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20 Minutes with The Scourge of Europe

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Summary: Four 20 minute fics, each about one of the members of the Scourge. Angelus feeds off the wrong person and it puts him in a very bad mood.

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Harry Potter > General(Past Donor)KiaraFR1341,830052,38130 Jul 048 Aug 04Yes


A/N: A direct follow up to 20 minutes with Angelus, Darla and Drusilla.

20 Minutes with Spike by Kiara


Spike, a.k.a. William the Bloody, was sitting in his room when he was summoned. Angel-bloody-lus bellowed from the lobby leaving him two choices; one, go and see what the poof wanted or two, stay and pay for it later. He chose the first option and swaggered out.

“Control her.” Angelus commanded. He meant Drusilla, Spike knew that; he’d heard bits of what she’d been saying and knew that when Angelus or Darla were in a bad mood they couldn’t put up with her craziness.

Spike rolled his eyes and went to his sire. “What’s up ducks?”

“The stars are shouting; you know I hate it when they shout at me.” She pouted.

“What are they saying, pet?” He had to admit, he liked it when she was all needy and pathetic; made him feel wanted.

“They’re very cross and very happy, but it’s very sad because Daddy let the little wizard boy go.”

Spike didn’t hear the rest of her rambling. “Ha! You couldn’t kill a little wand waving kid?” He clutched his sides laughing like a crazy person. He continued laughing as Darla led Dru out the room.

“Play nice.” Drusilla said playfully as she left the room.

“A little kid!” Spike laughed. “With a little stick.”

“Spike.” Angelus growled a warning. He may be the new boy, but Spike new he didn’t get a second. You cross Angelus when he’s in this mood and you get very familiar with the pointy end of a stake. Spike wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and made his best effort to stop laughing. “Come on.”

“What? Where we going?”

“I’m gonna get that little wizard if it kills me.”

Spike smirked as Angelus strode out the door, he had always been one for the big exits.

Angelus led them back to the alley where her picked up the boys scent and followed it. “It ends here.”

“Here?” Spike looked around. They were in the middle of London on an empty street. His eyes slid from the butchers opposite to the book store and then to the bakers, skipping over the run down building in-between. “Hate to break it to ya’ peaches, but I don’t see him.”

Angelus ignored the childe next to him and breathed in deeply. “There.” He pointed to the run down building- a pub? “There’s so much magic in there, that has to be it.”

Spike shrugged and followed Angelus into ‘The Leaky Cauldron’. When they were inside a friendly barman approached them. “What can I get you?” He said with a grin.

Angelus grinned back and switched into his game face. “Oh whatever’s good.” He reached over and snapped his neck as Spike also switched faces.

“Vampire!” Someone shouted behind them. Spike and Angelus grinned; this was gonna be fun. They turned around and came face to face with their ‘victims’. The ‘victims’ all had pointy sticks that were trained on the two vampires.

“Oh Bloody Hell!”

Two minutes later, two of the most feared creatures in Europe fled the crowded pub, their clothes smoking and rather disorientated.

“Bloody Hell.” Spike repeated. “Remind me never to do that again!”

Angelus nodded. “Look, Spike; I really don’t think we need to tell the girls about this.”

“No bloody way! We’ll be the laughing stock of the graveyard!”

“Right. Well…that was kinda fun- when was the last time you had a really good fight? It gets rather dull when they just stand there and let you eat them.”

Spike nodded, still in game face. A young girl turned into the street, saw the two vampires’ faces, screamed and ran for her life, literally.

Spike looked at Angelus as they took after the girl. “I love it when they run.”


The End

You have reached the end of "20 Minutes with The Scourge of Europe". This story is complete.

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