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Magically Dead

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Summary: Xander wants to get out of the world of magic after a tragic accident; he's had enough. So what does he do? He asks a favour. Slight mentions of J/D slash and other pairings. Not the focus though.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredWingwyrmFR1558,20647430,33329 Jul 045 Feb 07No

Interview and Initiative

Magically Dead

by Wingwyrm

Category: BtVS/StarGate SG:1

Rating: As of yet, 14A

Warnings: This is going to have slash in it, and it’s not going to be Xander.

Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Willow/Xander friendship, possible Dawn/Cassie

Description: Xander wants to get out of the world of magic after a tragic accident; he's had enough. So what does he do? He asks a favour. Willow helps him out and he makes friends with his new neighbours.

Disclaimer: I do not own in any way, shape or form anything you recognize from Buffy the vampire Slayer or StarGate SG:1

***Chapter 4***

Interview and Initiative


Dawn looked around as she followed the Captain taking her to see General Hammond. It was kind of cool to be walking around the Academy, knowing that she had a very good chance of getting in.

"Here you go Miss Summers." The Captain smiled and Dawn smiled back, nervously.

"Thank you Captain Welby."

Straightening out her knee length skirt and wishing for a second that her hair was less frizzy; Dawn took a deep breath and opened the door. She immediately recognised the older balding General sitting behind the desk, but she had no idea who the younger man standing beside the desk was.

"General Hammond, I'm Dawn Marie Summers." Boy, this was going to be interesting. She didn't even know if he knew exactly how Buffy had saved his daughter's life.

"Miss Summers, I'd like to introduce Major Paul Davis to you, he is from the Pentagon."

Dawn blanched. That usually wasn't a good sign, having the high higher ups in on her Academy acceptance interview. "Major."

"Miss Summers, you have nothing to worry about." Apparently she needed to work on her calm facade. "I'm just here to give credit to anything you might have to say about the Initiative and its classification."


"The Initiative is highly classified and I might have to interrupt you occasionally to keep the details out of the interview."

Well. Too bad he was kinda cute. He was a flunky.

"Oh. Okay. Um," Dawn licked her dry lips and swallowed the lump in her throat, "I really have no idea what this interview is going to be about."

"Miss Summers, I'm going to ask you about why you want to join the Air Force, go to the Academy and why you think we should let you become an officer." General Hammond cocked his head to the side and managed not to look at the Major. She could tell that he was going to ream the poor man out after she left. He had no idea what was going on about her. Or the Initiative.

"Now, Miss Summers, I do believe that I made an appointment to meet with you on the grounds that my daughter and son-in-law asked a favour of me."

"Um, yah. I mean, Yes, Sir. I decided last year that I wanted to do something else with my life, I wanted to fly mostly, and I remembered that Buffy, my sister, saved Samantha Finn, nee Hammond, from a de... deranged psycho." Dawn still couldn't believe how bad she was a lying. She'd been lying for most of her life and still slipped up on occasion. "I asked Riley about getting into the Academy and he said that Sam's dad was in the Air Force, so I Google'd her and then you and then asked Riley to talk to you about me." She paused. "Sir."

"There's no need to call me 'Sir' right now Miss Summers, I'm not your commanding officer just yet." General Hammond smiled at Dawn the teenager relaxed just a little. He sure was a nice old... older man. Like Giles.

But then, Giles had a Ripper side to him, and now Dawn was thinking really bad things about the General. Maybe he had a 'Ripper' side to him too...

"Um, General," Dawn bit her lower lip, "Can I ask Major Davis something?"

"Go ahead Miss Summers." He was still being nice.

Dawn turned and levelled her best look at the cute Major. "Did you have anything to do with the Initiative while it was still running?" She took both men by surprise with the hard edge to her voice. Davis knew the moment he lied, she'd know, and if he told her that he had been involved at the very end, before it had shut down, she could possibly get violent.

Dawn noticed the hesitation and narrowed her eyes at the Major. Putting a bit more force behind her glare, like Giles had taught her too, she straightened slightly and tilted her chin out just a tad. It was a pretty intimidating stare for a seventeen year old.

"Miss Summers, I only got involved with the Initiative two day's before the end of it. I was one of the men assigned to close it up and lock it away."

"Did you go though all the files?"

"I did."

"Remember H-17?"

"I remember a few reports about H-17." He wondered where she was going with this. He remembered the entire file about Hostile-17, also known as Spike the Bloody. One of the most disturbing things that he'd ever read.

"H-17 is one of the people I consider an older brother. He baby-sat me."

General Hammond did not like the way that Major Davis blinked rapidly or the way the blood drained from his face.

"I see." Major Davis took a breath, "I am sorry about what happened Miss Summers."

"I just had to know." Turning her gaze back to the General, Dawn smiled brilliantly, the air of innocence around her once again, "Sorry General, I don't met a lot of people who know about that."

"Not a problem. Miss Summers." General Hammond took a moment to really look at Dawn now. When she'd first come in the room, he'd been sceptical about her ability to be anything other then an innocent civilian. Now he knew she had a hardness to her that would translate well in the Air Force. "I would like to know what sets you apart from others who wish to join the USAF."

"Well, the first part is that I already know hand to hand combat. I am proficient with six different small and medium arms, including a 9mm Barretta Parabellum and P90." General Hammond couldn't stop from raising an eyebrow.

"I also speak and understand a dozen languages. They are Ancient Sumerian, Ancient Egyptian, Mandarin, Japanese, Latin, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Middle English." Dawn paused, "I know how to be responsible, I teach hand to hand and Advanced Calculus part-time at an all-girls boarding school and am the Dorm Mom for fifty teenage girls.

