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Importance of Being Buffy

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Summary: Gotta love them there resurrections... Especially when they involve new prophecies, new baddies to fight, and way too many guys in tweed.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredHoganFR1521,551092,73128 Jul 041 Aug 04No


Title: Importance of Being Buffy 1/? (Working title)

Author: Hogan


Disclaimer: All things Buffy to Joss Whedon and Co, JK Rowling owns the Potter world

Distribution:, Twisting the Hellmouth

Summary: Gotta love them resurrections.... Especially ones that involve new prophecies, new baddies to fight, and way too many guys in tweed.

Spoilers: Everything up to season 5 (and snippets of S6 ep Bargaining) in the Buffyverse, post-OOTP Potter-wise.


Eyes opened with a start as a body jerked into motion. An inhuman growl escaped the lips, echoing in the tight space. A head banged into something hard. Hands, fumbling hands, pressed against the wooden coffin. The despairing growl faded as the not not-quite-human hands tore into the smooth planks. Fingernails raged into the wood, desperately clawing. Clawing towards the surface. Dirt tumbled down and still the hands dug upwards. At last, the hands reached the cold, night air. Arms clung to the ground and a body defiantly flung itself out of the earth. Panting, the body rolled onto its back. Unfocused eyes darted about.

"She's alive," a Voice remarked. "Well then. Take her away."

*End Prologue*

A/N: Prologue is written in a decidedly different tone from rest of the story. I'm trying my hand a unique spin on the HP/Buffy crossover. Hoping to make this different from the usual ones. Please give me lots of feedback as I go along, as I'm rather new at this.... ~ Hogan
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