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Shadows Falling, Sunlight Fading

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Summary: Two kidnappings, a deadly stalker and the average dose of death and destruction, changes several peoples lives

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Highlander > Dawn-Centered
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered
(Past Donor)kayleyFR1521,531011,80828 Jul 0428 Jul 04No

First Kidnapping

Title: Shadows Falling, Sunlight Fading
Author: kayleyangel
Fandom: Buffy/Angel/Harry Potter/Highlander
Pairing: Unknown at the moment
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter or Highlander. Instead I am just a devoted fan girl. They belong to their creators and their producers and their production companies...
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Harry nervously paced round the small cell he had been locked up in.

It was only two days ago, that he had be hiding from his cousin Dudley, who had decided that the treat of having magic preformed on him wasn't going to stop him from bullying Harry. Hiding in an area where no one should have been able to get to him without him knowing it. He was dreadfully mistaken.

When the hand had grabbed him, he thought it was Dudley and made to treaten with his wand, only to have it snatched out of his hand and snapped in two. After that he tried hard to fight but whoever held him, held him too tightly. Within moments he was being dragged out of his hiding area and into the back of a black van. The door was locked and he was trapped.

All Harry could remember of the trip was that it was long and seemed to go around in circles sometimes. He was slightly dizzy from being held in the back of the old van but his determination that stopped him from passing out. He had beaten Voldemort several times, he was the 'Boy who Lived', and some nobody was not going to get the better of him. With that in mind, he forced himself to find a way out of here.

Not that it did much good, his only real weapon had been his wand, now lying broken in the trees. It was probably going to be mistaken for broken twigs. He tried to recall the fighting techniques that Mad Eye Moody had taught him but he hadn't paid much attention to the muggle method of fighting, just the useful curses and hexes that he could use on Death Eaters and Voldemort.

And that left him alone in a cell, pacing as he thought of a way to get help. Surely Hermonie or Ron would raise the alarm if he didn't owl them soon. Maybe they would send an owl and it would find him so he could get a message to them. He shook his head, what would he be able to say in the message? Help? It wasn't as if he could tell them where he was. No, it was useless. He had to hope that when Hermonie and Ron raised the alarm, that the Aurors would be able to find him.

The other issue that came to mind was that since being shoved uncaringly into the cell, no one had come by while he was awake. No one had tried to treaten him or torture him. It was strange considering that the only people he could see kidnapping him would be Death Eaters, holding him for Voldemort. And if that was the case then surely they would be rubbing it in to him that he was going to die, that Lord Voldemort was going to return and all his fighting had been in vain.

In a way, he almost wished that that was true. Because then he would know why he had been taken.
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