"Riley has also helped out a bit, he got his friend Captain Graham Miller to start teaching me how to fly a Robinson R-22 helicopter and a Bell-222. He also got me a slot to start working with an UH-1N Huey in two days." Dawn grinned at the impressed looks of the General and the Major.

"You do know that non-Air Force personal are not allowed to pilot an UH-1N Huey?" The General looked over to Major with a blank face.

"Ah, that would be classified Sir," Major Davis shrugged at the General and Dawn didn't let her smirk overtake her smile. Major Davis wasn't as bad as he looked.

Gathering his thoughts, General Hammond turned back to Dawn. "That is admittedly impressive. Why are you willing to risk your life for the United States of America, should we ever go to war?"

Leaning back in the chair, Dawn ran a hand over her hair. This was a tough question. "Well, I could give you this big spiel about protecting the US from foreign enemies, but that's not true. Or at least, it’s not the number one reason. What I want to do is protect the innocent. I don't want people to have to face the horror of war. I don't want to stand back and let someone protect me. I'm not 'innocent'," She emphasised the word with finger motion quotation marks, "I've seen what the bad guy's do."

Deciding on whim, Dawn unbuttoned her jacket and rolled up her shirt to her ribs, showing the two men in front of her the three horizontal scars on her stomach, "I was kidnapped by a psycho woman named Glory when I was fourteen. She was planning on bleeding me out on a tower to open a dimensional portal back to her universe." Dawn ran absent fingers over the scars, "My sister saved my life. She fought Glory on that tower. I almost lost my sister then. Glory pushed her off; she grabbed Glory, taking both of them off the tower. Buffy caught the edge of the building and swung herself back up onto the roof. Glory didn't make it."

Shaking her head, Dawn rolled her shirt back down. The story she'd told the General and Major was the 'unaware' version. By the look in the Major's eyes, he knew the real story.

"Miss Summers," General Hammond shook his head, "I'm sorry to hear that."

"It's been over and done with for three years General Hammond, I'm over it." Her voice hardened once again, "But I'm not the type of person to let that happen to someone else. I won't be broken by a little torture and blood loss. I plan on moving in with my brother here in Colorado Springs so I can go to the Academy."

General Hammond grabbed that information, "Your brother? Your file says you only have a sister."

"Xander. Alexander Harris. He and Buffy and Willow have been best friends since they were sixteen. I consider him my brother. He has a baby, Ryan, and two adopted daughters." A fond smile came over Dawn's face. She really loved little Ryan and his big sisters.

"Well Miss Summers," the General stood and extending his hand, "Given that if I start asking deeper questions Major Davis will start saying 'classified', I'll tell you now. I will gladly sponsor you to the Academy."

Before Dawn could let out a happy little shriek, a tall blonde woman burst into the room, "General Hammond..." She trailed off, seeing Dawn, "There's a problem back at the base."

"Thank you Major Carter," General Hammond nodded to Dawn, "I'll be watching your progress Miss Summers."

"Thank you so much Sir." Dawn watched the General and blonde Major leave the room then turned her attention to Major Davis. "So, uh, did you want to talk to me a bit Sir? I'm guessing that's why you're still here."

"Miss Summers."

"Please, call me Dawn."

"Dawn. I was told to give you a message from someone pretty important." Major Davis smiled and Dawn melted a little bit more. He really was kinda cute.

"Who? The only people who know that I'm applying for the Academy are my family, you and the General."

"Actually, all the applicants to the Academy are screened and when your name came up, your file was forwarded to this person. He wanted to tell you in person, but I persuaded him that coming here himself was a bit too much attention for a 'regular' applicant." Major Davis shrugged, "I know that you're not regular, but to everyone not in on the secret, you are just another seventeen year old girl trying to get into the Air Force."

"So, who was it? And what did he want to say to me?" Dawn couldn't think for the life of her of anyone who wanted to talk to her. Especially anyone in the military, except for Riley and Graham.

"The Commander in Chief wanted to thank you for everything you've done to help save the world."

For a moment, Dawn's brain stopped processing. Then it re-booted.

Commander in Chief.

"The President!?” Her voice squeaked and she slapped a hand over her mouth, not believing how it had betrayed her.

There was a twinkle in Major Davis' eyes and he nodded, "That's the person. Anyway, he just wanted you and everyone you work with to know that he and this country are extremely grateful for everything you've done and sorry for everything that you have been put through."

Scenes of blood and lost limbs and torture flashed through Dawn's minds eye and her face fell. What everyone had been though... No one could ever be sorry enough for all of the pain that her family and friends had been through. "It's a nice sentiment, but we don't need anyone to be sorry for us." Gathering herself, Dawn stood and held her hand out. Major Davis shook it and she took a breath, "You can tell the Commander in Chief that if he wanted to say thank you to anyone, it would be Buffy, Willow and Xander. They did most of the saving, and took most of the damage. Tell him that if he wants to feel sorry about the trials we've been though, he can visit the graves of the dead. We've filled an entire cemetery with our lost loved ones." Spinning on her heel, Dawn made for the door, trying not to let her tears fall.

"Dawn!" Major Davis followed her out the door to the corridor, "Dawn, I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." He paused when he realised that classes had ended and every student in the hall was looking at them. "Dawn."

"Don't bother Major. I'm sorry for reacting the way I did, but you startled me. Have a good day Major Davis." With no more to say, Dawn walked sedately down the hall, not noticing the way the cadet's moved out of her way, not realising that she cut a stately figure of grace as she left.

Not that she would have cared had she known.

***To Be Continue***

The End?

You have reached the end of "Magically Dead" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Feb 07.

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