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The Other Breed of Vampire

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Summary: Anita Blake is hunting a rogue vampire. Where else should he lead her but straight to Sunnydale?

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The Other Breed of Vampire

Title: The Other Breed of Vampire

Author: Stormdancer



Fandom: BtVS/Anita Blake. Shortly after S7 "Same Time, Same Place"/Post Cerulean Sins

Pairing: None in particular

Rating: PG13

Word Count: 13,846

Summary: Blake's hunt for a rogue vampire leads her to a little town in California.

Warnings: I've tried to mesh the two worlds in a way that makes sense, but there are bound to be some inconsistencies. For instance, Giles came back to Sunnydale with Willow.

Distribution: Archived at my website; just ask if you want to put it elsewhere.

Disclaimer: The B:tVS Scoobies belong to Whedon. The St. Louis pack, pard, and kiss belong to LKH. I'm just having fun and pretend ownership of nothing.

Author's Note: Spike never got his soul back, and never attempted to rape Buffy. Spike has moved beyond his Buffy obsession, and pretty much given up on more than friendship with her. His interest is starting to stray elsewhere. Xander and Buffy fixed up the Magic Box while Giles and Willow were in England, and Giles returned to Sunnydale a couple of days after Willow.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Anita hit the speed dial on her cell phone with one hand as she turned the ignition of her Jeep with the other. The little meeting with Bert had gone as well as she had expected. He'd ranted, she'd threatened, and he'd given in. Ungraciously, of course. However, as she was more than willing to remind him, *he* had been the one to encourage her association with the police in dealing with preternatural crimes. Including the execution of rogue vampires. If that execution meant she had to actually hunt down the vamp to kill him...well, then, hunt them she would.

"Hello?" The soft voice answered on the second ring, and Anita could imagine the young man's purple eyes darkened with worry. Anita's phone didn't get many calls, and half the time it had to do with pack, pard, or vamp business. Or police business, although those calls were getting fewer and fewer of late. Damn Dolph.

"Nathaniel, it's Anita," she said quickly, partly to reassure him and partly because they were now in a hurry. "I need you to pack for us and let Micah know. There's a rogue vamp on the run and I've an order of execution."

There was just the barest hint of hesitation before the wereleopard asked his question. "Who will be going?"

Anita pulled out into the street from the courthouse parking lot as she answered. "You, me, Damian, Bobby Lee and whatever other bodyguard Rafael's sent over this week." Anita hesitated, but continued. "Jason, too, if I can get Richard to let him go. I don't know how long this hunt will take, or how far it'll go."

"You'll need more than me and Jason to feed on if it lasts more than a couple of days, Anita," Nathaniel reminded her softly.

Anita's eyes narrowed. She didn't like it, but he was right. "We'll deal with that when we have to. There's no time to talk about it now. Reports already have him near the western border of Oklahoma, and he's leaving a trail of dead as he goes. Messy dead, too."

"Okay. We'll be ready when you get here."

"Thanks, Nathaniel. Let the pard know we'll be gone, too. Cherry's at the lycanthrope clinic, and Zane's probably with her."

Anita had hung up before she realized she'd not said good-bye, and hadn't given her most needy wereleopard a chance to, either. Damn Dolph. He'd trained her to not say good-bye, too.

Her next call was made as she took the interstate exit and headed for her remotely located house. Not that she wanted to be remotely located, or have a house, but it was better than getting her neighbors killed. This time the phone was picked up on the first ring.

"Circus of the Damned. How may we terrify you?"

"Let me talk to Jean-Claude."

"I'm sorry, miss, but he's -- "

"Ms., thank you, and this is Anita. Put him on the phone."

Ah, the beauty of being the Master of the City's girlfriend -- instant obedience. "Of course, Anita, just one moment." After a few seconds of silence -- Jean-Claude had finally gotten rid of the muzak after listening to Anita bitch about it a few dozen too many times -- Jean-Claude's hypnotic voice rolled through her earpiece. Anita tried to ignore the shiver that raced down her spine.

"Ma petite, to what do I owe this honor?"

"Just letting you know that I have to break our date tonight, Jean-Claude," Anita sighed, sincerely regretting it. She spent as many nights at Circus of the Damned as she did at her own home. It was a screwed up relationship she had with the vampire, but it was a stable one. It was, these days, a mostly happy one, too. She was trying to be more fair and he was trying to be less secretive.

Jean-Claude was silent for a moment, but the marks that bound them together let her know how much he didn't like her news. "I can tell this is important, ma petite," he said quietly.

Anita sighed. "Yeah. There's a rogue vamp on the run and I have to track him down. Those ten murders these past couple of weeks? His work."

"Oui." Of course, he'd know. He was Master of the City, and he'd know if it was one of his that had gone rogue. Anita would have known herself. This was an out-of-towner, but St. Louis was the lucky city that finally had a surviving witness that could ID the rogue. That meant the hunt fell to Anita.

"I don't have time to play vampire politics, Jean-Claude. I need you to clear the way for me. I'm hunting, I'm executing, I'm coming home. That's it. Can we keep the territorial bullshit to a minimum this time?"

This time Jean-Claude sighed. "Ma petite, ma petite, always it is difficult with you."

"Only because they make it so. I'm just doing my job, Jean-Claude."

"This is true," the vampire laughed. "Give me the direction you are going. I will make some calls."

Anita did, then added, "I don't know when I'll catch him. We may end up going who knows where from there. I'll let you know."

"Please do, ma petite. And do not go to New Mexico."

Anita shivered. She didn't want to go to New Mexico ever again. She'd be very happy to *never* go anywhere near Obsidian Butterfly's territory. "Jean-Claude, you know I can't promise you that."

There was a strained silence between them, and then Jean-Claude sighed again. They were learning when they could push, and when they couldn't. When it came to Anita's job, Jean-Claude knew not to push. "Fine, but Asher will go with you."

It was Anita's turn to sigh. "We're driving, Jean-Claude. I've already got a carload coming. I've no idea how long this will take. There's no room in the Jeep for one coffin, much less two. I don't know what I'm going to do about Damian as it is. I can't bring Asher, too. The bodyguards and Nathaniel can keep Damian fed for a while, but they can't keep two vamps fed." And me, she added silently.

"You will take Asher, Anita, and I will provide transportation. Bring more of your pard to share the feeding. You will need Nathaniel, Jason, and Asher to feed you."

"You'll let me bring Jason?" Anita asked quietly. She'd been going to ask, but it was easier if Jean-Claude offered.

"I cannot be with you, ma petite, and the ardeur must be fed. With Nathaniel, Asher, and Jason there, you should have no problems. Come to the Circus after you collect your pard. I will have all arranged."


"I know, ma petite."

A soft click and then the buzz of the dial tone. Anita ended her call then quickly called Nathaniel again to let him know to have Cherry and Zane get ready for the trip, too. Micah and his pard could stay behind. Already the group was too large.
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