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Fighting Another War

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Summary: After having enough of everything in Sunnydale, Buffy leaves and starts a new life fighting something else in a military group called SG-1 in Colorado, but when the past threatens the present can Buffy tell SG1 the truth?And how does Buffy know Daniel?

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Fighting Another War

Fighting Another War

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy belongs to Joss and all those other peeps. Stargate-SG1 belongs to other people too, not me no matter how hard I wish.


Okay honestly I didn’t think this was the way my life was gonna head. I mean if you asked me 4 years ago if I could see myself fighting Aliens in the Air Force I would have laughed and said no, my fight’s with the Demons. But Now I’m Lt. Elizabeth Wright. Yeah I was born Buffy Summers, but kinda sad to admit it….I ran and became someone new. And I like it. I like being Elizabeth. Sure I miss the gang, but I’ve worked hard to finally get this job at the SGC. I start my job there soon. So you wanna know when it all started? When I first thought of changing? Okay, I’ll tell.

God when did it start? I think it was the summer when I ran to LA after sending Angel to Hell. Ever since then I just couldn’t take it all really. So I hid that feeling and the gang believed my lie. As the years passed, and I died –again- I just kept holding it back. But after Spike tried to rape me I had enough. I stopped the “Trio” And didn’t come home that night. I ran with a few of my things. So you can call me a coward, I probably deserve it.

I mean before that night I kinda had already made up my mind a bit. I was studying Willow’s computer Programs, learning how to create an identity. Slowly I changed appearance too. My hair got shorter and darker. I guess it’s not fair to the gang really. I hope I didn’t hurt them too bad. I just hope at least one of them understands. Anyways I better get some sleep. I have a physical from the doctors at the base tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Elizabeth Wright.


I got dressed and looked in the mirror of my place in Colorado, about 30 minutes away from Cheyenne Mountain. I had a tank top on so it would make the physical easier. I put my leather duster on over it. Since it was just a physical today, the doc there said I didn’t need to come in uniform. So I turned and grabbed the keys to my Jeep Rubicon. I loved my car. Inside were some of my and the gangs favs when it came to music. I stayed away from the boy bands and the punk though, reminded me of Dawn too much. So I put in Creed and started driving towards the base.

Yeah I missed the gang, but I’m fighting another war now. I’m 25 now. I just…. I had created some story of how I got my scars on the papers. So I said my dad was abusive…which actually isn’t a lie. Yeah, that’s the hidden Summers Secret. God knows what Giles would have said and done to Hank if he found out.

I chuckled and just drove to the sounds of Creed’s music. Then a Scooby favorite on the CD started Playing.

~At Times life is wicked and I just can’t see the light

~A silver lining sometimes isn’t enough to make some wrongs seem right.

~Whatever life brings, I’ve been through everything

~And now I’m on my knees Again.

~But I know I must go on, although I hurt I must be strong

~Because inside I know that many feel this way

Let me tell you when Xan, Wills, and I were singing along with this while we were patrolling and Giles paid attention to the lyrics, his face was hilarious. The caring fatherly look he always gave whenever we needed him. One thing was for sure, I sure do miss Xander and the Morning Donuts whenever we were researching.

I laughed then sobered up when I pulled up to the base. Here goes nothing.


“Good morning Lieutenant,” Doc Janet Frasier greeted as I walked in. “Take off your jacket and we’ll begin.”

“Fun,” I muttered slipping off my jacket and sitting on the bed.

“We’ll just take some blood and make sure you’re healthy,” She said.

I wrinkled my nose at the prospect of taking blood, “Alright.”

Janet smiled a bit then she walked to my side to check my breathing when she paused. Yep she saw the scars then she noticed the one on my neck.

“Angry Puppy,” I smirked.

She nodded then did the check up. All the while I was thinking of doing what I was told to do during check ups. Zone out and imagine munching on chips, Twinkies, and candy. It obviously was Xander’s philosophy.

“Well then you pass,” Janet said and I jumped up.

“So I can go?” I asked putting my jacket back on.

“Just answer me this. Where’d you get the scars??” Janet asked.

“My dad was a pain when I was growing up. He was kind of a psycho,” I said with the goofy grin I always used when I used that lie.

It was a smile that showed how battle hardened I was to think of that time as one of the least worst experiences I’ve been in.

“No worries,” I said with a smirk. “S`all in the past. So did I pass the test?”

“You have nothing to worry about Ms. Wright,” Janet said and I smirked.

“Boo ya. See you later then,” I said walking out.

I got in my car and sat a minute in the silence. I held my cell phone in my hand just staring at it. With just simply dialing 10 numbers I could be laughing with the gang. Well they’d be yelling and things but…I sighed put the phone down staring at it. I want to just hear their voices at least once. Just not now.

So I drove back home and awaited the call to join a SGC team.


“Come on General,” Colonel Jack O’Neill practically whined.

General George Hammond was sitting at his desk in his office when all 4 members of SG-1 came into his office complaining about their latest orders. Get a 5th member for their team.

“Colonel a 5th member will be for the better,” Hammond said.

“We’re doing very good as we are sir,” Major Samantha Carter said. “Do we really need another person?”

“Yeah because I don’t wanna get stuck with a newbie that will freeze in battle,” Jack said.

“I can assure you sir that I won’t freeze in battle,” I said from the doorway and everyone turned to me.

I started Jack in the eyes and I could tell he was taking in how haunted my eyes looked.

“We’ll have to see when you have your first run in with the Goa’uld,” Jack said and I could already tell that these 4 were tight and I would be the odd one out.

Just perfect. This was going to be interesting if I stuck it through. Worse comes to worse I’ll leave and go back to Sunnydale, well maybe not. I’ll just ask for a transfer.

“Lieutenant Wright I’d like to introduce you to your team,” Hammond said, “Dr. Jackson, Teal’c, Major Carter, and Colonel O’Neill.”

I was looking at Teal’c a second sensing something about him. My spider sense was going all wacky. Carter caught on to my gaze.

“He’s a Jaffa,” Carter said and I shook myself out of my daze nodding.

“Sorry sir,” I said to Teal’c.

“Meet in the Conference room for your pre-briefing in 10 minutes. Dismissed,” Hammond said and we all walked out.

So this was just great. Team already hates me. This is just all peachy keen. When I got a second look at Dr. Jackson, though, he look kind of familiar to me. He was regarding me with the same look.

“Danny, Wright, what are you two doing?” Jack asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Have we met before?” Daniel asked.

“Doubt it,” I said.

“What’s your first name?” Daniel asked.

I almost said Buffy but I caught myself, “Elizabeth.”

“Hmm,” Daniel said and then we reached the Conference room.

We all took a seat and the briefing began.

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