses entirely on the input from her ears.

Focused completely on her hearing Kirika tried to find out the location of
those in the other room. It wasn’t easy but with her knowledge of the room she
could compose a mental map on which she was able to plot every little sound. For
some guards it was shuffling their feet that gave them away, in another case it
was a cough. In the end there was no way for anyone in the otherwise silent room
to completely hide from her. While she couldn’t be as certain of the position of
those at the far end of the room she was able to get a general sense of where
they were and how many she would face.

Too many, there were too many of them for her to take out without getting
killed herself. Unless… An idea struck her, it wasn’t the best idea she had ever
had and wasn’t exactly without risks but if it went as it should she’d be able
to kill all of them without dieing herself. The thought that if it didn’t work
she might be the one to end up dead didn’t even enter her mind as she raced back
for the guns of the two guards she had killed earlier.

These guns were both more powerful than her own and held a greater number of
bullets. Neither of which was usually important to her since in most cases there
weren’t all that many targets and she’d be close enough for the difference in
power not to matter. In this case however both of those factors did matter and
after a quick check to see if everyone was still where she had thought they were
she dove into the room.

Her action had apparently taken the guards by surprise because by the time
she had rolled with the dive and was up on her feet again nobody had fired on
her yet. Yet Kirika knew that this was only a temporary relief and therefore
started the firefight herself. With a gun in each hand she took off for the
stairs while firing at the people above her. The idea had been fairly simple, if
the guards were worried about getting hit themselves they wouldn’t pay as much
attention to aiming at her. Another side benefit was that if this wouldn’t focus
all the attention of the guards on her, instead of Mireille, she had no idea
what would.

And indeed the gamble seemed to pay of as she hadn’t been hit by a single
bullet when her guns ran out of them. By that time however she was already
halfway up the stairs and simply dropped the guns while putting even more speed
into her run. A searing pain suddenly emanated from her left arm as a bullet hit
it and she ended her sprint with yet another dive but this time into the safety
of darkness.

For a moment she sat completely still so she could allow her eyes to get used
to the sudden lack of light. While she did so Kirika gently prodded her arm
where it had been hurt but with relief discovered it had only been grazed.
Bringing her hand to her mouth she did taste blood but since a little bleeding
seemed to be the only thing wrong she paid the wound no more attention. By now
her eyes had adjusted to the darkness sufficiently for her to be able to
recognize shapes and she went to look for the guards that were probably
wondering where she had gone.

* * *

Walking down the stairs, Kirika exchanged her empty clip for a fresh one
before making her way for the door that led to the security center. Gingerly
stepping over the body of a guard that had fallen over the railing she wondered
how many there were left. It couldn’t be that many as she had taken care of
almost a dozen by herself and she was pretty certain her partner had handled
some as well. She wasn’t about to let her guard down however and when she had
opened the door she didn’t immediately step through.

When no bullets came flying out of it though she peeked around the corner and
looked down the corridor. The door to the security desk was easily recognizable
and had she been able to feel emotions she was pretty certain she would have
felt some kind of pride about their correct prediction. With nobody in the
corridor itself she was free to make her way to the room undetected but when she
opened the door a hail of bullets indicated it was still occupied.

A quick look showed her there was only one man inside and while he looked
rather nervous he also looked determined. That of course was always the biggest
problem, by killing all the guards the survivors knew it was a question of kill
or be killed and that always motivated them to do their best. But there was
nothing she could do about that besides motivating this one’s fellow guards even

Despite the shallow wound shifting her gun to her left hand was the logical
course of action and she did so. After pulling the trigger until the bullets
once again ran out she waited for the return fire to come. When it didn’t come
she chanced another look inside but even though she pulled her head back as fast
as possible splinters of the doorframe still hit her face. The wounds themselves
weren’t all that important but the fact that her target had been calm enough to
wait before firing was.

That last glance had also shown her that the guard was safely ensconced
behind a metal filing-cabinet. Unlike her however he wasn’t ambidextrous and in
order to fire he had to come out from behind the cabinet. That did offer her a
chance but she wasn’t in a position to make use of it right now, she needed to
get inside the room. During her glance she had noticed a desk which should
provide enough cover for her. So she once again emptied her gun at her opponent
but instead of remaining where she was, this time she ran into the room until
she was behind the desk.

There was no doubt in her mind that the other must have heard her movement
and know she was in the room. On the other hand he might not know where in the
room she was, therefore she put the fresh clip as quietly as possible into her
gun. The amount of bullets she had spent on this one person was almost worrying
and she counted how many clips she had left. That wasn’t as high a number as she
liked so she understood it was necessary for her to take care of this guard as
fast as possible.

Chancing a look over the top of the desk she discovered that her opponent was
indeed unaware of her position but that probably wouldn’t last long. This time
however she had the advantage and she only needed to wait long enough until he
stuck out his head. Once that happened she merely pulled the trigger and was
free to deal with anything inside the room that might be used to identify either
Mireille or herself.

* * *

On her way to the target’s office she passed the bodies of several dead
guards confirming that her partner had not been idle either. When she neared the
door leading to that office she could see Mireille trying to listen to whatever
was being said inside. The fact that she was doing so while standing between
several corpses didn’t seem to bother her at all, not that it should. Moving
forward she put her own ear to the wooden door.

“… don’t care what you’ve heard. The Japanese girl is still alive.”

The ensuing silence told Kirika that the conversation she was hearing was by
telephone, so she waited until the target spoke up once more. “Yes, I’m certain,
she’s just killed over half of my security forces you useless twit!”

The silence following that wasn’t very long as within moments Billings could
be heard cursing and unless she was very much mistaken the phone had just been
shattered by hitting a wall. “Curse those knights! If I live through tonight
I’ll have them killed!”

Knights? Who could that be? She didn’t have long however before the target
called out for someone who was no longer alive. Using that opening the two of
them opened the door and stepped outside.

“Jake, I haven’t heard…” The man turned around to further talk to what he
presumed to be his employee but when he noticed who had actually come into the
room he blanched in fear before whispering. “Both.”

His shock didn’t last long however and he started to bring his own gun up.
Not that it really mattered, Kirika thought dispassionately, as she watched the
man die when two silenced bullets impacted on his forehead.

Letting her partner take the lead she watched as Mireille started shuffling
through the files on the desk. “Before you arrived he had been talking about
some kind of deal he had with those knights. Something about a trade where our
deaths was the side of the knights.”

A trade? Someone had been willing to risk their anger for some sort of trade?
As the mission was over emotion slowly began to bleed back into her and she
could feel surprise overtake her. It must have been obvious to her partner as
she elaborated.

“They were supposed to kill us and Billings would deliver someone to them.
I’m pretty sure the file on that person is here somewhere.” The blonde continued
to search through the disorderly pile before with a triumphant sound she pulled
it out. “This is the person he would have delivered to them.”

When Mireille then opened the file and showed it to Kirika she looked in the
face of the girl she had spent the afternoon with.

Post-fic comments: I hope you enjoyed the story and might actually leave some
feedback as well. This story consists of three chapters, the next one will be
posted in two days.
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