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Magically Dead

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Summary: Xander wants to get out of the world of magic after a tragic accident; he's had enough. So what does he do? He asks a favour. Slight mentions of J/D slash and other pairings. Not the focus though.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredWingwyrmFR1558,20647430,33329 Jul 045 Feb 07No

Magically Dead

Magically Dead


by Wingwyrm


Category: BtVS/StarGate SG:1

Rating: As of yet, 14A

Warnings: This is going to have slash in
it, and it’s not going to be Xander.

Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Willow/Xander

Description: Xander wants to get out of the
world of magic after a tragic accident; he's had enough. So what does he do? He
asks a favour. Willow helps him out and he makes friends with his new

Disclaimer: I do not own in any way, shape
or form anything you recognize from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or StarGate


Going Away



“Could you make a magically dead place?”

“I’m not sure,” she paused, “Something has
to be actively seeking energy, I could connect it to the magic and it would
drain the area, but only as often as the thing was used and it wouldn’t be a
large area.”

“But you could do it?”

“Well, yeah, but only in certain conditions: nothing evil, bad or illegal. I
mean, if I were to get as much power as I could I could drain the area of a
small to middle-sized town. But I could only do it every month or so. It takes
about twenty-four hours for nature to recharge available magic.”

“Could you find a place, a thing that was
actively seeking energy?”

“Oh yes, that would be easy.”

“Could you pin-point it?”


“Could you find the exact object?”


He paused, “Would you? For me?”

“Well... I...”

“We could find out if it was a good thing
or a bad thing. Please...”

“Okay. I’ll do the search.”

“Thank-you.” A small smile past between the
two friends and the man turned and left.


“I found it.”

“Oh! Good! Did you find the exact object?”

“Yes. It’s called a StarGate. The military
are using it to table to different planets and save Earth from a race call the

”So... can you connect it to magic?”

“Well, it’d be tricky, but yes. And you
should be pleased about this: it would need enough magic to drain the area it’s
in, and the town near-by. That’s once a day. The StarGate gets opened on a
daily basis, sometimes up to five times a day. I could connect it enough that
it would take all the magic in that state, but never more, and you wouldn’t
have to worry hardly at all.”

“That’s excellent!”

“But, again with the tricky. To connect the
StarGate to the natural magic, I’d have to put safeguards on who could use the
StarGate. I can’t allow something that powerful to be used by someone evil. The
problem: who to guard against?”

“Against the Goa’uld.”

“But the Tok’ra are good Goa’uld... And,
and baby evil Goa’uld inhabit people’s stomachs and don’t control the body. The
people can’t live without the little monsters.”

“Okay, safe guard against all who
have evil influencing the opening and operating of the Earth StarGate.”

“Coming or going?”

“Can’t you do both?”

“It would take an extra month at least to
do both.”

“I can wait. I could fins an apartment, a
job, a babysitter... A month would give me time to get everything settled.”

“I’m only doing this for you and the baby.
Mostly just you.”

“Shh, it’ll be alright honey, you’re my
best friend, come and visit every weekend, spend time with Ryan and me.
Remember that I love you.”

“I’ll always remember that. By the way, are
you going to be able to find an apartment wheelchair accessible?”

“Yah, it won’t be a problem. Wait, where is
this place anyway?”

“Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Mountain in the
Rockies. Nice place. Snow, sun, regular weather.”

”Sounds good. Can you start the plans for your spells now or do you have to
wait for something?”

“Oh, now’s good. You gonna Google a place
to live and work?”

“Yah, I thought about doing just that.”

“Oh! Hey, you could get someone to drive
you down, take you around... Or.” A shy look, “I could teleport you and Ryan
there with a friend...”

”Hey, Will, you want to come with me and Ryan aboard the Rosenburg Express to
look around my new town?”

“I’d love to come Xander.”

“That’s why I love you –being best friend
in and excluded.

***End Prologue***
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